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Internal Marketing  Manager

Internal Marketing Manager

Chesterbrook Residences
2030 Westmoreland St, Falls Church, VA 22043, USA

Employment Type

The Internal Marketing Manager receives general supervision and direction from the Director of Community Relations and Marketing and the Administrator/Executive Director. The Internal Marketing Manager will comply with established policies and operational procedures. In the absence of the Administrator/Executive Director, the Internal Marketing Manager will accept advice and  instruction from the CSM Regional Director.

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Duties and Responsibilities: The Internal Marketing Manager is responsible for achieving maximum  occupancy utilizing the sales process.

Specifically, the Internal Marketing Manager:

  1. Achieves and maintains maximum occupancy for the Community through implementing an effective marketing, resident relations, admissions and community outreach program.

  2. Develops a specific outreach plan to identify and engage referral sources and leads through the sales process. Provides and evaluates feedback to/from the marketing team on the effectiveness of outreach efforts and revises plan as needed to achieve occupancy results.

  3. Utilizes and maintains up-to-date daily accurate computerized records of all contacts, leads, referral and networking activities including contact information in the PRICSM marketing program.

  4. Maintains family and community outreach database and implements electronic marketing communication for distribution to referral and networking contacts and residents/families as appropriate.

  5. In coordination with the Administrator/Executive Director and marketing team members, develops and implements a strategic marketing plan with specific goals and analysis of the Communities strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats including analysis of the competition.

  6. Based on the strategic marketing plan, develops marketing calendar, plan and budget at least quarterly to include media placement, social media and networking, outside marketing, promotional items, and public relations events and activities.

  7. Analyzes marketing efforts and reports to forecast occupancy and drive results by assessing effectiveness of outreach efforts in generating sufficient numbers of leads and closed sales to reach or exceed occupancy goals.

  8. Responds to inquiries from referral sources and leads promptly and professionally.

  9. Cultivates and maintains positive relationships with the local referral network sources, including hospital discharge planners, case managers, trust officers, physicians, social services agencies, clergy, and other long- term care professionals to generate maximum referrals to the Community.

  10. Identifies and maintains on-going relationships with local civic groups, religious organizations, businesses, and nonprofits to communicate the mission and benefits of the Community.

  11. Secures speaking engagements with civic and other groups, such as homeowners’ associations, retired federal employee organizations, and nonprofits to provide information and education on pertinent topics of interest while marketing the Community.

  12. Identifies and engages potential residents and decision makers to close leads through the sales process. Provides feedback to the marketing team on effectiveness of sales efforts and revises plan as needed to achieve occupancy results.

  13. Is responsible for the resident application and admissions process in accordance with Company procedures and regulatory requirements. Prepares and maintains resident files in accordance with company and licensing regulations. Maintains compliance with regulations.

  14. Conducts presentation tours and makes home visits to prospective residents, if necessary. Ensures Community is at all times presentable for tours, including model and vacant apartments. Provides input to the Administrator/Executive Director. Maintains model apartment in pristine condition at all times.

  15. Develops and supervises the respite program to convert respite stays to leases. Maintains respite rooms in marketable condition at all times.

  16. Develops and implements Community-wide staff customer service orientation training in order to ensure that the mission of providing caring services and housing is communicated to residents and potential residents and their families. Is responsible for following and overseeing the telephone and website inquiry process and protocol.

  17. In coordination with the marketing team and activities staff develops and implements marketing events to attract referrals, potential residents and families to the community.

  18. Produces and submits written, accurate, and timely reports to the Central Office as required and scheduled,

e.g. occupancy reports, marketing status reports, material inventory reports, and tracking reports.

  1. Processes Limited Income/Care Fund applications. Tracks resident spend down data. Verifies financial resources of resident at admission.

  2. Coordinates and communicates with department managers each resident admission and care level change notification, processes related paperwork. Implements and manages an effective resident and family orientation and transition program.

  3. Conducts unit inspections, and in concert with the Administrator, coordinates unit turnover readiness. Completes and distributes appropriate paperwork at time of lease signing. Processes related paperwork for move-ins, care level changes, transfers, and move-outs.

  4. Functions as a member of the interdisciplinary team and admissions committee regarding admissions, level changes, transfers, and discharges.

  5. Provides backup support for Director of Community Outreach and Marketing.

  6. Develops and makes presentations to groups within the community to communicate the philosophy and mission of the Community or providing information related to aging/long-term care.

  7. Uses discretion and judgement to obtain appropriate placement for discharged residents in accordance with company and licensing regulations.

  8. Maintains effective resident relations and observes and protects residents' rights, including rights to confidentiality, privacy, and dignity.

  9. Practices safety procedures and complies with established reporting of accident and injuries.

  10. Performs any other related duties that may be assigned.

  11. Represents the community at all times in a professional manner, communicating to the community, residents and residents' families, the philosophy and mission of the community.

  12. Rotates Manager on Duty within the normal rotation with department supervisors.

  13. Completes in-service staff training to ensure requirements are met.

  14. Attends and fully participates in company training marketing seminars and training workshops.

2030 Westmoreland St, Falls Church, VA 22043, USA

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