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Join us for a live and interactive discussion to discover electrical height adjustable cabinets, countertops,

The critically acclaimed autobiographical story of a man who faces his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease

A live and interactive discussion with Ari Parker, JD Co-Founder of Chapter and the best-selling author

Imagine a world where caregivers can find the support they need and those who help them can realize

The challenge our society faces is how to improve the health, well being and longevity of people who

An interactive discussion that will help you understand the social media landscape, trends, and practices!Learn

Behavior is a powerful form of communication and is one of the primary ways for people with dementia

A live and interactive discussion that will explore how virtual reality (VR) can be used by older adults

A live and interactive discussion with the team from the Pitt Healthy Home Laboratory! A community laboratory

The Care of the Older Person brings together some of today’s most experienced professionals to provide

Upcoming Live and Interactive Discussions
Memory and Movement Disorders – Are they part of normal aging? Featuring Dr. Abigail Lawler
Mon Sep 25th 12:00:00 pm

Join us for a live and interactive discussion on the connection between memory and movement disorders,

A New Approach to Homesharing
Tue Sep 26th 12:00:00 pm

Learn about an innovative new concept that brings together women 55+ to co-live in affordable, spacious,

How to Live Forever: A Guide to Writing the Final Chapter of Your Life Story
Wed Sep 27th 12:00:00 pm

Join us for a live and interactive discussion with Kimberly Best who encourages you to consider what

Parkinson's Disease: Why Exercise Is Important
Thu Sep 28th 12:00:00 pm

Join us for a live and interactive discussion presented by CarePatrol in partnership with the Positive

Dispelling the Myths About Life Expectancy Calculators
Fri Sep 29th 12:00:00 pm

To make the most informed decisions concerning longevity risk, whether it's for individuals, or the

Major Gap Between Consumer Expectations & Community Offerings in Senior Living
Thu Oct 5th 12:00:00 pm

Join us as we discuss the findings of a groundbreaking report that uncovers a notable disparity in perceptions

Making the Most of Medicare Open Enrollment
Fri Oct 6th 12:00:00 pm

Join Us For A Live & Interactive Discussion with Michelle Thomas, MPA Arlington County VICAP’s

DC Senior Resource Group (DCSRG) Lunch - DCSRG is Back!
Tue Oct 10th 12:00:00 pm

Join us as one of the regions leading networking & education groups returns to an in-person lunch

Can virtual companion-guided support help people living with dementia living at home?
Wed Oct 11th 12:00:00 pm

Join us for a live and interactive discussion with the Making Engagement Meaningful through Organized

SPECIAL EVENT! Panel Presentation: Real-Life Stories About Moving & Downsizing
Thu Oct 12th 11:30:00 am

This interactive discussion will highlight people and families who have made moves. Learn about their


Housing choices seem overwhelming, but the important thing to keep in mind is there is a housing option perfect for every person and every situation.

Aging In Place

Whether you are committed to remaining in your long-time family home or downsize, there are plenty of options for aging in place.


No matter what your age—or your stage in life—there is a professional who can help. There is never any reason to face life’s changes and challenges alone.

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