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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 12/11/2017

A Life to Love

A Life to Love

Love is a force that is forever on the side of those willing to open their hearts, overcome fear and climb in the proverbial convertible for a spirited ride together. Linda and Joe Hartman, who recently moved to Pine Run, braved a blind date almost 20 years ago. The new couple quickly found they were worthy partners for starting anew in a mid-life marriage.

“We had both lost our spouses to illness, and our children were grown and settling in far-flung places such as Colorado and Idaho,” said Linda. “After a time of recovering from what life threw our way, we emerged, still scared, but bold enough to start dancing with the future again.”

“I had lived in Hawaii previously, and so after we were married here in Horsham, we took off and traveled to all of the Hawaiian islands on our honeymoon cruise,” recalled Joe. “We were eager to share the sites of the world together. Over many years, we have had wonderful trips to the Baltics, Italy, France and other destinations abroad.”

“It was challenging for me to open the door to new experiences with Joe,” expressed Linda. “I had been playing it safe, taking one step at a time, taking refuge in my marketing and real estate career, along with an entrepreneurial housecleaning business, when I realized I wanted to plunge into new things again.”

Embracing her adventurous side, Linda started taking ski lessons at age 54, so the couple could fully enjoy ski trips to British Columbia and Vermont. Linda noted, “We skied up until only a few years ago, and now we enjoy other fitness pursuits offered right here on campus.”

In fact, the Hartmans are extremely active and take full advantage of the amenities offered at Pine Run. Joe, mindful of heart health, dedicates 300 minutes a week to working out. Joe and Linda both treat themselves to Tai Chi and yoga classes.

Beyond their more far-flung adventures, Joe’s family also enjoyed skiing closer to home in the Poconos. A getaway cabin Joe built on 50 acres in Whitehaven was a treasured spot for many gatherings. The couple even lived there while they were waiting for their home to built in Legacy Oaks, a nearby active adult community.

“We ‘camped out’ in the cabin for a year while we waited for our home in Legacy Oaks to be built,” recalled Linda. “My camera captured a scary scene of a hulking black bear invading our deck one day. He seemed to be after the birdseed, but unbeknownst to me, Joe had whet his appetite by tossing our leftover pork chops out in the yard!” Joe added, “Fortunately, I scared him away with a few hunting rifle shots in the air.”

Content with their memories of novel adventures, Linda and Joe decided they were ready to transition to a more secure environment. Linda said it took them “about 10 minutes” to settle into life at Pine Run.

The Hartmans are continually amazed at how accommodating the associates at Pine Run are in every department. “We could adopt any number of the friendly staff we connect with on a daily basis, and my daughters were blown away by the bed and breakfast on campus,” noted Joe.

“The tipping point for choosing Pine Run was the ownership by Doylestown Hospital. Also, knowing the women [Village Improvement Association – VIA] were running the show was especially comforting. We feel secure in having emergency care on-site, if needed, by folks who will know us.”

Linda added, “Our new neighbors are great, and we love the flexible dining plan. Our guests delight in experiencing first-hand how everything is first class at Pine Run.”

Joe and Linda Hartman found love later in life. They enjoyed many exciting adventures together through the years. Now, they are thrilled to have found a lifestyle that is both enriching and secure at Pine Run Retirement Community. The Hartmans look forward to many more years of a life they love.

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