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4435 N Pershing Dr, Arlington, VA 22203, USA

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Arlington Retirement Housing Corporation (ARHC) is the 501(c)(3) nonprofit owner of Culpepper Garden, the first affordable housing senior living community built in Arlington, Virginia. Culpepper Garden opened in 1975 and, with a total of 346 units, it is Arlington’s largest affordable rental community for people over the age of 62. Located on five acres of wooded grounds in Arlington, Culpepper Garden is comprised of three properties, each incorporated as a separate legal entity. Two of the properties are independent living communities and the third is a licensed assisted living facility. Culpepper Garden properties are managed by an experienced property management company. In 2018, ARHC partnered with Wesley Housing Development Corporation to renovate the original Culpepper Garden property; construction is nearly complete. 

ARHC’s mission is to provide and advocate for high-quality, affordable housing, services and programs that allow lower-income older persons to thrive. ARHC currently has three staff (including the Executive Director), and the Culpepper Garden properties have about 90 employees. ARHC and the Culpepper Garden properties are fiscally sound. ARHC’s annual budget is approximately $500,000. The total operating budget for the three Culpepper Garden properties is $7M. ARHC also has investment funds of over $1M. For additional information, visit the website at: 


The Board of Directors is seeking an Executive Director who has the vision and passion to lead the organization into its next chapter, building on our strong financial and operational foundation. We are seeking an innovative, proactive leader who can provide the strategic oversight to the organization while enhancing the performance of and assuring the integrity of the operations. The Executive Director should be able to actively represent Culpepper Garden and the needs of low-income seniors to the outside community. The candidate should possess a passion for the underserved aging population and demonstrate outstanding development, strategic, and leadership skills, an ongoing commitment to organizational excellence, and an appreciation of the unique aspects of Culpepper Garden and the Arlington community. 


The Executive Director is the key executive leader of Arlington Retirement Housing Corporation, which oversees Culpepper Garden independent and assisted living, and reports to the ARHC Board of Directors. The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing the administration, financial management, programs, relationships with key partners, and the organization’s strategic plan, consistent with the mission, goals, and objectives of ARHC. The Executive Director should also work to leverage the Board of Directors’ expertise and direction, and stakeholder input to best achieve the mission. 

Key duties include governance, fundraising, communications, outreach, assessing community needs, managing strategic partnerships and asset management (real estate and investments). 

The Executive Director oversees the administration, growth and development of strong, effective programs while maximizing Culpepper Garden’s resources to the greatest benefit for its residents. The Executive Director provides innovative strategies and tactics to ensure a valuable, viable and sustainable organization. 


The Executive Director will manage a staff of two (Development and Communications Manager and Volunteer Manager) and will oversee and serve as the Board of Director’s liaison with the management company for the Culpepper Garden properties. 


STRATEGIC PLANNING: Develops the vision and strategy for the organization; supports and guides the organization’s mission and establishes current and long-term goals and objectives in collaboration with the Board of Directors. 

Facilitates and manages matters related to Board governance including all Board relations, serving as an ad hoc member of committees and working groups, organizing meetings and maintaining all organizational documents according to approved policies and procedures. 

Works with the Board of Directors and leadership team to review, update and measure progress toward long range and near-term goals and objectives. 

Monitors current and future business and industry trends and the development of strategies to address those trends. 

MANAGEMENT: Oversees the programs and strategic plan. Other key duties include fundraising, generating visibility and community outreach. 

Leads a well-functioning team, ensuring that operations are being executed in accordance with the organization’s policies while building and nurturing a collaborative environment. 

Delegates the authority necessary to manage the staff effectively. Ensures the proper policies, procedures, systems, and controls are in place. 

Establishes and maintains an effective system of communicating throughout the organization and its various partners. 

Oversees and works with the management company of Culpepper Garden properties to ensure operations are consistent with the mission and goals of the organization and meeting the needs of residents. 

FINANCIAL OVERSIGHT: Responsible for ARHC’s fiscal integrity. Guides the planning and operation of its annual budget. 

Oversees the adequacy and soundness of the organization’s financial structure and performance of both ARHC and Culpepper Garden. 

Reviews and approves contracts for services or supervises delegation of this function. 

