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Chesterbrook Residence
2030 Westmoreland St, Falls Church, VA 22043, USA

Employment Type

Supervision and Direction:

The Marketing Associate / Admissions and Recertification Specialist receives general supervision and direction from the Executive Director and will comply with established policies and operational procedures. In the absence of the Executive Director, the Director of Admissions and Recertification Specialist will accept advice and instruction from the Regional Director.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Marketing Associate / Admissions and Recertification Specialist, in conjunction with the Director of Marketing and Admissions, is responsible for programs and activities relating to the marketing of and admission to the community. He/she is responsible for maintaining HUD compliance for resident admissions, files, and reporting.

Specifically, the Director of Admissions and Recertification:

Recertification Specialist / General:

1. Responsible for all functions of annual and interim recertification of residents. Conducts interviews and reviews applications of potential residents. Monitors and ensures compliance with Fairfax County, VHDA, HUD, and state public housing program regulations and all phases of recertification. Makes follow-up calls and sends follow-up literature to determine leasing status. Collects funds related to administrative fees and rentals. Supports and ensures timely input, proper use, and full utilization of on- site PC-based property management software for leasing data. Complies with all CSM and regulatory compliance requirements:

a. Sends recertification notices to residents,

b. Interviews residents regarding household composition, income, and assets,

c. Gathers income, asset, and all verification documents from third parties,

d. Ensures proper calculation of income and assets.

e. Reviews tenant files to ensure compliance with HUD requirements.

2. Follows Resident Selection Criteria protocol prior to all admissions.

3. Interviewing and admitting qualified residents according to established rules, regulations, and policies. Prepares all required paperwork to determine eligibility. Prepares leases and related leasing addendums. Ensure two person check is conducted on all resident files within 30 days of move-in, recertification, etc. Maintains lease records and files. Maintains property waiting list and other updates to various records and reports in accordance with policy and procedure, applicable affordable housing programs, and HUD/Agency regulations.

4. Timely audits resident move-in and recertification files to ensure completeness, accuracy, and compliance with the latest HUD requirements.

5. Monitors HUD communications and reference sources for new regulations and changes in existing ones.

Reports findings that identify outdated policies, procedures, forms, etc. Ensures that forms are up-to- date per HUD and CSM.

6. Organizes and purges tenant files in accordance with requirements.

7. Conducts unit inspections. Distributes appropriate paperwork at time of lease signing. Processes move- ins, transfers, and move-outs.

8. Attends HUD trainings to keep abreast of guidelines and regulations.


1. Achieves and maintains maximum occupancy for the Community through implementing an effective marketing, resident relations, admissions and community outreach program.

2. Assists the Director of Marketing and Admissions in managing notices to vacate, apartment turnovers, transfers, and admissions to ensure maximum occupancy while striving to limit the vacating resident’s financial responsibility.

3. Follow up with inquiries in a timely, effective manner.

4. Cultivates and maintains positive relationships with the local referral network sources, including hospital discharge planners, case managers, trust officers, physicians, social services agencies, clergy, and other long-term care professionals to generate maximum referrals to the Community.

5. Identifies and maintains on-going relationships with local civic groups, religious organizations, businesses, and nonprofits to communicate the mission and benefits of the Community. Attend key events of important community organizations and functions as liaison as appropriate to local agencies and commissions.

6. Coordinates with the marketing and activities teams to develop and implement marketing events to attract referrals, potential residents and families to the community.

7. Secures speaking engagements with civic and other groups, such as homeowners’ associations, retired federal employee organizations, and nonprofits to provide information and education on pertinent topics of interest while marketing the Community.

8. Produces and submits written, accurate, and timely reports to the Central Office as required and scheduled, e.g. occupancy reports, marketing status reports, material inventory reports, and tracking reports in absence of Director of Marketing and Admissions.

9. Develops and maintains effective communications tools to support outreach efforts such as brochures, newsletters, correspondence, presentation materials, and the website in coordination with the Regional Marketing and Community Relations Director and Graphic Designer/Marketing Coordinator.

10. Coordinates with the marketing and activities teams to develop and implement marketing events to

attract referrals, potential residents and families to the community.

11. Conducts presentation tours to prospective residents. Ensures facility is at all times presentable for

ours, including vacant apartments.

12. Assists with implementation of the marketing plan including social media, networking, public relations, and marketing events.

13. Handles all of the above tasks in a confidential manner

14. Represents the facility at all times in a professional manner, communicating to the community, residents, and residents’ families, the philosophy and mission of the facility.

15. Observes and protects residents’ rights including rights to confidentiality, privacy, and dignity.

16. Practices safety procedures and complies with established reporting of accidents and injuries.

17. Performs any other related duties that may be assigned.

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2030 Westmoreland St, Falls Church, VA 22043, USA

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