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Posted by Positive Aging SourceBook on 03/27/2015

Real-Life Story - BGA Insurance Group

As anyone who has faced a gap in insurance coverage knows, the prospect of being uninsured—or underinsured—can be both scary and overwhelming. Such was certainly the case for Margaret Harrington when she lost her job—and the insurance that went with it.

“I needed a Medicare Insurance Plan that was reasonable, since the company I worked for had closed, and I was no longer covered,” Margaret recalled. “I was referred to John Billetdoux by a close friend of mine who recommended him highly.”

A sales agent and Medicare specialist with BGA Insurance Group, John Billetdoux helped Margaret evaluate her individual needs and select the Medicare supplement plan that was right for her. “The special attention he gave me was exceptional,” Margaret said of John.

John helped Margaret understand all the different plans, as well as the rules and regulations governing them. He also explained to her that individuals with Medigap plans are free to change their supplemental plans 12 months a year.

John elaborated, “I think most people are misinformed and think they can only change Medigap plans from October to December; that is NOT true. As long as they are healthy and can pass underwriting, they can change all year long if they so choose.”

In Margaret’s case, John continued to help her even after she selected her new insurance plan. “John also did something else for me that was truly above and beyond,” Margaret explained. “He knew I was looking for employment and gave me information and help in finding a job.”

After such a positive experience, Margaret has now recommended John to several of her neighbors and friends—and says she would gladly do so again. She concluded, “John is not only my insurance agent; I consider him a friend.”

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