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Posted by Positive Aging SourceBook on 09/22/2020

A View from the Frontlines - Hospice Physician Dr. Richmond

Dr. Sonja Richmond was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She attended the University of Virginia earning a Bachelor in Biology. She then went on to George Washington University medical school and residency for Internal Medicine. Dr. Richmond is currently the medical director of Hospice and Palliative medicine with VITAS Healthcare, and has her own private practice in the Washington, DC area. 

Chat Transcript

12:03:42     From  Meryl schaffer : Good morning everybody.  Meryl Schaffer.  TLC Daily Money Mentor, LLC   301-260-7428(Land line)  Meryl@TLCDailyMoneyMentor.com.  I bring peace & tranquility to those who have loved ones who are no longer able to take care  of their own daily finances.

12:04:14     From  Shaun Toomey : Hello everyone! Shaun Toomey, Capital City Nurses.

12:04:23     From  Bella Desai   to   All panelists : Good afternoon - Bella Desai, Owner of Senior Helpers (senior in-home companion and personal care). bdesai@seniorhelpers.com; 571-457-4894

12:04:25     From  Kate Daniels   to   All panelists : Hello All! Kate Daniels with Kindred Hospice in Charlottesville and Culpeper

12:04:49     From  Ken Silverstein : Great to see Christina

12:04:54     From  Meryl schaffer : HI Christina, GREAT to see you again.  It has been SSSOOO long.

12:04:59     From  Julie Bottroff : Good Morning, This is Julie from the St. Jude's Project at Catholic Charities.

12:05:12     From  Shaun Toomey : Hi Christina! 

12:05:28     From  Irene Jackson-Brown   to   All panelists : Hi everyone, Irene Jackson-Brown

12:05:42     From  Patricia Dubroof : Wow, great to see the farm!

12:06:34     From  Irene Jackson-Brown : Oops, hello all, glad to be able to participate -- Irene Jackson-Brown, Art of Eldercare, applied gerontology practice 

12:06:56     From  Meryl schaffer : What a delightful surprise to see Christina.

12:08:14     From  Mark Asch : Hello All.. I hope everyone is continuing to thrive. I am Mark Asch with Right At Home, a licensed home care agency, providing caregivers to help clients with non-medical homecare in Montgomery County, Prince George's County and parts of Baltimore City and County 410-292-2405 Direct  mark@rightathomemd.net

12:08:57     From  Esther Arrey   to   All panelists : Hello everyone, this Esther from Manassas, Virginia

12:09:31     From  Camille Adams : Hello this is Camille Adams from the Department of Social Services, I am join in this training, thanks for having me

12:09:58     From  Susan Wranik : Hello Everyone! Thank you, Steve, for yet another great program! Love those goats! Hi Christina!!

Susan I Wranik, speech-language pathologist providing in-home care (now online). Treating Parkinson’s, ALS, speech, swallowing, memory (the dementias), and will-to-live; educational programs, staff training, family consultation.  SpeakSkill LLC www.speakskill.com; susan@speakskill.com  301 520 2332

12:10:23     From  Esther Arrey : mm

12:11:15     From  Susan Infeld : Happy first day of autumn!  Greetings to all from Susan Infeld RN BSN FCN, Parish Nurse, St. John Neumann Church, Reston, VA sinfeld@saintjn.org. Grateful for Vitas services to many of our parishioners!

12:11:21     From  Mary Ann Brechbill : Mary Ann Brechbill. VITAS Representative; Maryann.brechbill@vitas.com

12:13:56     From  steve gurney   to   Bella Desai and all panelists : Bella repost and make sure you select ALL PANELISTS AND ATTENDEES in the drop down menu!

12:14:49     From  Bella Desai : Thank you! Good afternoon - Bella Desai, Owner of Senior Helpers (senior in-home companion and personal care). bdesai@seniorhelpers.com; 571-457-4894 (serving Arlington and Alexandria, VA)

12:14:51     From  Meryl schaffer : The video was clear, as well as very good.

12:16:03     From  Melissa Wertz : Thank you! Happy to hear that. Also my contact info is: Melissa.Wertz@vitas.com 

12:16:08     From  leonidas anez : Leo Anez, VITAS Rep, Washington DC.  leonidas.anez@vitas.com. happy to help

12:16:41     From  Rusty Burke   to   All panelists : Rusty Burke

12:17:18     From  Rosa concepcion   to   All panelists : Rosa Concepcion, VITAS Rep; rosa.concepcion@vitas.com 

12:18:14     From  Rusty Burke   to   All panelists : Rusty Burke ALF/LTC Representative Fairfax/Reston/Sterling areas jerome.burke@vitas.com

12:19:37     From  Keisha Toussaint Mc Mayo : Keisha Toussaint Mc Mayo  Family Support Worker II PGDSS keisha.toussaint@maryland.gov

12:20:09     From  Rochelle Hamilton : Good afternoon all, I pray everyone is well.  I am Rochelle Hamilton, Clinical Liaison for PsychoGeriatric Services and can be reached at 301-922-5769 or email address: pgsliaison@pgs-nhcare.com-we provided emotional support for those in need.

12:20:29     From  Jennifer Brown : Hi everyone!  What a beautiful day!   Jennifer Brown - Community Relations Manager - Seabury Resources for Aging - jmbrown@seaburyresources.org - We provide Care Management and client Life Enrichment services through out the DMV.

