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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 01/10/2020

Don't Walk The Road Alone - Senior Living Resources

Don't Walk The Road Alone - Senior Living Resources

No matter what your age—or your stage in life—there is a professional who can help. There is never any reason to face life’s changes and challenges alone. Enlist the help of a professional and get the help you need. 

What are senior living resources?

Senior living resources include any professional or service that makes life easier for older adults and their families. Some prominent examples include elder law attorneys and aging life care professionals. 

As the older adult population has grown, so have the number of professionals and services specifically dedicated to assisting older adults. Professionals who specialize in helping older adults have the expertise and the experience to make challenging situations easier. They have seen—and done—it all before. 

How can senior living resources help me?

Senior living resources include professionals who can help older adults address any challenges that come along with aging. They are a vital option for families who are facing a crisis—such as a family conflict over care decisions or an older relative who refuses help. They can also help seniors and their families plan ahead to avoid a crisis. 

For instance, elder law attorneys can help individuals get their affairs in order, so there is no question what they want in terms of medical care and interventions and the disposition of their assets after death. 

Aging life care professionals provide families with help navigating the vast and complex senior living industry. They can help seniors find appropriate care environments and mediate family conflicts. 

Beyond these two professions, there are hundreds of providers and resource companies that offer help specifically designed for seniors and their families. If you have a specific need, you may be surprised to find a qualified professional who can help you.

How should I find a senior living resource? 

Ask your friends and family for advice and recommendations. Chances are, some of them have experienced the same or a similar challenge and may be able to suggest a course of action, or even a specific professional to help. 

Use our research. Sourcebook features detailed articles, checklists, featured listings and comprehensive tables in each section. Use these resources to begin your search for a professional who can help you and your family. 

After you have found some senior living professionals who have the ability to meet your needs, begin making calls. Be sure to ask about fees and contracts up front. Have the relevant Sourcebook checklist handy, so you can be sure to get all your questions answered. 

After initial calls, you can set up in-person meetings with the professionals you are considering hiring. These are important decisions, and it is worthwhile to take your time and consider several options before making a final choice. 

Ultimately, enlisting the help of a qualified senior living professional or resource company will make life easier for you and your loved ones. 

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