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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 12/19/2016

Time to Enjoy

Time to Enjoy

Time to exercise. Time to hike. Time to dine. Time to relax. Everyone wants more time. The residents of Shenandoah Valley Westminster-Canterbury, a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) in Winchester, Va., are no exception. There is so much to do in the community that residents quickly find their calendars full.

Westminster-Canterbury’s residents benefit from a maintenance-free lifestyle. Instead of doing yard work or housework, they can focus on pursuing their passions. Additionally, the security of Lifecare available on campus means residents can focus on living their best lives without worry about the future. With an array of mentally, physically, socially and spiritually stimulating activities, Westminster-Canterbury gives residents endless options to make the most of their time.

Time to Exercise

Mary Owen and her husband, Aubrey, have always been active, and their activity level has only increased since moving to Westminster-Canterbury. Between working out in the gym, taking fitness classes at the Vitality Center and participating in dance classes, Mary is busier than ever. “There’s really not enough time to do all that I want to do here,” Mary said. “And I really couldn’t be any happier.” Beyond the options for indoor exercise, Mary and Aubrey also enjoy the community’s more than two miles of scenic hiking trails. “This is a fantastic place to go for a walk, and a wonderful place to take pictures of the beautiful landscapes that surround us,” she said.

Time to Swim

“I was going crazy. I was getting sicker and developing aches and pains. I realized that I was just killing time until the next meal,” recalls George Magurn, a retired teacher, of living alone in his home in rural Virginia. After his son’s in-laws moved to Westminster-Canterbury, George began to consider a move of his own. He is now involved in many activities, and is a regular in the Vitality Center. He participates in a variety of aquatic classes, and his overall health has improved dramatically. “The aches and pains have pretty much gone away,” he said. “And it is so liberating to have all of my needs taken care of.”

Time to Dine

From the very first day they moved in, Cathy and David Jones have been thrilled with the pleasant atmosphere that Westminster-Canterbury offers. A big part of that atmosphere is the diverse dining options that are available to all residents. “We have such a great variety of places to eat,” said David. One of the Jones’ favorite dining venues is the new Canterbury Café, a casual eatery serving breakfast and lunch. While all the dining facilities on campus offer delicious food, they also serve up plenty of camaraderie. “The people here are amazing. If we picked our ideal neighbors, it would be these folks,” said David. “When we moved in here, we had people calling every night asking us to have dinner with them. Five years later, we’re still seeing many of those people every night and having a great time.” “We’ve made so many friends. I just can’t say enough about this wonderful community,” Cathy concluded. “We love it; that’s it.”

Time to Relax

Joleen Graber has faced some major health issues since moving to Westminster-Canterbury. She had a hip replacement and spent time recovering in the Health Center. She also faced cancer and was incredibly grateful for the unwavering support of her fellow residents. “I would have been a depressed mess if I had to face these things in my big house with just my husband,” Joleen said. “This is such a supportive environment.” Now, Joleen stays healthy and happy with the help of the advanced massage therapy program available to residents. The newly opened facility in the Vitality Center is staffed by three therapists and equipped with a stateof-the-art hydraulic table, which can accommodate people with varying abilities and needs.

Time to Create

“I spent my career in finance. That’s about as far as you can get from anything artistic, so to be able to pursue art now is such a great thing,” said Katherine Perry, one of Westminster-Canterbury’s many budding artists. A resident for nine years, Katherine has dabbled in a variety of artistic mediums since moving. “I’ve tried watercolors and sketching, and I like both, but I love this,” she said. “This” is creating sculptures, and it is Katherine’s new passion. As she works, she talks about the joy she gets from her new pastime. “I am just having a ball working with my hands and creating. It’s wonderful,” she said. Beyond the stimulating activities, Katherine has also been impressed with the quality, compassionate care that Westminster-Canterbury provides. “I moved here with my husband, and when he developed Alzheimer’s, he received excellent care in our home and in the memory care unit here,” she recalled. “He loved to swim and he loved to sing, and the staff made sure he had opportunities to do those things. He was never just sitting around doing nothing; he had a wonderful time.”

Time to Heal

Margie Sheppard and her husband made plans to move to Westminster-Canterbury together. When her husband passed away suddenly, Margie found herself in a large house alone with a tiny dog. “I realized I had to be with people,” she said. Margie decided to visit Westminster-Canterbury, and discovered that there was a cozy cottage available. She never looked back. “It is a brand new life, and it is exactly what I needed,” said Margie. “I still have my independence, which so many people worry about losing, but I also have over 200 activities I can participate in, and I try to do them all!” Margie had been living in the community for a year when she fully realized the importance of Lifecare. She slipped on some black ice while walking her dog and broke her arm. Following a hospital stay, Margie moved to the assisted living wing, on campus, where she could heal. “It was great. I got the care that I needed, and nothing changed with my monthly fee,” she recalled. After three weeks, Margie was feeling better and returned to her cottage—and her full schedule of activities.

As the residents of Shenandoah Valley Westminster-Canterbury know—and show——there is no time like the present. When this group was asked what advice they would give to those contemplating a move to a retirement community, their answer was unanimous: “Don’t wait! Do it while you can enjoy all of the fabulous amenities!” Whether they are getting fit, getting inspired or getting well, these residents are all making the most of every day. While they may always want more time, they are soaking up every last minute of retirement—and having the time of their lives!

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