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Posted 03/03/2023

Webinar - Supported Decision Making for Loved Ones With Disabilities - Breaking Through - 2.0

Webinar - Supported Decision Making for Loved Ones With Disabilities - Breaking Through - 2.0
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Start Date
04/07/2023 10:00 am
End Date
04/07/2023 11:30 am

Supported Decision Making (SDM) involves persons with disabilities being able to make their own decisions to whatever extent they can, provided that they have enough support to do so. Now law in Maryland, Supported Decision Making represents a huge breakthrough for persons living with brain injuries, as it does not take away their rights of self-determination; rather, it allows them to appoint a supported decision maker, even if they are under guardianship. However, this dramatic paradigm shift brings with it the element of risk, potential confusion for parents and others, and unanswered questions. In this webinar, Elville and Associates’ Managing Principal and Lead Attorney Stephen Elville will explore the new Supported Decision Making law and its possibilities for loved ones with disabilities.

This webinar focuses on the new promise of SDM for persons with disabilities and the current status of this alternative to guardianship and potential guardianship supplement, and how SDM has the potential to affect and change so many lives, including those of family members and other supporters.

Learning objectives include:

  • Understanding Supported Decision Making under the new law, what it is, what is its purpose, and what is its current status? What is its promise in Maryland? What are the problems?
  • What Supported Decision Making is not. What is Supported Decision Making's relationship to powers of attorney, advance medical directives, and guardianship?
  • How Supported Decision Making works, how it can benefit loved ones with disabilities, and its current status in Maryland.

To receive your personal link to attend ahead of time, please click here.  Should you have questions, please contact Community Relations Director Jeff Stauffer at 443-393-7696 x117.

Open to clients, advisors and the general public. For Certified Financial Planners, CPAs, and other professionals 1.5 continuing education hours will be available for attending this presentation. We look forward to hosting you!



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