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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 09/06/2017

Senior Fitness - Stay Active in Your Golden Years

Senior Fitness - Stay Active in Your Golden Years

Each new day is an opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Staying active is one of the keys to leading a long, happy life. This holds true for everyone from young children to older adults. Seniors should not be discouraged from staying active, even if they have less stamina or strength than they did in their youth.

Exercise is crucial to the health and wellbeing of seniors. Despite the limitations that inevitably come with the aging process, exercise can really improve quality of life. Gentle range-of-motion exercises increase joint flexibility. Weight training improves muscle and joint strength and promotes bone growth. Cardiovascular workouts improve heart and lung health and boost production of feel-good endorphins. Some studies even suggest that regular exercise can actually reverse the symptoms of aging!

Remember to start slow, stay consistent and always consult with a physician before beginning an exercise program. Ask questions and try different activities to find one that you enjoy. Exercise doesn’t only have physical health benefits; moving the body has mental health benefits and actively engages your brain, too.

If you don’t feel like exercising alone, there’s always the option to join a group fitness class. The social aspect of attending classes is important for seniors. Not only do group classes provide accountability for participants, they also promote friendships between residents. Residents enjoy the physical health benefits of group exercise, and they come to class early and stay late to chat and connect with each other.

Wesley Enhanced Living communities offer a wide variety of fitness options that make exercising fun. Check out our group fitness classes that may include seated stretch and strengthening classes in partnership with the Arthritis Foundation, balance and line dancing, cardio flex and press that includes easy aerobics with strength and balance components, seated yoga or seated Tai Chi and meditation or one-on-one training. Our communities with pools may offer aqua Zumba or aqua ballet classes. Residents can also use the pool for swimming laps on their own!

Additionally, our communities may also offer strength training rooms where residents can work one-on-one with fitness professionals. Residents receive personalized assessments and workout routines to meet the needs of each individual. It’s never too late to get active and enjoy the benefits of a healthy body!

At Wesley Enhanced Living, we make it easy for seniors to pursue their interests and hobbies. From recreation to entertainment and spiritual programs, we offer a wealth of opportunities for our residents to have an active, happy and fulfilling day. High-quality accommodations, delicious cuisine and a friendly and responsive team make you feel totally at home. We are value-driven and make living at any of our communities affordable, with service and accommodation packages for every budget!

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