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Posted 01/30/2020

Relationships Between Occupancy and Rent Growth in Assisted Living Properties

When evaluating the attractiveness of a market for seniors housing investment or development, supply and demand metrics are crucial data to examine, and layering on an assessment of rent growth and occupancy may also provide additional insight. 

 The following analysis shows the relationships between average occupancy rates and rent growth patterns for assisted living for the past four years—from 3Q 2015 through 3Q 2019—for the NIC MAP® 31 Primary Markets. The aggregate data provides an overview of the relative performance of these markets individually. 

What you'll learn from this article showcasing NIC MAP data:

  • The impact of supply and demand on occupancy and rent growth patterns
  • Market-level findings that provide greater detail and insight
  • Exploring market-specific occupancy and rent growth performance metrics

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