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Posted 03/24/2023

Top Positive Aging Discussions: March 2023

Top Positive Aging Discussions: March 2023

In March 2023, its no surprise that that once again the topic of Solo Aging led the pack based on registered attendees and we have an April discussion scheduled to follow up on one of the threads we discussed "Building Your Personal "Village" For Your Solo Aging Plan

Our discussion on understanding the Understanding the Costs of Life Plan and Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) had so many questions and comments that is wins the award of the longest discussion we have hosted!  We have scheduled a follow up discussion on this topic for June, so stay tuned!

Our other discussions topics in March had very similar turnout and wonderful community engagement.  

The good news is you can catch the on-demand recordings of each of them, contact information and a transcript of the chat discussions at the links below!

Take a peek at what we have planned for March! We have discussions on many of our most popular topics of 2022 including, solo aging, ageism, caregiving, money matters, and much more!

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