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Devlin Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation
Cumberland, MD

Employment Type

As a member of the interdisciplinary team, the Registered Nurse (RN) assumes responsibility and accountability for nursing services delivered to assigned residents of a designated unit for one shift.   The RN provides direct care, administers treatments and medications, organizes and distributes daily assignments to direct care staff consistent with staff competency and each individual resident's comprehensive resident assessment and plan of care. Supervises direct care staff and makes decisions about resident care needs during shifts concerning scope of clinical competence, consistent with facility policies and procedures. Ensures that “Flow of Care” is followed.


·         Makes daily compliance rounds on assigned unit at least at beginning and at end of shift to observe, examine or interview residents, to verify information from ongoing shift, to monitor regulatory compliance, to determine staff assignments, and provides / receives     report.
  • Develops and distributes resident care assignments to direct care staff. Assignments match resident needs with skills of direct care staff, and maintain consistency to the extent practicable.           Adjusts assignments according to availability of qualified staff. Changes assignments if necessary during shift to meet resident needs.
  • Provides orientation to unit and unit routines to new staff members or staff from temporary agencies.
  • Describes care plan goals and approaches to direct care staff so that care plan is consistently implemented on all shifts by all caregivers. Seeks input from nurse aides about residents’ condition, functional abilities, preferences and alternative approaches to care. Monitors delivery of care and services throughout shift to ensure needs are met, tasks are completed and that work of direct care staff is of acceptable quality and quantity. Administers medications, treatments and provides direct care to residents on unit according to physician orders and in compliance with facility policies and procedures.
  • Performs physical assessment (or gathers appropriate data) of new admissions and current residents as indicated by change in condition or as required by regulation. Completes assigned sections of resident assessment instruments used in facility.
  • With participation of interdisciplinary team members and resident, to the extent practicable, develops, implements, evaluates and revises plans of care with measurable objectives and timetables to assist each resident to attain or maintain highest practicable physical, mental and psycho-social well-being. Coordinates care and delivery of services with all disciplines.           Consults with and refers relevant resident care issues to attention of interdisciplinary care team members.
  • Modifies approaches in plans of care to accommodate resident needs and preferences, to manage risk factors for functional decline and to improve functional abilities.
  • Respects rights of residents regarding freedom of choice, consent for care and services, refusals of treatment and implementation of advance directives if any. Promptly consults with nursing supervisor or Unit Manager and Social Worker if unsure of proper course of action that respects resident's rights, complies with facility policies and procedures and that is consistent with state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Trains and develops staff by conducting skills observations of nurse aides identifying learning needs and taking advantage of opportunities to teach on the unit.           Reports information to Unit Manager as part of staff performance evaluations.
  • Completes required documentation of care and services delivered during shift including subjective findings, objective symptoms, interventions and resident responses to interventions. Completes required documentation of special circumstances including accident/incident reports in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Completes written 24 hour facility report. Gives and listens to verbal shift report making special note of significant changes in condition, admissions, transfers, discharges, initiation or use of physical or chemical restraints, unnecessary use of any drug, incidents, medication errors, loss of resident property or evidence of resident or family dissatisfaction.
  • Informs the resident in advance about care and treatment and any changes to the plan of care.
  • Immediately informs the resident, consults with the resident's physician and notifies the designated family member and/or the resident’s legal representative when there is an accident involving an injury which has potential for requiring physician intervention, i.e, a significant change in the resident's physical, mental or psycho-social status; a need to alter treatment significantly or a decision to transfer or discharge the resident from the facility. Promptly notifies the resident, designated family member and/or resident's legal representative when there is a change in room or roommate.
  • Reports relevant information to the Unit Manager including, interdisciplinary team functioning and communication, regulatory compliance issues, resident risk factors, sadden changes in resident behavior, expressed dissatisfaction by resident or family, refusals of treatment, unexplained injuries, staff behavior (positive and negative), staffing needs, equipment and supply needs, opportunities to revise policies, procedures, improve quality.
  • Monitors staff for compliance with OSHA mandates on workplace safety including hazard communication and blood borne pathogens. In cases of workplace exposure, provides immediate first aid and refers employee to appropriate facility staff member for post-exposure follow-up.
Reports all injuries to self or others to supervisor immediately. ·         Takes job actions with staff members under appropriate circumstances.     Applies facility policies about progressive discipline correctly. Removes staff member from unit if necessary to avoid endangerment to health or safety of residents or other staff members. Reports all job actions taken to Unit Manager promptly.
  • Attends in-service education programs as assigned. Applies information to job tasks.
  • Assists Unit Manager with preparation for long-term care survey. Attends survey training, interacts with state surveyors as instructed by supervisor.

Education/ work experience requirements

1.    Education/Training/Work Experience:

Education: Graduate of accredited school of nursing.

Certificate/Licenses: Current, active license as Registered Nurse in state of employment.

Work Experience: One year experience providing direct care to residents in long term care setting preferred. Prior experience as Charge Nurse or similar supervisory experience preferred.

