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Posted 02/09/2020

Controversy arises over adding cameras in nursing home rooms

WNDU in Lansing Michigan reports 

Michigan lawmakers are proposing a bill that would add video cameras in the rooms of nursing home patients.

“Every person I talk to says this is a great and absolutely wonderful idea except the nursing home,” said Michigan Sen. Jim Runestad, who is proposing a bill that would allow video camera surveillance inside the rooms of nursing home resident only if residents agree.

The goal is to help combat elder abuse.

“There are unbelievable numbers of videos and the stark, horrific nature of the abuse was mind blowing to me,” Runestad said.

A study by Nursing Home Abuse shows nearly 5 million elders are abused in nursing homes each year. In addition, 24.3% of those elders experience at least one instance of physical abuse, while others suffer from sexual and financial abuse. Finally, only 1 and 14 of elder abuse are formally reported.

If the bill is passed, Michigan would become one of seven states to allow cameras in nursing home rooms. It would allow families to view camera footage of their loved ones from their phones.

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