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Posted 02/04/2020

Introducing Senior Call Check Program as a Free Service to MD Residents 65+

Introducing Senior Call Check Program as a Free Service to MD Residents 65+

Maryland Secretary of Aging Rona E. Kramer and Senator Benjamin Kramer worked cooperatively to legislate and implement a new program called Maryland Senior Call Check. This program is the first-in-the-nation, statewide, free program designed to help keep older adults safe while aging in their homes. All Maryland residents, 65 and older, are invited to sign up for a daily call at a time convenient to their lifestyle. 

“Our department is committed to providing our seniors who wish to age in place with the necessary resources to stay safe,” said Secretary Kramer. “This is an essential service to prevent someone from languishing on the floor after a fall or other calamity. I encourage all Marylanders 65 and older to sign up for this free program.” 

The Senior Call Check participants receive an automated call every day. These calls will take place within a time frame chosen by the participant. If the participant does not answer their first call, they will be called two additional times in the same day. If those calls go unanswered, an alternate person, selected by the participant, will be notified. This alternate could be an adult child, a neighbor, or anyone designated as a reliable contact. The alternate will then be asked to check on the participant. For those who do not have an alternate or whose alternate is unresponsive, the state will call local law enforcement to conduct a wellness check. 

There are future opportunities for the program to be used as a notification service. As the program evolves, the call check program can notify participants of impending harsh weather conditions, CDC recall notices, and serve as a reminder for flu vaccines. The Senior Call Check program has lots of potential to help our aging population. 

For more information on this program and to register, call 1-866-50-CHECK (1-866-502-4325) or visit aging.maryland.gov. Please help spread the word to seniors living alone at home. 

About Maryland Department of Aging 

The Maryland Department of Aging helps establish Maryland as an attractive location for all older adults through vibrant communities and supportive services that offer the opportunity to live healthy and meaningful lives. For more information, visit aging.maryland.gov. 

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