Posted 10/29/2019

It's not an old folks home . . . pretend it's a college

It's not an old folks home . . . pretend it's a college

Submitted by Steve Gurney of Positive Aging Sourcebook

One frequent tip that I provide to individuals and families is often related to the stigma of researching and visiting senior living communities.  I advise individuals and families to pretend they are searching for the next college they are going to attend instead of an old folks home/senior living community. 

Try to imagine how a student visits a college they are interested in. They are not concerned about the square footage of their dorm room or the real estate, they are more focused on the other students, the faculty, and the experiences they will enjoy by being part of a campus community.

Apply this approach when you are researching communities and it should help make the experience more fun and unlock the potential to find the right "campus"!

Steve Gurney, Publisher

Positive Aging Sourcebook


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