12:21:06     From  Makia   to   All panelists : Makia Burgess, VITAS Rep Washington DC; makia.burgess@vitas.com

12:22:20     From  Makia : Makia Burgess, VITAS Rep Washington DC; makia.burgess@vitas.com

12:24:52     From  Dana Hutson : Good afternoon,  Dana Hutson, Founder Cancer Champions, LLC ; independent health advisor /advocate helping people find clarity in the confusion of a cancer diagnosis.  www.cancer-champions.com  703-403-760

12:28:39     From  bradley whitacre : Brad Whitacre  Hospital/Physician Office Representative  Fairfax/Fauquier/Loudoun/Prince William bradley.whitacre@vitas.com

12:29:03     From  michelle gaynor   to   steve gurney(Privately) : Michelle Gaynor

12:29:04     From  Patricia Dubroof : Please let me know if you’d like to join me at Death Cafe. It’s a monthly facilitated discussion about death and dying. We. Oct. 7 at 7pm on zoom. RSVP pdubroof@assistinghands.com All are welcome!

12:29:05     From  Joseph Amer : Good afternoon my name is Joseph Amer I glad to be here I have a state computer with no cameral Family Support II PGDSS

12:31:40     From  michelle gaynor   to   steve gurney(Privately) : Michelle Gaynor, Hospital and Physician Representative, 571-758-7600, I cover 95 from Fairfax to Woodbridge

12:32:01     From  Kate Daniels   to   All panelists : Dr Richmond,  I have been explaining hospice to providers and caregivers for 11 yeara and have never heard it explained so succintly. thank you!

12:34:54     From  sara gentry : Good afternoon everyone. Sara Gentry, VITAS Assisted Living/ Skilled Nursing Facility Representative, PWC/ Fauquier Co., Sara.Gentry@vitas.com

12:35:38     From  Meryl schaffer : What an educational experience

12:37:47     From  Patricia Dubroof : We offer Yoga for our families and colleagues. FREE next session Monday Oct 12 at 3pm. RSVP pdubroof@assistinghands.com. Take the moment to rest and restore with our wonderful yoga teacher.

12:39:39     From  Brad Clearfield   to   All panelists : Good afternoon everyone!  Delores Athey, Regional Sales Manager with Care Advantage, Ready Hands and Allegiance Home Care 703-407-0082 cell dathey@careadvantageinc.com

12:40:12     From  Brad Clearfield : Good afternoon everyone!  Delores Athey, Regional Sales Manager with Care Advantage, Ready Hands and Allegiance Home Care 703-407-0082 cell dathey@careadvantageinc.com

12:44:46     From  Tarik Marshall : Good afternoon all!  Tarik Marshall, Senior Living Advisor with Oasis Senior Advisors.  We work with families to identify the best options for assisted living and memory care communities large and small.  TMarshall@YourOasisAdvisor.com / 301.678.8900

12:45:47     From  Heidi Garvis   to   All panelists : Greetings on this Beautiful Day!!  Caring Considerations Aging Life Care Managers in NoVA. heidi@caringconsiderations.com 571-437-9396

12:50:11     From  Bettie Samuel   to   All panelists : Bettie Samuel - ,Patient Advocate Capital Caring Health- www.capitalcaring.org Thank-you for this presentation

12:50:13     From  Patricia Dubroof : SO many families are afraid of Hospice because they don’t realize how supportive hospice can be for the entire family. Better to be part of hospice sooner than later!

12:51:17     From  Mike Pearlman   to   All panelists : D.C. has legalized medical aid in dying - does Vitas get involved with this aspect?

12:56:18     From  Patricia Dubroof   to   All panelists : So sorry I have to leave. I’m running an event at 1pm Great program. Talk Friday. Patricia

12:56:20     From  Esther Arrey : Good afternoon again, this is Esther with AGABB home healthcare services in Virginia, 571-621-9496, the information provided is very educative.

12:56:36     From  Patricia Dubroof : Great program. thanks again Steve.

12:57:04     From  Shaun Toomey : Hi Delores! 

12:57:21     From  Brad Clearfield : Hi Shaun:)

12:57:26     From  Rochelle Hamilton : Dr. Richmond is a well spoken 

12:58:02     From  Meryl schaffer : Rochelle, you took the words out of my mouth:):):)

12:58:57     From  Rochelle Hamilton : person.  Pressed enter too soon.

13:01:35     From  Brad Clearfield : Dr. Richmond is the BOMB! Thanks for a great presentation.

13:02:59     From  Deb Merriner : Thanks Steve and Vitas for a great presentation.  Deb Merriner, Buckley’s for Seniors, Premium Concierge and Transportation, 703-390-0535

13:03:05     From  Mike Pearlman   to   All panelists : Very informative presentation. Thank you very much!

13:03:15     From  Ken Silverstein : Great presentation, thank you.

13:03:18     From  Susan Wranik : That's a beautiful quote: " END OF LIFE CARE IS PART OF WELLNESS" Dr. Sonja Richmond

13:03:34     From  Esther Arrey : Thank you Steve and thank you Dr. Sonja

13:03:42     From  Shaun Toomey : Excellent presentation! Thank you Dr. Richmond and Steve!

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