Posted 06/01/2017

2017 America's Best Intergenerational Community and National Finalists

MetLife Foundation and Generations United will present one community with the

2017 MetLife Foundation/Generations United Best Intergenerational Communities Award.  The award

will be presented at the opening reception of Generations United’s 2017 Global Intergenerational

Conference, taking place June 13 at the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee.

The award is intended to heighten awareness of the important role that intergenerational solidarity

plays in building strong, vibrant communities. This year’s recipient is City of Two Harbors, Minnesota.

The Town of Yarmouth, Massachusetts; the City of Surprise, Arizona; and Jenks Public Schools in Jenks,

Oklahoma were named national finalists.

“Today’s award recipient recognizes the value of promoting strong bonds between the generations and

working together to create a vibrant, meaningful place to live for every generation,” said Dennis White,

MetLife Foundation’s president and chief executive officer. “Communities that care for and engage all

members – regardless of age – deepen bonds between the generations and set an important example

for other communities to follow. We applaud the one community selected to receive the 2017 Best

Intergenerational Communities Award, as well as the three National Finalists.”

“When all citizens are valued, it creates a positive environment for building strong, safe, and supportive

communities,” said Donna Butts, executive director of Generations United. “Such communities

understand the wisdom of connecting generations rather than separating them into age-segregated

programs and facilities. They are cutting edge communities that save dollars while making sense.”

A Generations United/Eisner Foundation survey shows that 77 percent of U.S. adults wish there were

more opportunities in their own community for people from different age groups to meet and get to

know one another.

Christopher Swanson, Mayor of Two Harbors, Minnesota, said: "I have seen positive change in our

town...because of a new focus on intergenerational efforts....It is now common for organizations and

groups like the Two Harbors Area Fund, KTWH 99.5 FM - Two Harbors Community Radio and Live Well

Lake County to have youth representation in their decision making….Engaging generations enriches us


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