REVENUE GENERATION: Develops and maintains original and comprehensive fundraising strategies for both existing programmatic and future funding needs. Provides oversight of and participates directly in meeting fundraising objectives through fundraising activities, including building and maintaining relationships with primary funders and developing and organizing new funding sources. 

PROGRAMMATIC RESPONSIBILITIES: Ensures Culpepper Gardens grants and programs deliver their promised performance and other outcomes, complying with the pertinent laws, regulations, guidance, and policies. 

Collaborates with the Culpepper Garden properties management company to identify resident needs and develop and implement programs and services to meet those needs, including resident health and wellness. 

Sets high standards of quality for the programs and recommends new programs and the modification (or discontinuation) of current programs. 

Reviews quality and programming results of the organization compares them to established objectives and takes steps to ensure that appropriate measures are enacted to correct unsatisfactory results. 

Provides leadership and support for actively engaging a broad array of volunteers and partners who provide onsite activities that involve residents and fulfill resident needs 

BOARD RELATIONS: Communicates with the Board, providing timely and accurate information so that the Board can function properly; enabling the Board to make informed decisions. 

Keeps Board members informed of and involved in all aspects of the organization through a variety of formal and informal meetings with individuals and committees, along with full Board meetings scheduled on a regular basis; plus, other meetings or written correspondence as required. 

Attends or is represented by a designee at all meetings of the Board of Directors or operational committee meetings except for executive sessions. 

In collaboration with Board assists in recruitment and orientation of new Board members. 

EXTERNAL RELATIONSHIPS: Represents the organization before multiple constituencies, major funders, stakeholders, government officials, community leaders, corporate entities, other non-profits and the general public. 

Represents Culpepper Garden in a variety of public forums including media presentations, public speaking to individuals and groups, and hosting of groups and individuals on our grounds. 

Seeks and responds to public relations opportunities that will assist in building public awareness. 

Creates innovative partnerships with businesses or other institutions that contribute to the agency’s resources. 


A demonstrated creative and energetic leader with an entrepreneurial spirit, the Executive Director should be a proven administrator with the ability to motivate, inspire and instill confidence in others. 

A proven strategic thinker, nimble, pragmatic and flexible with the highest level of integrity. A thought leader with a track record of integrating cutting edge programs and ideas. 

A catalyst with a vision that can create excitement and energy around Culpepper Garden’s mission and can encourage others to support the organization. 

Comfortable working with a broad range of individuals and personalities to build strong working relationships. 

Possesses a service orientation combined with a business acumen. 

An individual who perpetually exudes and communicates a genuine caring and enthusiasm for the clients the organization serves. 


Demonstrated track record of leadership and management of an organization of similar complexity with at least ten years of progressive management experience. 

Proven networking capabilities across diverse organizations and a demonstrated ability to motivate organizations and individuals to support a common goal and purpose. 

Demonstrated ability to develop, communicate and engage diverse staff and stakeholders around a common vision. Experienced with developing communication strategies and promoting messages among targeted constituencies using all forms of communication including social media. 

Demonstrated ability to lead, engage and motivate staff; serves as a role model for the organization. Proven ability to lead organizational, business development, and funding initiatives. 

Excellent public speaking and written communication skills. 

Demonstrated success creating and developing new approaches to raising money for an organization. 

Familiarity and knowledge of the Arlington County government, programs and community partners 

Experience and knowledge of the needs of older adults preferred; experience and understanding of affordable housing development preferred. 


Knowledge of trends for the aging population including technological advances, health and wellness evidence-based services and affordable housing along with experience putting these trends into actions to the benefit of the disadvantaged aging community. 

Culpepper Garden demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to excellence of care. Services have consistently reflected that the organization employs the highest level of professionalism and that employees utilize cutting edge approaches to meeting critical needs of its clients. Candidates must be capable of sustaining and enhancing this level of excellence. 


Must hold a BA/BS degree in the social science, business administration, public administration or related field. Advanced degree preferred in either the clinical/nonprofit administrative field and/or the business field. 


Competitive Base Salary and Benefits Package 


Hope Johnson President and CEO Pyramind LLC Ph: 703-622-9088 E-mail: 

Culpepper Garden is an Equal Opportunity Employer and as such they encourage applications from qualified persons of every race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, and disability. 

4435 N Pershing Dr, Arlington, VA 22203, USA

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