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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 05/12/2016

A Location for Living

A Location for Living

A place to receive the care you need—whenever you need it. A spot that is close to everything. A community with engaging activities and new friends. This is what most retirees want. Not surprisingly, it all comes down to location, location, location.

Located in the heart of Washington, D.C., Chevy Chase House offers assisted living for independent people—in a location that is incomparable. No one knows the benefits of Chevy Chase House better than the residents themselves. Just a few of the hundreds of retirees who have found the perfect location for ideal retirement living are profiled below. 

David F. Jackson

When David F. Jackson moved to Washington, D.C., it was 1929, and the country was suffering through the Great Depression. He was lucky to find work with the D.C. Department of Public Health. David served his community for 35 years by promoting a variety of health programs. 

After retiring, David transitioned to volunteer work with Georgetown Hospital, where he is still active today. He continues to work with the Hospital’s Pastoral Care Department as an Episcopal Lay Minister, providing spiritual counseling and offering communion.

When David’s wife of 50 years, Estelle, passed away, he remained in their longtime apartment. “I tried to make out as best I could as a widower, but I became sort of despondent and frustrated trying to make a go of it by myself,” he admitted.

David, who is now 93, started to consider moving to a retirement community and immediately thought of Chevy Chase House. He had previously visited members of his church at the community and had been impressed by the facility and the staff.

Since becoming a resident, David’s positive impression has only grown. “The staff treats all the residents with such care and patience,” he said. “I was impressed with that when I visited, and I still am. They are really very concerned with our welfare and happiness.”

With staff that provides constant care and a range of activities to keep him busy, David’s life has improved significantly since moving. “There are always things to do here to keep you active and involved, no matter what your interests or abilities,” he said.

David also enjoys having all his meals prepared for him and sharing those meals with new friends. “When I was living alone, I was very frustrated with the process of cooking, and I hated eating alone. Moving here has been an ideal change at the ideal time in my life,” he concluded.

Phyllis Schulman

Phyllis Schulman and her husband were accustomed to an urban lifestyle. Long-time residents of New York City, the Schulmans were reluctant to leave the Big Apple, but several health issues meant they needed to move closer to one of their two children. When they saw the location of Chevy Chase House, they immediately felt at home.

“It feels like New York a little bit,” said Phyllis. “There are restaurants up and down the block, and a movie theater that I can walk to. I am so happy living here; it’s like living in a village.” 

While the urban location was a big draw, the constant care has improved Phyllis’ lifestyle as well. “The care here is absolutely wonderful. It’s 24/7,” she said. “I am still impressed that people who are not relatives can be so kind and take care of us all the time.”

Phyllis was a special education teacher, and her husband worked as a psychiatrist. After retirement, they continued to live in New York City, spending winters in Florida, so her husband could better manage his health issues. While in Florida several years ago, Phyllis suffered a fall. During her rehabilitation, the couple moved to Chevy Chase House, so they did not have to be alone anymore. Since her husband passed away several years ago, Phyllis has come to enjoy the care and companionship that the community offers even more.

“The activity calendar is always filled with something to do right here in the community,” said Phyllis. “And if you want to go somewhere, there is limo service to take you there. That is some service.”

Bob Payne

Shortly after graduating from the University of Maryland with a degree in fine arts, Bob Payne received an incredible job offer from one of his college friends, Jim Henson. Bob ended up working for Jim Henson on an array of TV shows, including The Muppet Show, and several Hollywood productions throughout his successful career in puppetry.

“It was really exciting to work on shows like The Muppet Show,” Bob recalled. “Every week a new celebrity would do the show, and you would get to interact with them, and they were usually wonderful people.”

Shortly after retiring, Bob decided to move back to his hometown of Hyattsville, Maryland, to help his parents who were starting to experience some health issues. Later, when Bob became ill himself, he decided he needed to plan ahead for his own care. He left the hospital and moved to Chevy Chase House.

“When I first moved here, I was in my room most of the time because I was still recuperating,” Bob recalled. “The staff really encouraged me to come down to the dining room to eat. That was just wonderful because I met really interesting people. Now, we all exchange books and talk and get together. That uplifted my spirits so much, and it motivated me to get more involved in the activities here as well.”

Bob participates in the community’s exercise programs and attends a variety of concerts, art shows and performances. Like many of his fellow residents, he also takes full advantage of the downtown location of the community. “There are so many things right on this street, and the library is very close as well, which is just terrific.”

A Place to Thrive

David, Phyllis and Bob all moved to Chevy Chase House for different reasons. Whether they wanted companionship or needed care, these three residents—and many of their peers—found everything they were seeking in one incredible location. Ultimately, Chevy Chase House residents have found more than just a world-class retirement community at an iconic address. They have found a location for living life to the fullest.

By Christy Brudin

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