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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 05/26/2022

Assisted Living in Virginia: laws and regulations

Assisted Living in Virginia: laws and regulations

Virginia has specific laws and regulations governing assisted living communities. 

According to Virginia laws, licensed assisted living communities can provide two distinct levels of care. Residential Living services provide minimal assistance with the activities of daily living, or ADLs, to older adults who have only minor physical or mental limitations. Assisted Living services include more moderate assistance for residents who may need additional help to maintain their lifestyle. Aides and companions provide assistance with ADLs, as well as help with medications and arrangements for off-site medical services. 

Assisted living communities provide residents with three meals and snacks every day. Meals are generally served in a congregate dining room. If a resident is ill, they can be served their meals in their rooms or in an on-site infirmary. 

With the help of volunteers and activity staff, assisted living communities deliver social, recreational, and religious activities for residents. State regulations require that a certain number of hours each week are reserved for social activities among residents. 

Many assisted living facilities offer on-site facilities, amenities, and services. Certain services and facilities are typically included in the standard monthly fee that every resident pays. These include: housekeeping services, laundry services, group and individual transportation services, facility maintenance and groundskeeping, some utilities, and security services. The specific services and amenities that are included should be detailed in the residential contract. Residents and their loved ones should carefully review the contract before signing.

To meet state requirements, all assisted living communities in Virginia must have administrators who are responsible for the management of the home. They must also have aides and companions who provide direct assistance with ADLs to residents, maintenance and housekeeping staff, food service personnel, and activity planners. 

More information about Virginia requirements and resident’s rights and responsibilities is available at vhi.org.

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