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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 12/28/2020

More than Sustenance

More than Sustenance

After surgery to remove a kidney, Howie Hallock needed to maintain a strict diet. His longtime partner Jean Eckert, an accomplished artist with a studio in Georgetown, is far more comfortable painting than cooking. 

Jean and Howie agreed they needed a solution for meals, but all the meal service options they tried didn’t work out. “We tried cooking classes and some meal delivery services, but they just weren’t for us,” Jean recalled.

The couple’s search eventually led them to Elder Nourish, which provides customized meal plans and nutritional support for older adults in Washington, D.C. and the metro area. Founder and CEO Kim Lipinski met with Jean and Howie to discuss their dietary restrictions, personal preferences and desired meals.

“Kim devised a wonderful set of meals for us. She is truly a godsend,” Jean said. “I always tell her that every time she comes is like Christmas day.”

“The meals need to be kidney friendly, low salt and gluten free because of my condition and my allergies. It’s been really tough for us to figure out our meals,” Howie added.

Beyond meeting the couple’s strict dietary needs, the meals are delicious. “She provided an incredible list of meals. There must be 60 different options,” said Howie. Jean concurred, “I love the food. I actually look forward to each meal, and some we really adore—like all the shrimp dishes!”

Kim explained that after meeting with clients to learn about their dietary needs and taste preferences, she builds a custom menu. A dietician carefully reviews the menu to ensure it provides balanced nutrition and meets all restrictions. From the proposed menu, clients select their meals, which are delivered periodically and feature simple instructions for reheating.

Food is not only essential; it is enriching. Elder Nourish is delivering much more than simply sustenance. “Kim is a very caring person, and so much care goes into the food that she prepares for us. That is obvious,” Jean concluded.

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