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Posted 02/24/2020

Two New Aging in Place Education Programs and the Preferred Industry Partner Program

Two New Aging in Place Education Programs and the Preferred Industry Partner Program

The Living In Place Institute (LIPI) is pleased to announce two companion education programs to their widely recognized Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP) certification program.  The first is the Home & Accessibility Trade Specialist (HATS) program which focuses on trade professionals who install designs specified by CLIPP graduates and products supplied by LIPA graduates. The second is the Living In Place Associate (LIPA) program designed to train professionals who provide products and/or supply and support services.

Additionally, the just-introduced Living In Place Preferred Industry Partner program provides manufacturers, associations and other organizations an opportunity to partner with the Living In Place Institute and demonstrate their support of the Institute’s educational mission and commitment to make all homes accessible, comfortable and safe.

 Home & Accessibility Trade Specialist (HATS) Training Program

HATS is a professional credential demonstrating proof of gained knowledge. These highly qualified trade experts are valuable partners and support both CLIPP and LIPA team members.  HATS ensure that the Living In Place Institute principles are provided and installed on all projects. 

“We are very excited to augment our already successful CLIPP certification program with the new HATS credential,” said Louie Delaware and Erik Listou, Living In Place Institute Co-Founders.  “In order to fully realize the benefits of the Living In Place movement, or what some call a philosophy, it is vital that the full team – design, construction, supply, medical and now all trade professionals – are aligned on principles and implementation practices.  This new industry credential recognizes the valuable services that trade professionals provide in completing the vision to ensure all homes are accessible, comfortable and safe, for all needs and ages.”

The HATS program is presented as on-demand virtual modules of course work and testing, including: 

Module 1 - Why all Homes need to be Accessible, Comfortable and Safe – An Introduction to Living In Place

Module 2 - Medical Issues of Life

Module 3 - General Home Safety Guidelines for all Projects

Module 4 - Communication Skills & Body Language

Module 5 - Trade Overview Guidelines for Living In Place

Module 6 - Roles of CLIPP, LIPA and HATS Professionals

Module 7 - Fall Prevention in the Home

 Living In Place Associate (LIPA)

The Living In Place Associate (LIPA) program offers manufacturers, suppliers and industry service providers the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to the Living In Place Institute philosophy without becoming CLIPP certified. Instead, participants must complete a 5-hour virtual course which provides a high-level understanding of the benefits and value of adopting this new approach to “Designing & Building for Life”.

“We developed the LIPA program in response to the overwhelming interest from manufacturers, suppliers, associations, media, and other industry groups including financial, legal, and real estate professionals who want to become involved promoting and spreading the Living In Place Institute philosophy while expanding their own businesses and organizational goals,” said Erik Listou and Louie Delaware, Living In Place Institute Co-Founders, “Many manufacturers have defined product development gates and are embracing LIPA as their key to including Living In Place Institute principles and other experts in their product design and development.  It was clear from our industry partners the need for a unique program allowing partners to learn, innovate, and collaborate with the broad range of Living In Place professionals.”

Preferred Partner Program (PIP)

The Preferred Industry Partner (PIP) program addresses the needs of the manufacturers, supply and support services who want to participate in LIPI events, education and product design and development strategies. The PIP program encourages connections with CLIPP, LIPA and HATS professionals through a variety of promotional programs and educational packages. The LIPA credential demonstrates knowledge and awareness of the Living In Place Institute principles and philosophies and is not a certification.

Announcing the First LIPI Preferred Industry Partner

The first PIP is the multi-national plumbing and pipefitting firm, Viega LLC.  Viega manufactures a variety of products that provide Living In Place solutions including in-wall flushing systems with wall-mounted toilets, radiant floor heating systems, and water shut-off valves at a variety of heights, improving beauty, maneuverability and accessibility.

The CLIPP, HATS and Preferred Industry Partner program with its LIPA designation are the foundation for understanding, producing, design and building homes that are accessible, comfortable and safe.

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