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Posted by Positive Aging SourceBook on 05/15/2021

A Clinically Proven Brain Fitness Program

Dakim founder and CEO Dan Michel, shares Dakim's unique, patented brain training program which is based on a proprietary and innovative brain training protocol developed with guidance from its team of world-renowned scientific advisors, led by Gary Small, M.D., Director of the UCLA Longevity Center.

Chat Transcript

12:05:02     From  Robyn Lighthammer : TGIF!  Robyn Lighthammer with Just Like A Daughter- Activities, Companion Care, Organizing Decluttering and more!  Robyn@JustLikeADaughter.com 703-992-5432

12:05:20     From  Jim Bland : Hi Everyone...Jim Bland with www.seniorshomeservices.com We are a full service Aging in Place company and are currently adding people to our professional network that serve seniors. Please give me a call at 410-610-6937 if you would be interested in receiving our referrals.

12:05:41     From  Cheryl Calvert : Cheryl from Chesapeake Aquatics and Physical Therapy...5 locations in Maryland.  the pools are open...therapy covered by Medicare and insurance.   wwwcbayaquapt.com

12:06:03     From  Anna (Bonnie) Barrella : Hi everyone,  we are totally open at Premier Residences of Chevy Chase...This is Bonnie Barrella and we have IL and AL availability...(301) 915-9220

12:07:37     From  Pamela Mills : Increase your skills and build your resume!

Become credentialed as a Certified Dementia Practitioner!

Learn the best practices in dementia care!

Next class available in person and through Zoom!

June 24th and 25th 10am – 5pm

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/154435644169

12:07:45     From  Karen Irwin : Hello All.  Karen Irwin with the Greystone Residential Program in Philadelphia for adults and  older adults with a primary mental health diagnosis (not related to dementia).  karen.irwin@uhsinc.com, 215-384-8215.

12:08:28     From  Joan Green : Greetings! I’m an online tech coach and SLP. I’ve been singing the praises of Dakim for years! I’m happy to help seniors and colleagues leverage the benefits of tech. Www.innovative speech.com.

12:08:28     From  Pamela Mills : Pamela Mills

Solutions-oriented Dementia Specialist / Care Management / Educator

The Option Group




12:09:09     From  Janet Gritz : Janet Gritz here - Speech-Language Pathologist. Please encourage any stroke survivors and family caregivers that you work with to join my free twice monthly Zoom Stroke Chats.  They occur on 2nd and 4th Fridays, 2-4 PM (ET) -- including today. For details, email me at janetgslp@comcast.net.  I'm also here to publicize Montgomery County Stroke Association (www.mcstsroke.org) - which is offering a free zoom program by Spirit Club on Thursday, May 20, 7-8 PM.  For details, email mcstroke@comcast.net.

12:10:11     From  Joan Green : Joan Green. Innovativespeech.com. I offer free 15 min phone consults.

12:10:35     From  Jessica Fredericksen : Jessica Fredericksen, Brain Health Program Coordinator at Goodwin House Incorporated. For more info on our Brain Health programs or our StrongerMemory program, you can email me at jfredericksen@goodwinhouse.org

12:11:22     From  Andrew Riley   to   All panelists : HI Everyone!  Andy Riley

12:11:48     From  Andrew Riley   to   All panelists : Tribute at One Loudoun.  Andrew.riley@tributeatoneloudoun.com

12:13:54     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : From Andrew Riley to All Panelists:  12:11 PM

HI Everyone!  Andy Riley

Tribute at One Loudoun.  Andrew.riley@tributeatoneloudoun.com

12:15:40     From  phyllis Meyerson   to   All panelists : Cannot hear Mr Michel.

12:17:46     From  Amy Geist   to   All panelists : Sound is bad

12:18:48     From  Karen Lekashman   to   All panelists : I can hear him loud and clear

12:21:19     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : Dan Michel

Founder & Executive in Charge

Dakim, Inc.


12:23:11     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook   to   Cheryl Calvert and all panelists : Cheryl - I would love to feature your aquatics program on one of our discussions!  email me at steve@proaging.com and we can make it happen!