Freedom from illegal use of drugs, and freedom from use and effects of use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

Persons who have been found guilty by a court of law of abusing, neglecting or mistreating individuals in a health care related setting are ineligible for employment in this position. 2.    Specialized Knowledge & Skills:

  • Knowledge of geriatric and general chronic care nursing principles and professional standards of nursing practice and ability to apply to resident specific circumstances.             Able to identify, implement and evaluate appropriate objectives and interventions for residents.
  • Demonstrated competency in clinical skills needed for facility resident population.
  • Demonstrated competency in physical, behavioral and functional capacity assessment of long term care residents (to individual level of licensure).
  • Working knowledge of laws and regulations that influence provision of care and services in nursing facilities.
  • Working knowledge and ability to interpret and demonstrate facility policies, procedures to direct care staff.
  • Sufficient organizational and interpersonal skills to assign, motivate staff, elicit work output, improve quality and interact effectively with residents, families, interdisciplinary team members, administration, government officials, consultants and others in addition to staff.
  • Carries out all duties in accord with the facility mission and philosophy.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of and respect for the rights, dignity and individuality of each resident in all interactions. Demonstrated competency in the protection and promotion of Residents Rights.
  • Appreciates the importance of maintaining confidentiality of resident and facility information.
  • Demonstrates honesty and integrity at all times in the care and use of resident and facility property.
  • Able to understand and to follow written and verbal directions. Able to express self adequately, accurately in written and/or oral communication (including documentation in clinical records) with direct care staff, interdisciplinary team members, administration, and government officials.
  • Knowledge of emergency and disaster procedures of facility. Able to locate nearest exit to understand and respond to written or oral instruction in case of emergency.
  • Sufficient mobility, and strength to move freely through the building, to assure resident safety at all times and to assist, transfer or otherwise move residents of facility out of danger in case of emergency.
  • Demonstrates respect for co-workers and responds to needs of residents by complying with facility policies on attendance and punctuality and dress code. Able to arrive and to begin work on time and to report for duty on all shifts, weekends and holidays.
  • Working knowledge and ability to comply with facility policies and procedures for workplace safety including infection control procedures, application of universal precautions for blood borne pathogens, use of personal protective equipment and handling of hazardous materials.
  • Demonstrates ability to prioritize tasks/responsibilities and complete duties/projects within allotted time.
  • Able to respond to change productively and to handle additional tasks/projects as assigned.
  • Able to carry out the essential functions of this job (with or without reasonable accommodation) without posing specific, current risk of substantial harm to health and safety of self and others.



  • Successful performance of essential functions can best be achieved through consistent application of current knowledge, use of good judgment, common sense, ability to establish and carry out priorities, effective use of interpersonal skills and ongoing communication with residents, staff, families, interdisciplinary team members, and government officials, including state surveyors and ombudsmen.
  • This job cannot be performed without exposure to the stresses associated with an intimate, 24 hour residential care environment that delivers care and services primarily to disabled and cognitively impaired residents. Examples of these stresses include, but are not limited to: shift rotation, weekend and holiday duty, unusual or impaired behavior by residents, family reactions to having a loved one in the nursing home, death and dying, oversight of state surveyors, ombudsmen and federal officials, presence of consultants and attorneys, and variable involvement of medical staff.
  • Essential functions are carried out in a variety of positions including standing and sitting. To meet residents' needs, virtually all positions require the ability to move freely through the building.             Stooping, bending, lifting and carrying, as well as other physical demands may be required as described in the Essential Physical Demands of this position.


1.     Collects and records data which will be incorporated into nursing assessments.

2.     Observes, documents, and monitors all resident psychiatric and/or physical changes and responses to treatment. Refers to / consults with other disciplines when appropriate.

3.     Initiates and updates the nursing care plans for residents as changes occur, independent of scheduled reviews.

4.     Assesses resident care situations and initiates appropriate nursing intervention and notifies the Nurse Manager as appropriate.

5.     Evaluates the outcome of nursing care and modifies the care plans accordingly.

6.     Participates in Quality Assurance reviews / audits.

7.     Interacts directly with residents, families, and agency representatives on an ongoing basis.

8.     Provides and directs care with an awareness of all Resident Rights especially as they relate to informed consent, the right to refuse, notification of changes in condition and treatment, the right to free choice, the right to privacy and confidentiality, and the right to be free from constraints (physical or chemical).

9.     Participates in resident education.

10.  Administers emergency care.

11.  Assumes responsibility for the whereabouts of all residents.

12.  Consults with other members of the multi-disciplinary health care team.

13.  Plans, supervises, and evaluates the work of nursing personnel on the unit, assisting and advising when necessary; reports problems with ancillary staff to nursing supervisor.

14.  Communicates directions in a clear and concise manner.

15.  Participates in the development and review of departmental policies and procedures.

16.  Is responsible for notifying the proper authorities to help maintain the security and maintenance of building and grounds during the shift.

17.  Is responsible for insuring an adequate supply of medical and non-medical items for resident care during the shift as well as monitoring their utilization.

18.  Maintains accurate records of narcotics, barbiturates, and tranquilizers kept in the unit.

19.  Coordinates the implementation of physician orders.

20.  Administers medications and performs treatments.

21.  Attends staff meetings, in-services, and training sessions.

22.  Acts as a liaison between the resident, the physician, and other members of the health care team to meet resident needs.

23.  Sets an example for other staff:

·         Remains calm in crises.

·         Deals with those under his/her supervision fairly.

·         Follows chain of command.

·         Responds to questions and concerns in a fair and timely manner.

·         Acts as an advocate for residents and staff.

·         Respects confidentiality of residents, staff, family, and facility.

·         Works as a team member, willing to help others and cheerful in doing so.

·         Exercises safe work practices.

24.  Performs other duties as required or assigned.

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