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Posted by Positive Aging SourceBook on 12/21/2022

2022 Top Discussions

2022 Top Discussions

Since March 2020 thousands of people have attended our live & interactive discussions on a wide variety of topics featuring experts and thought leaders from all over the world! 

The 2022 Greatest Hits list below is based on registrations, in 2022 we hosted nearly 80 discussions with over 15,000 registered attendees. Our average discussion has over 135 attendees with approximately 50% individuals and families searching for resources and 50% senior-serving professionals looking for resources and connection to help the people they serve. The mix of attendees varies depending on the topic.

As you look at our Greatest Hits list, you can get a glimpse of the topics of interest to our community. Solo Aging, Technology, Diversity & Inclusion, Ageism, End of Life, and Universal Design all top the list. However, the beauty of our platform is that we will continue to host discussions on topics that might not be as "popular" but can be even more meaningful and engaging to our community.

In 2023, look for more "real-life stories" where we feature individuals and families talking about the choices, decisions and solutions they have made.

Our Most Popular Discussions of 2022!

Click here for all discussions or on the links below to listen to the on-demand recordings and podcasts!

  1. Solo Aging Discussion with the author of Who Will Take Care Of Me When I’m Old? and the best-seller, The Complete Eldercare Planner
  2. Discussion with the Author of Solo and Smart
  3. Award-winning author of STUPID THINGS I WON'T DO WHEN I GET OLD
  4. Discussion on Solo Aging
  5. Understanding Aphasia - Healthcare in the News
  6. Panel Discussion on Solo Aging
  7. Reinventing the "Senior Center"
  8. Amazon Alexa together - Voice Technology for Seniors and Caregivers
  9. Understanding Senior Living Contracts
  10. Author of AGEISM UNMASKED
  11. The Future of Medicine For Older Adults
  12. Responding to Dementia-Related Behaviors
  13. Discover A New Housing Model
  14. Long-Term Care Insurance Discussion
  15. Ethical and Practical Considerations Regarding End of Life Decisions
  16. Spotlight on a Solo Aging Support Group
  17. A Conversation about Aging in Place
  19. "What I Wish I Knew" panel discussion
  20. Understanding Aging Life Care Management
  21. Understanding Hospital Discharges
  23. Helping Older Adults and Caregivers Build the Networks They Need for Successful Aging
  24. Author of It's Not That Simple: Helping Families Navigate the Alzheimer's Journey
  25. Authors of Choose Your Place: Rethinking Home As You Age:

  • I have enjoyed and benefited from the lectures I have attended with your organization. Some happen to be midday when my exercise classes with Senior Planet are scheduled which is the only reason I do not attend your lectures.  Keep up the good work of helping fellow seniors.
  • I have learned lots and I like the archive because I can easily share it with others.
  • It's hard to list all of the pieces of information that I have gathered.  My very ill and now deceased husband was aware of what I was learning. Caregiving, home care, funeral homes....and now I am interested in downsizing, moving and living options.  I really enjoyed the woman telling of her personal journey and hope to hear about those of others.  
  • I have found the discussions motivating and thoughtful and they help me help my team be more successful through meaningful conversations they can share with potential residents.
  • I now have a term for my situation (solo ager) and the ramifications of said status. I am interested in almost every topic that has been offered, and I try to learn something new at each webinar.
  • I have learned about a firm in VA that is doing similar work to me in Baltimore. I have also learned about books that were relevant to my clients.
  • Learned a lot about resources for caregivers and for those who want to age in place.
  • Learned of some new local experts, new planning process for aging in place. 
  • The information is great to experience.
  • I have learned so many new things, thank you!
  • Always interested in hearing other experiences with challenges I may be facing or have gone through.
  • Have learned about a lot of innovations in aging/technology 
  • Learned some new things from a few of them. Enjoy all the presenters and the information.
  • Continue to learn new things during these discussions.  
  • Have made connections with professionals not familiar with our program
  • Learned something new; obtained contact info for speakers or others providing services in the same field to pass along to clients
  • Excellent programs - thank for your offering!
  • It's been 100% positive, I am a raving fan of the platform and content, and share about it wherever I go.
  • I learn something new at every discussion I attend!
  • Usually learn something new.
  • I consistenly learn either something new, and/or a recognition that I have a thorough knowledge of an area of aging.  
  • Have made connections, learned something new, found interesting people who are doing amazing things
  • Good to have another resource to share with the people I network with
  • I have found value in every webinar I have attended
  • I've been able to share/get friends to attend some of the same webinars I attend and then have had great discussions with them about what we learned and need to do. Kind of like a book group, the post-webinar group. Maybe not a group, more 1:1 with a friend.
  • Always learn something new. :-)
  • I learn something at every session I attend.
  • Learned some new resources and technology for clients
  • I have learned a tremendous amount from the discussions. I take notes and often go to the websites and books referenced by speakers or participants.   
  • I appreciate the conversations I had as well as ones I heard 
  • Gleaned great information and love the links shared in the chat so I can research more on my own.
  • Excellent selection of topics... most are very interesting. and enriching to my practice
  • All the discussions have been a learning experience
  • The dementia series over a few days was excellent, and I learned a lot about new medications coming and about dementia itself. 
  • Always learn something new 
  • Learned something new.
  • Varied according to program. 
  • I liked the reminders, was easy to get on zoom
  • I've been really impressed with the variety of topics and the informal nature of the programs which makes the content accessible for all. Also, the time of day is good for those of us still working.
  • I feel that I have learned something new from most of them (or reiterated what I had heard before) or at least know that I am not the only one in the same situation.
  • Tech innovations new and very interesting.  
  • I was able to make a connection with a home organizer who ended up helping me with a sticky situation with a colleague.   She was able to share a lot of resources with me, I was able to refer some business to her. It was a win-win relationship and I value that connection to this day.
  • I keep up with resources I think will be valuable to me and contact them after the webinar.
  • I have share the stages of dementia handout with several people.  Because of the live lecture I learned about symtoms and the various types of dementia and when people start sharing symptoms, I've been able to suggest that they get professional help based on recognizing the symptoms from the lecture and handouts.  Dr. Tam is GREAT
  • Solo Aging is packed with positive, practical info.I have learnt a lot. We need more discussions and social emotional support on how to deal with Solo aging.Thanks!
  • Valuable info shared!!
  • On more than one occasion, discussions have broadened my knowledge.
  • I have shared some of Carol Marek’s (Solo Aging) stories and ideas numerous times. Same for Tracy Cram Perkins. I got a year’s subscription to Brain HQ and got tired of their models. I have shared you website with a number of people. 
  • Excellent speakers on timely, relevant topics. Please keep doing more of the same.
  • I did connect with one person. Good conversation. I have not been proactive
  • Our village now has an in-person Solo Agers group inspired by discussions here.
  • I find most of your programs to be well planned, well run and informative.  There are actually too many for me to attend, but having them on line for review afterwards is immensely generous and helpful.  Thank you
  • I learned a LOT! The presenters have answered several of the questions I have put into the chat.
  • Loved Glenna Crooks discussion on my knowing my network - she made it seem doable and I want to tell others about it.
  • Always looking for new and helpful information 
  • Enjoy listening to the various topics.
  • I usually like learning of other people's experiences in the context of whatever the topic is. Making it personal works.
  • Connected with a presenter in the Aging life care manager webinar 

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