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LPN Needed for Small Assisted Living in Silver Spring

LPN Needed for Small Assisted Living in Silver Spring

Seabury at Springvale Terrace
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3pm-11pm and alternating weekends

Supervision and Direction:

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The Charge Nurse receives general supervision and direction from the Director of Nursing/Delegating Nurse/Wellness Director and the Executive Director/ALM.  The Wellness Director is responsible for accurate medication administration and supervision of the Nursing Assistants/Med Techs/Unit Clerk/Activities Assistant to ensure resident services are completed to provide for the overall quality care of the residents.  The Wellness Director will comply with established policies and operational procedures.  In the absence of Director of Nursing/Delegating Nurse, the Charge Nurse/Wellness Director will accept advice from the Administrator/Executive Director or appointed designee.

Educational/Licensing Requirements:


This position requires the candidate be a graduate of an accredited school of registered or licensed practical nursing and licensed in good standing. Must possess:

    ●    Current, unencumbered, active license to practice as an RN or LPN in the State of Maryland, or a compact state participating in the Nurse Licensure Compact.

    ●    Current CPR/First Aid certification, or acquire CPR/First Aid certification within 60 days of hire.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Specifically, the Charge Nurse:

  1. Directs resident care to meet the assessed needs of residents by making direct care staff assignments based on the resident’s current service profile.

  1. Reviews uncompleted shift assignments periodically during the shift and at least on (1) hour before the end of each shift to determine resident services not completed, and takes appropriate steps to ensure that service is rendered.  Records all variances.

  1. Is responsible for reviewing and updating service plan and profile for each resident as needed, but at least quarterly, and participates in the interdisciplinary team planning.

  1. Recognizes situations in which help is needed and requests such help as soon as needed.  Coordinates with other departments and health professionals on important aspects of resident care.

  1. Review services not on profile report prior to the end of each shift to update service profile.

  1. Implements the service plan for each individual resident based on assessed needs.

  1. Administers ordered medications and treatments accurately, charts appropriately and reports any problem or change as needed to physician and appropriate facility staff.

  1. Notifies Director of Nursing Services/Delegating Nurse and The Administrator/Executive Director, resident’s family or responsible party, and physician of any significant changes in the resident’s status.

  1. Recognizes the need for physical and mental rehabilitation, and remains constantly alert to help residents maintain or improve functional abilities within their present capabilities.

  1. Observes and records pertinent symptoms, profile and progress of the resident.

  1. Is knowledgeable of and complies with Company policies and procedures, forms and documentation.

  1. Is constantly aware of and alert to the problems of the elderly and disabled person, avoids any unnecessary noise, obstructing machinery and devices with which the resident could become injured, strictly observes the smoking restrictions and protects the resident from injury.

  1. Maintains professional conduct at all times that reflects credit to the profession and reflects the facility’s philosophy of quality care and service delivery.

  1. .  Reviews time and attendance records and reports periodically per facility protocol. Participates and provides input on hiring, performance evaluations, terminations and progressive discipline of direct care staff.

  1. Monitors direct care staff performance of health-related activities, including the identification of any significant gaps in the employee’s ability to function competently.  Provides staff development and training as needed to ensure quality performance.

  1. Provides a home-like atmosphere and ensures organization, upkeep and cleanliness of the unit.

  1. Observes and protects the rights of all residents including the delivery of services in a dignified and caring manner.

  1. Keeps unit inventory at par level notifying Executive Director/Administrator or designee of any needed supplies.

  1. Observes and protects resident rights including rights to confidentiality, privacy and dignity.

  1. Practices safety procedures and complies with established reporting of accidents and injuries.

  1. Performs any other related duties that may be assigned.

8505 Springvale Road Silver Spring, Md. 20910

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