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ProAging @ UMBC featuring  Dr. Rabins author of

ProAging @ UMBC featuring Dr. Rabins author of "The 36 Hour Day"

UMBC Tech Center South (NOT MAIN CAMPUS)
1450 S Rolling Rd, Arbutus, MD 21227, USA

Start Time
10/11/2017 12:00 pm
End Time
10/11/2017 2:00 pm

Join us for an networking, lunch and a world-renowned speaker Dr. Peter Rabins, author of The 36 Hour Day.

Peter V. Rabins, MD, MPH, is senior fellow and faculty member with the Erickson School at UMBC.

The course is led by Peter V. Rabins, MD, MPH. Currently, Peter is Professor of the Practice and Director of Research for the Erickson School @ UMBC. Previously, he was professor and the Director of the Division of Geriatric Psychiatry in the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He also had joint appointments in the department of medicine, the School of Nursing and in the departments of Health Policy & Management and Mental Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Dr. Rabins received a B.A. in political science from the University of Florida, his medical degree from Tulane University and an M.P.H. from Tulane University School of Public Health. After a psychiatry residence at the University of Oregon, he completed a one-year fellowship in consultation/liaison and neuropsychiatry at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and has been on the faculty there since 1978.

In recent years Rabins has focused his research on improving the delivery of psychiatric care to the elderly and on the study of the non-Alzheimer dementias. He has developed and demonstrated the efficacy of a nurse-centered model of care to elders living in public housing (JAMA 2000) that has been certified as one of the few evidence-based practices in geriatric psychiatry. He has developed scales to measure quality-of-life and severe cognitive impairement in dementia, and has led a team studying the care of patients with late stage dementia. With David Blass he described a new form of fronto-temporal dementia (Neurology, 2004) and with Brian Appleby has identified several new clinical presentations of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

Public and professional education has also continued to be a focus of Rabins’ efforts. He has chaired two American Psychiatric Association task forces that developed treatment guidelines for dementia and has written a book for the public, Getting Old without Getting Anxious. With Kostas Lyketsos, he has co-authored a textbook for professionals entitled Practical Dementia Care, and co-edited Psychiatric Aspects of Neuropsychiatric Diseases.

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1450 S Rolling Rd, Arbutus, MD 21227, USA