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Posted by Morningside House of Leesburg on 05/06/2023 in Senior Housing
Job Opportunities - Maryland and Virginia Communities

Job Opportunities - Maryland and Virginia Communities

Morningside House Senior Living

Employment Type

You got into elder care to care for the elderly. But too many centers are focused on profit at the expense of their residents’ health. And the centers that do manage to provide well for their residents often do so at the expense of their staff’s time, health, and professional development.

At Morningside, we know staff are the backbone to great resident care.

  • We go out of our way to treat our staff with dignity, trust, and respect.
  • We work to create deep, supportive, cooperative relationships with our staff for the long term.

And it shows: many of our staff have been with us for years, even decades!

At Morningside, our staff aren’t just employees. We’re friends, teammates, caregivers for the elderly and for one another, and fellow cheerleaders.

More Details

Morningside House of Leesburg

  • FT, PT              6a to 2p  Care Giver/ C.N.A./ PCA/ RA
  • FT & PT            2p to 10p Med Tech
  • PT                    10p-6a Med Tech

Morningside House of Laurel

  • FT                     Porter/ Maintenance Assistant                        
  • FT                     6a-2p & 2p-10p care giver/ C.N.A.                     
  • PT                     10-6 Care giver                               
  • PT                      6-2 & 2-10 Med tech                   
  • PT                      Cook                                                 
  • PT                     Laundry                                          

Morningside House of Friendship

  • FT                          Maintenance Tech
  • PT                         Server
  • PT                          6a-2p Care give/ C.N.A.                      r
  • FT                          2p-10p care giver/ C.N.A.                       

Morningside House of St. Charles

  • FT& PT                 Cook
  • PT                          Server
  • PT                          2p-10p care giver/ C.N.A.                     

Morningside House of Satyr Hill

  • PT                      LPN- day time
  • FT                      Director of Health and Wellness- LPN
  • PT                     Cook- every other weekend and mornings
  • PT & FT                10p-6a care giver/ C.N.A.
  • FT                         2pm- 10pm care giver/ C.N.A.

Morningside House of Ellicott City

  • PT                    6a-2p care giver/ C.N.A weekends
  • PT                    2p-10p care giver/ C.N.A.  weekends
  • FT                    10p-6a  Med Tech/ C.N.A./Night supervisor Sun, Fri/Tues, Sat
  • FT                      8a-4p Housekeeper
  • EO                     Daytime weekend LPN

Cardinal Village

  • PT& FT             10p-6a overnights PCA/C.N.A

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