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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 07/26/2020

A Digital Family Centric Approach to Keeping Seniors, Families, and Providers Connected with ICmed

A thought-provoking discussion on using technology to better connect seniors, families and providers. Our panel members include the leadership team and users of the ICmed platform an innovative solution and application that can provide a family centric approach to keeping Our seniors, families, and providers connected. 

Chat Transcript

12:10:03     From  cordell martin : Cordell Martin Tribute at Melford Assisted Living/Memory Care Bowie MD cordell.martin@tributeatmelford.com 301329556 Sales/Marketing

12:10:15     From  John Butterfield   to   All panelists : Please post the chat after the webinar in HTML format (easy to click / search) and not PDF format (separate program / troublesome / user unfriendly).

12:11:23     From  Sharon Dujon : Happy Friday everyone, and many kudos Steve for the very relevant programing you bring to the ALF space.  Sharon Dujon from SunnySide and Layhill Manors info@sunnysidemanorassistedliving.com  301-404-3306.   Have a great weekend all.

12:12:54     From  Dana Bradley : Interested in recommendations/questions as we dialog. The Erickson School of Aging Studies is revisiting its technology and e-ship offerings including support for NIA/SBIR funding and look to all of you for insights.  In gratitude,  Dana Bradley, Dean, Erickson School of Aging Studies.

12:13:29     From  Ravi Bala : Ravi Bala, from Philadelphia. AgeTech Evangelist, have provided technology infrastructure for Senior Living for a decade. Now focused on Aging in Place.  Balar@rbala.info

12:16:04     From  John Butterfield : Please address what if any Medicare + Medicaid reimbursements are now available for your technology… and is this federal reimbursement new pursuant to covid? How has this changed your “market” or “audience” … and how much more are “remote family members” important … considering elderly people living (a) alone and semi-self-sufficient, (b) in retirement homes and (c) dementia facilities.

12:23:03     From  Memella Drake   to   All panelists : After the presentation can we get the power point? I would like to share it with my team

12:23:41     From  Tejash Natali  : Yes we will send you the PPT, please do share your email ids.

12:24:07     From  Tejash Natali    to   Memella Drake and all panelists : Please do share your email id and we will send you the presentations.

12:24:08     From  steve gurney   to   John Butterfield and all panelists : thanks john! good idea - will do!

12:25:13     From  Jennifer Brown : Hello all!   Jennifer Brown - Community Relations Management - Seabury Resources for Aging - jmbrown@seaburyresources.org  -  

12:26:51     From  Barbara Sullivan : Barbara Sullivan 

12:27:00     From  Barbara Sullivan : Barbara.sullivan@vtvnetwork.org

12:27:01     From  Patrick O'Shea : Especially to Dana Bradley @ UMBC Erickson School: we would love to follow up and are excited to collaborate with entities like the Erickson School.  We are currently undertaking evidence-based research at UM School of Medicine, working with J&J on solving patient engagement modalities, and structuring relationships with ALL care teams serving older adults: retirement communities, home care and visiting nurse organizations, physician practices and health systems concerned with sustaining care transitions back to the home.

12:28:06     From  Vilma Khmaladze   to   All panelists : Tejash: please share your PPT to vilma@openixsolutions.com Thanks!

12:28:36     From  Tejash Natali  : @vilma sure will share

12:29:15     From  steve gurney   to   Myles Nienstadt and all panelists : got it

12:29:59     From  John Butterfield : Question for ICmed: I googled your app, which operates on android and iPhone platforms… but how / does it work with family members who are using MacBooks or personal computers (Windows operating system)?

12:30:18     From  steve gurney   to   Keisha Toussaint Mc Mayo and all panelists : Keisha - Make sure you select the drop down menu ALL PANELISTS AND ATTENDEES so everyone can see your message!

12:30:31     From  Keisha Toussaint Mc Mayo   to   All panelists : ok thanks

12:30:46     From  steve gurney   to   Alice Whitfield and all panelists : alice - Make sure you select the drop down menu ALL PANELISTS AND ATTENDEES so everyone can see your message!

12:32:14     From  Catherine McCallum : Impressive.

12:33:25     From  Sarah : How many apps does ICmed has and is there a specific app for home Healthcare?

12:33:47     From  steve gurney   to   Stefani Hartsfield and all panelists : Stefani - - Make sure you select the drop down menu ALL PANELISTS AND ATTENDEES so everyone can see your message! also I am not familiar with National Well Home Network, looks like a great initiative. Please email me at steve@proaging.com this might be a great topic  for us to feature on a discussion!

12:35:34     From  Stefani Hartsfield   to   All panelists : Thanks Steve. I wasn't paying close enough attention .Will do after the video. Don't want to interrupt Anil :) Great questions. Anil knows I love this software!

12:50:17     From  Stefani Hartsfield : Great presentation. I put my name in the wrong chat panel before. Stefani Hartsfield, National Well Home Network. stefani@hartsfieldhealth.com

12:58:09     From  Keisha Toussaint Mc Mayo : Keisha Toussaint Mc Mayo Keisha toussaint@maryland.gov Family Support worker II

13:02:56     From   Michael Allison, MD   to   All panelists : I have to leave shortly. Steve - if you think there is a question for me can you tee it up next?

13:04:53     From  Patricia Dubroof : Thank you for another great program Steve! Have a great weekend to all!!

13:05:21     From  meknecht : Great resource for moving forward into tele-medicine. Thank you.

13:05:34     From  Catherine McCallum : Great presentation. Catherine@corallifestrategies.com

13:05:38     From  Joan Green : Thank you!!

13:05:48     From  Gwendolyn Lloyd : Thank you All for this most informative information. Thanks again Steve.

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