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FT Registered Dietician

Fairfield Nursing & Rehabilitation
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The Dietitian assumes professional responsibility and accountability for the Dietary Services Department that provides nourishing, palatable well-balanced diets to meet the daily nutritional and special dietary needs of each resident according to their comprehensive resident assessment and plan of care. Provides consultation to Director of Food Service.
Completes and updates dietary assessments as part of the comprehensive resident assessment process. Assessments identify residents' current needs for dietary services and those residents at nutritional risk.
Interviews residents, interested family members, legal representatives and significant others to obtain and update information needed to develop individualized dietary plans of care, to accommodate individual needs and preferences and to protect and promote residents' rights.
Works cooperatively with members of the interdisciplinary team to develop, implement and evaluate plans of care. Attends care conferences. Communicates resident concerns and responses to interventions to interdisciplinary team members and direct care staff.
Records progress notes in the clinical record including subjective findings, objective symptoms, observations of behavior, interventions provided to resident and resident's responses to dietary interventions. Audits progress notes of Director of Food Service for completion and accuracy.
Identifies ways to accommodate resident's choices, preferences and customary routines in matters of eating. Includes these approaches in plan of care and gives this information to direct care staff.
Cooperates with other departments and interdisciplinary team to identify and accommodate individual resident need and preferences. Communicates directly with residents, families, and legal representatives to identify approaches that will protect and promote residents' rights.
Plans menus with Director of Food Service that meet the nutritional needs of residents in accord with recommended dietary allowances and state and federal regulations. Prepares standard recipes and daily production sheets from each menu cycle for staff who prepare food.
Conducts regular meal observations, reviews records, interviews staff and residents to ensure that all residents are receiving food in the amount, type, consistency and frequency to maintain usual weight and nutritional values. If food intake is inadequate or resident’s nutritional status is poor, adjusts menus to meet caloric and nutrient intake needs of the resident. Works closely with nursing staff to identify and to resolve problems.
Conducts sanitation compliance rounds in food service preparation areas and storage areas. Directs staff in improving procedures and in improving quality of service.
Verifies resident information daily regarding new admissions, diet order changes, room changes and daily census.
Monitors the performance of food service staff by observing staff performing duties in all work areas, on all shifts and by interviewing facility staff, residents, families. Performs quality assurance functions, including compliance rounds, on daily basis to evaluate compliance with state and federal laws and regulations, and facility policies and procedures. Initiates other corrective actions as appropriate.
Monitors staff for compliance with OSHA mandates on workplace safety including hazard communication and blood borne pathogens.
Takes job actions with staff members under appropriate circumstances. Applies facility policies about progressive discipline correctly. Removes staff member from unit if necessary to avoid endangerment to health or safety of residents or other staff members. Reports all job actions taken to Nursing Home Administrator promptly.
Reports all injuries to self or others to supervisor immediately.
Attends in-service education programs and staff meetings as assigned. Applies information to job tasks.
Actively participates in long term care survey process by instructing staff in matters of conduct and disclosure, maintaining a presence at all times surveyors are on-site and directing the timely collection of information required by the survey team. Demonstrates concern for identified problems and undertakes corrective action while survey is in progress if appropriate. Gathers and presents supplemental documentation to avoid potential deficiencies. Collaborates with Nursing Home Administrator to develop responses to survey report as needed.
Collaborates with consultants with timely responses to requests for information and suggestions to improve quality of dietary services.
Develops and updates dietary services policies and procedures that reflect the philosophy and mission of the facility and accepted professional standards of nutrition and sanitation.
Participates in the development of the department budget. Provides relevant financial information to Nursing Home Administrator regarding department financial needs and status.
Communicates with Nursing Home Administrator routinely to discuss resident care, personnel and budget issues.
Specialized Knowledge & Skills:
Demonstrated competence in identification of dietary needs, planning and implementation of dietary programs for geriatric clients.
Current knowledge of accepted nutritional standards and facility policies and procedures for dietary service. Able to apply these principles to resident and facility situations and to establish criteria to assure that dietary services meet established standards of quality.
Current knowledge of state and federal laws and regulations, including relevant sanitation and safety codes, that apply to Dietary Services in long term care facilities.
Demonstrates satisfactory level of interpersonal skills to interact with facility staff, Administration, residents, families, vendors and government agencies.
Sufficient knowledge and skill to provide professional dietary counseling to residents, staff and interested family members on matters of eating and diets.
Sufficient knowledge of clinical practice, regulations and principles of adult education to provide effective in-service education programs for food service personnel and nursing staff.
Able to express self adequately in written and/or oral communication and to communicate effectively in an interdisciplinary care setting with residents, families, staff members, representatives of community and government agencies.
Able to understand and to follow written and verbal directions. Able to effectively communicate with staff members and residents through verbal and/or written means.
Makes prompt efforts to resolve all resident concerns or grievances related to Dietary Services.

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