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Posted 03/01/2023

Susy Elder Murphy 30th Anniversary

Susy Elder Murphy 30th Anniversary

susy 30th letter.pdf

A message from the staff at Aging Well Eldercare

As the staff at Aging Well Eldercare, we want to take a moment to acknowledge our wonderful leader, Susy Elder Murphy, as she arrives at her 30th anniversary of working at the company (DLEA & AWE) and as a care manager.

In March of 1993, Susy was hired as the second care manager of a team that now numbers 30 staff members. From second employee, she quickly rose to serve as the Director of Care Management Services. In 2012 she had to step in to assume leadership when the owner of the company was diagnosed with cancer. She formally bought the business in 2013, and has been guiding it with wisdom and innovation ever since. We are all exceptionally proud of the WellSenior™ and Debbie’s Angels programs developed under Susy’s leadership.

Resourceful • Dedicated • Intelligent • Empathetic • Creative •
Respectful • Highly Ethical • Supportive

These are just some of the words the staff uses to describe Susy. Every decision she makes is carefully thought out after considering all points of view. She truly listens and solicits feedback, investing time and patience before moving forward. She is committed to caring for her employees as much as she is to her clients. She is both humble and kind, leading by example and inspiring and motivating others to become their very best selves. She is collaborative to the core and a true believer in the team approach.

Susy is highly regarded by her peers and colleagues—a networker par excellence, always giving back to her community. Locally she has served on numerous boards for non-profits that support seniors. Regionally and nationally she is active in several professional organizations, but in particular the Aging Life Care™ Association which is the national membership organization for certified care managers. Susy served as President of the Mid-Atlantic chapter from 2016 through 2017 and she now sits as a member at large on the board of the national association.

Her genuine kindness and consideration has a ripple effect that is far-reaching. She has touched countless lives.

Susy, you are one in a million!

On today, 3/1/2023, we salute you and thank you for all that you are and have become in our lives. We wish you the very best on your 30-year anniversary and look forward to many more years of working with you.

With love, gratitude, and deep admiration,

Your Staff

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