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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 04/03/2018

A Researcher Discovers New Things at The Landing at Willow Grove

A Researcher Discovers New Things at The Landing at Willow Grove

In her days as a market research professional, mother and wife, Patt Wuchter’s life was busy – and she always appreciated any precious “free time.” While she never had much of it, she did fill her spare moments visiting with friends and family, playing on a Rockledge bowling team (for 18 years), and traveling to nearby vacation spots such as Cape May.

One place Patt didn’t go to fill her free time was the kitchen. So it is funny to her that today, as a resident at The Landing at Willow Grove, a personal care community, getting in the kitchen has become a favorite activity. Patt is part of the baking club at the community – made up of a group of friends who get together several times a week to make (and enjoy) delicious treats of all kinds. The more seasoned bakers help the newer ones, like Patt, make delicious cinnamon cakes, chocolate brownies, and many other delightful goodies. The friends also share many stories and laughs. “It’s a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, getting to know my neighbors better and learning new things,” Patt says.

Getting to know people is a skill Patt perfected throughout her 35 years in market research working for Intersearch Corp., where she gathered information about the habits, opinions and activities of others. Patt began her career as a phone interviewer and then was promoted to editor then supervisor, manager, telephone director, and finally field manager at the international company. It was interesting work that gave her insight into many different types of people throughout the country and world.

Closer to home, her research skills came in handy while raising her two daughters, caring for her husband, and making her own health care choices – including moving into The Landing at Willow Grove.

Patt first began to research personal care communities when she was looking for her husband, Jim, a Vietnam veteran who was suffering with cancer. She knew about The Landing at Willow Grove (then known as The Willow Lake Retirement Residence) because it was nearby and had a good reputation. She was drawn to its marketing promise “to treat residents like family.”

“Honestly, for my husband, the choice to move into The Willow Lake Retirement Residence was based on location,” Patt said. “We needed a personal care community that was close to our home and our doctors. We had a good feeling when we came here and we were so pleased to be proven right.”

While location was the deciding factor, Patt appreciated the friendliness of the staff and high level of care her husband received – which gave her much-needed peace of mind. Although her husband passed away after only a few months, Patt was comforted knowing he received the best of care during a very crucial time.

Several years later, Patt returned to The Landing at Willow Grove, this time for her own needs. Upon her retirement, she had a stroke and needed more personal care. She moved into the community close to the time when it was welcoming new owners (and a new name). Again, Patt was relieved that the marketing promises did not change and that the new owners kept the same staff and family spirit. She also was excited to see all the upgrades the new owners were making to the building, inside and out – and all the wonderful activities and events that were taking place.

Today, Patt’s friends and family make regular visits to her home (oftentimes bearing picnic lunches), and help fill her precious time with laughter and happiness. While she enjoys visiting in her bright apartment, she also likes to take friends to the beautifully renovated and redesigned parlor, lounge and activity room – or outside on the Pattio to watch the pair of pretty swans that also live at the lakeside community.

You could say Patt’s market research career played a part in helping her find the best personal care community for her family’s needs. And her “expert opinion” is that The Landing at Willow Grove has become a warm and friendly home where she loves spending her time.

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