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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 12/03/2018

Beaumont at Bryn Mawr, Discovering the "Difference"

Beaumont at Bryn Mawr, Discovering the

Finding the right retirement community can be a process. Usually prospective residents start with a checklist, visit a number of communities, and try to discover the essential, defining “difference” on which to base their decision.

Gerry Isom found the “difference” in Beaumont at Bryn Mawr’s structure: a not-for-profit Life Plan Community that is cooperatively owned and governed by residents. Its own professional management team works on behalf of the owner-residents, not for an outside board or corporation. As a result, Gerry has a direct say in the way he lives and the support and care he receives. He can choose to serve on the Board of Directors or any number of committees that govern and inform life at Beaumont.

Gerry made the move to Beaumont in 2017 after a successful career at the helm of several large insurance companies. “I’ve worked too hard throughout my career to have someone else make decisions about my retirement,” he said. “I wanted to be actively engaged in my retirement and involved in my community.”

Of course, Beaumont had to check all the other boxes for Gerry. “Beaumont is a comfortably-sized Life Plan Community. Not huge, so it comes with excellent services and attention to every detail. It has a quiet elegance and superb amenities, like the many dining options. More people should know about Beaumont because I didn’t see another place quite like it.”

Linda Madara, who moved to Beaumont in 2016,also found her “difference” in ownership, but in a more communal sense. “It changes the way residents feel about their homes and community. There is a tremendous sense of pride, very non-institutional. And since residents are all owners, there is an equality – no one is more or less important – that creates a feeling of genuine warmth and camaraderie.”

She attributes the feeling of camaraderie to the manageable size of the community. “At Beaumont,residents and staff know one another by name. There are no plans for additional construction, so the community will not get larger and risk losing its character. The size of the community is measured in personal relationships and friendly faces, not in newly constructed apartment blocks.”

Joan Bromley found her defining “difference” in the fact that she would own her home. At Beaumont there is no entrance fee. Instead, new residents purchase their apartment or villa to become a resident-owner in the community.

In 2017, she and her husband traded in their family house and two acres for the 3900 square-foot villa at Beaumont. “We were tired of spending our precious time on maintenance and chores. Now we literally have the best of all worlds. We have all the benefits of homeownership and everything is taken care of for us – and I mean everything.

“We found that the homes at Beaumont offered more value for the money than other communities did. We chose our villa because it over looks the pond and the spectacular Beaumont Woods. We redesigned and remodeled it, creating a glass wall to watch the seasons change right in front of us, bird song and all.”

She also feels that her home extends well beyond her four walls. “As an owner in the community, I feel my home includes the grounds;the centerpiece of the Beaumont community, the Victorian Mansion with its amazing music room and commons; the super-modern fitness and pool facilities;the library, theater and so much more. And I’m not alone in feeling this way.”

Delores Steinberg found her “difference” in the monthly fees and what it included. After doing the math, she and her husband moved to Beaumont in 2017.“ Here the monthly fee covers virtually everything, and we don’t get charged extra for every little thing. My life at Beaumont is the perfect balance of activity and tranquility. Everything is beautifully managed for us, and most of the services are included in our monthly fee.”

She admits that at the top of her checklist was the dining program. “I love good food and eating well is a passion at Beaumont. There is nothing institutional about dining here – no set time, no buffet lines. Our executive chef offers three menus daily and we enjoy table-side service at one of nine dining rooms – from the Bistro,the casual Grill Room, to the elegant Mansion dining rooms.”

Equally important to Delores is keeping her mind and spirit well-fed. Said Delores, “At Beaumont, there is something for everyone… music, performances, classes, great trips. Even our own speaker series…Beaumont makes it so easy to celebrate life.”

She and her husband, Marvin, enjoy travelling and feel that Beaumont’s location in the heart of the Main Line makes it the perfect base of operations. Said Marvin, “The Philadelphia metropolitan area is second to none when it comes to world-class concert halls, museums, sports venues, historical attractions, restaurants - even mountains and beaches. The nearby Amtrak station and the Philadelphia airport put any destination on the planet within easy reach.”

The “difference” for Dr. David Balamuth was the health-care program. He and his wife, Margaret,made their move in 2017 because Beaumont offers a full continuum of quality care – from wellness,preventive care and rehab services, to personal and skilled nursing care – for life. “I wanted to make sure we were set for life and made all the decisions while we were still healthy and able –without having to disrupt our children’s busy lives with a sudden health event.”

In particular, the financial equation related to health care appealed to David. “Beaumont integrates a form of long-term care insurance into its health-care services, providing us with the peace of mind we need, without putting the monthly fee out of reach.”

David also recognized the role “ownership” plays in the philosophy and delivery of care at Beaumont. “As an owner in the community, I will never have my health-care decisions forced on me, or be forced to move. Whether I choose to age in place or move into care, it will always be our choice.”

Margaret summed it up by saying, “Every resident at Beaumont found their own “difference” and their own reason for moving here. All I can say is that you are never too young. Make the move while you can fully enjoy it.”

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