Posted 03/08/2017

Uber for Seniors! GoGo Grandparent Enters Marketplace

Uber for Seniors! GoGo Grandparent Enters Marketplace

Transportation is clearly one of the biggest challenges for elders to maintain a purposeful lifestyle.  However, utilizing public transportation is not always ideal.  Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft are proving to be an efficient and cost effective option for Americans of all ages.

However, both companies require use of a smartphone app to schedule rides which is not always the preference of seniors.  Enter a new company, Go Go Grandparent, a company that aims to provide riders with schedule options and additional services aimed at this growing demographic.  Read TechCrunch article here, the article summarizes the founding of this service:

The story of the company’s founding is pretty interesting. One of the founders, Justin Booogaard, was living with his grandmother. She saw him Ubering so much and asked how she could use it. Once Justin let her know you needed a smartphone to hail a ride, she told him to create a company that would let her use it!

Justin and his co-founder David Lung liked the idea, but wanted to impartially test it, because everyone knows your grandma automatically likes everything you do. So they created a postcard from a faux company and mailed it to Justin’s grandmother, advertising a company that lets you order an Uber by calling a phone number from a landline or dumb cell phone. She tried it and loved it, and GoGoGrandparent was born.

It's not to say that Uber and Lyft are ignoring this important demographic, read this article in the LA Times that provides some details on how the ride sharing pioneers are testing this market with partnerships. The article shares:

Lyft announced a partnership with the San Diego firm GreatCall on Tuesday. Uber announced a similar partnership with the Los Angeles firm 24Hr HomeCare.

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