12:30:57     From  Cheryl Calvert : sounds good.  thanks

12:32:29     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : Dan Michel

Founder & Executive in Charge

Dakim, Inc.



12:36:19     From  Ellen Baren : Ellen Baren, Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES), Real Estate Home and Investment Sales, Founding Member @properties Chicago, referrals appreciated! Contact me to find out how I work with Seniors (and others). 312-804-1049 EllenBaren@atproperties.com 

12:43:05     From  Gulshan Ara : Superb

12:43:48     From  Gulshan Ara : Can you please share slides?

12:44:01     From  doria musaga   to   All panelists : Doria Musaga RN, former senior care provider. Currently learning and educating others about healthy aging on the internet and at networking events. doriamusaga@gmail.com. 667-786-1032. Glad to be here and learning about this resource.

12:44:13     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : From doria musaga to All Panelists:  12:44 PM

Doria Musaga RN, former senior care provider. Currently learning and educating others about healthy aging on the internet and at networking events. doriamusaga@gmail.com. 667-786-1032. Glad to be here and learning about this resource.

12:44:57     From  Gulshan Ara : Thanks

12:47:37     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : Try it for free at https://www.dakim.com/

12:48:23     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : Dan Michel

Founder & Executive in Charge

Dakim, Inc.



12:49:11     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : 20% discount

12:51:57     From  Susan Wranik : Susan I Wranik, speech-language pathologist. Memory, speech, swallowing, and will to live. Staff training and family consultation. LSVT Certified for Parkinson’s Disease. SpeakSkill LLC www.speakskill.com; susan@speakskill.com  301 520 2332 SOS:  Here to Help™

12:53:30     From  Ellen Pincus : Ellen Pincus Cavalier Home Health 5 Star skilled agency in VA 703-477-6252 epincus@cavalierhomehealth.com

12:54:41     From  Heidi Garvis : Great presentation!  Happy Friday Everyone!  Heidi L. Garvis Co-Owner/Aging Life Care Manager in NoVA  Caring Considerations 571-437-9396  heidi@caringconsiderations.com

12:55:18     From  Bess Witcosky   to   All panelists : Thanks! That makes sense.

12:55:34     From  Janet Gritz : When you say "Alzheimers", are you referring specifically to that disease or to dementia in general?

12:57:23     From  Joan Green : Greetings again. This is Joan Green, an assistive tech specialist, speech pathologist and online tech coach.I find Dakim to be a wonderful supplement to speech therapy intervention- definitely not a replacement. Again, if anyone would like to chat on the phone about the many ways to leverage the benefits of tech to support communication, cognition, literacy and productivity- feel free to set up a time to chat using this link- http://bit.ly/PickADayAndTime.  www.innovativespeech.com

12:58:10     From  Gulshan Ara : Hi Steve & Dan can you please share resource lins, email addresses & content slides also

12:59:02     From  Gulshan Ara : links

13:00:55     From  Karen Ricks-Gangwer : At what "stage" of dementia/Alzheimer's disease would a person still be able to participate?

13:01:49     From  Joan Green : I see benefits to Lumosity also. It’s a very different set of cognitive exercises but also has value, in my opinion. Many find it very satisfying and helps them think more clearly, others find Lumosity too frustrating. I try to find the best fit for each person and to change it up over time to challenge the brain in different ways.

13:03:12     From  Susan Wranik : Thanks Joan - which speaks to my initial thoughts on the benefits - not dismissal - of a clinical professional.

13:03:16     From  Janet Gritz : For seniors who don't have an ipad or other tablet  but do have a  desktop or laptop computer, can they access the program through the website?

13:05:13     From  Susan Wranik : Looking forward to trialing your program as a supplement to my clinical work.

13:05:51     From  Joan Green : Janet, Unfortunately, I don’t think the slower paced senior program can be accessed from a laptop or computer.

13:06:02     From  Gulshan Ara : No doubt it works fantastically

13:06:59     From  Ellen Pincus : Thank u

13:07:15     From  Susan Wranik : Important to underline that Alz is not the only dementia out there and that this program is recommended as a supplement to - not clinical substitution to therapy.

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