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Posted 07/28/2022 by Collington A Kendal Affiliate

Quaker Values & How it Benefits Collington

Quaker Values & How it Benefits Collington
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Start Date
08/16/2022 1:00 pm
End Date
08/16/2022 2:00 pm

Join us virtually to learn information about Quakerism and how it makes Collington a unique community.  

During this webinar Jane Mack, MS-ODL, President and CEO of Friends Services Alliance (FSA), will share with us vital information on Quakerism. She will also explain why being a Quaker values-inspired organization and member of the Kendal family makes Collington unique. By attending this webinar, you will also learn:  

Jane Mack
  • Kendal System background as it relates to Quakers
  • Overview of Quakerism
  • Quaker’s social activism
  • Basic tenants of Quakerism as we talk about them today
  • How these values manifest themselves in a secular living community

Jane is a life-long Quaker and regularly speaks on Quaker values and their integration into the lives of senior living organizations. FSA is a national association of values-aligned aging services providers and funders that provide services and support to nationwide organizations. This is one webinar you won’t want to miss!  

Register at https://collington.kendal.org/events/quaker-values/?marketing_event_name=Overview%20of%20Quaker%20Values

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