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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 12/21/2022

2022 Top Discussions

2022 Top Discussions

Since March 2020 thousands of people have attended our live & interactive discussions on a wide variety of topics featuring experts and thought leaders from all over the world! 

The 2022 Greatest Hits list below is based on registrations, in 2022 we hosted nearly 80 discussions with over 15,000 registered attendees. Our average discussion has over 135 attendees with approximately 50% individuals and families searching for resources and 50% senior-serving professionals looking for resources and connection to help the people they serve. The mix of attendees varies depending on the topic.

As you look at our Greatest Hits list, you can get a glimpse of the topics of interest to our community. Solo Aging, Technology, Diversity & Inclusion, Ageism, End of Life, and Universal Design all top the list. However, the beauty of our platform is that we will continue to host discussions on topics that might not be as "popular" but can be even more meaningful and engaging to our community.

In 2023, look for more "real-life stories" where we feature individuals and families talking about the choices, decisions and solutions they have made.

Our Most Popular Discussions of 2022!

Click here for all discussions or on the links below to listen to the on-demand recordings and podcasts!

  1. Solo Aging Discussion with the author of Who Will Take Care Of Me When I’m Old? and the best-seller, The Complete Eldercare Planner
  2. Discussion with the Author of Solo and Smart
  3. Award-winning author of STUPID THINGS I WON'T DO WHEN I GET OLD
  4. Discussion on Solo Aging
  5. Understanding Aphasia - Healthcare in the News
  6. Panel Discussion on Solo Aging
  7. Reinventing the "Senior Center"
  8. Amazon Alexa together - Voice Technology for Seniors and Caregivers
  9. Understanding Senior Living Contracts
  10. Author of AGEISM UNMASKED
  11. The Future of Medicine For Older Adults
  12. Responding to Dementia-Related Behaviors
  13. Discover A New Housing Model
  14. Long-Term Care Insurance Discussion
  15. Ethical and Practical Considerations Regarding End of Life Decisions
  16. Spotlight on a Solo Aging Support Group
  17. A Conversation about Aging in Place
  19. "What I Wish I Knew" panel discussion
  20. Understanding Aging Life Care Management
  21. Understanding Hospital Discharges
  23. Helping Older Adults and Caregivers Build the Networks They Need for Successful Aging
  24. Author of It's Not That Simple: Helping Families Navigate the Alzheimer's Journey
  25. Authors of Choose Your Place: Rethinking Home As You Age:

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