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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 11/19/2020

Ageism Discussion with Old School - Anti-Ageism Clearinghouse

Join us for an interactive and thought provoking discussion on ageism with Ryan Backer and Kyrié Carpenter of https://oldschool.info/ Old School is a clearinghouse of free and carefully vetted resources to educate people about ageism and help dismantle it and is the brainchild of anti-ageism activist Ashton Applewhite of This Chair Rocks, who created it with Ryan and Kyrié

Chat Transcript. 

12:06:38     From  Coral Short   to   All panelists : Hello everyone! I’m Coral a somatics practioner and meditation teacher in training from Montréal/ Tiohtià:ke

12:06:50     From  Kyrié S. Carpenter : Hi Coral!!!

12:07:22     From  Mark Asch : Hello All...this is Mark Asch with Right At Home, a licensed homecare agency providing caregivers to assist clients with the non-medical home care at their level of need Prince George's County and parts of Baltimore...    mark@rightathomemd.net     -  410-292-2405 Direct

12:09:18     From  Mariann Aalda   to   All panelists : Hi, everyone I’m an AARP Age Disruptor

12:09:26     From  Kyrié S. Carpenter : www.oldschool.info

12:09:34     From  Victoria Hathaway   to   All panelists : Good Afternoon! Victoria Hathaway here, Director Seniors Real Estate Division, Bob Lucido Team KWIN. I work with our agents to provide navigation, support and resources through the downsize/home sale process. Victoria@BobLucidoTeam.com 410-979-4284

12:09:56     From  Mariann Aalda   to   All panelists : MariannAaldaAgeDisruptor.com

12:11:42     From  Mariann Aalda   to   All panelists : Here is my TEDX Talk on ageism; AgeismIsaBullyTEDx.com. It correlates ageism to racism and sexism.

12:11:45     From  Kyrié S. Carpenter : Mariann great to see you!

12:12:12     From  Donna Powell : Anyone on today's call from Connecticut?  Our nonprofit URCommunityCares.org is a secure digital platform that matches local volunteers with community members age 70+ and 18+ witih permanent or physical disabilities who need support with housework, yardwork, companionship incl. grocery delivery/errands, and transportation.  All at no charge, upon completion of background check. We are in 90+ towns and ready to scale regionally and nationally.  Would love to connect with you!  info@urcommunitycare.org, 860-430-4557

12:12:47     From  Mariann Aalda   to   All panelists : Shoutout to Kyrie & Ryan!  Ashton connects everyone!!!

12:13:11     From  Kyrié S. Carpenter : Indeed she is fantastic at that, so happy to have you here today!

12:13:45     From  Kyrié S. Carpenter : Mariann is one of our OldSchool ‘speakers’ https://oldschool.info/resource/mariann-aalda

12:14:03     From  Kyrié S. Carpenter : Any other of our OldSchool compatriots on the call today?

12:16:30     From  Caroline Wayner    to   All panelists : Maggie Kuhn -- one of the original age activists!

12:16:49     From  Mariann Aalda   to   All panelists : Great to see a younger generation interested in ageing.

12:17:21     From  Caroline Wayner    to   All panelists : Yes, Mariann!

12:18:58     From  Caroline Wayner    to   All panelists : Elderhood -- fantastic book!!!

12:19:42     From  steve gurney : https://oldschool.info/resource/elderhood-by-louise-aronson

12:20:52     From  Ronald Caplan : How come none of you guys (except Steve) have grey hair?

12:21:34     From  Caroline Wayner    to   All panelists : I may be one of the few people who is excited to be getting grey hair -- finally!!

12:21:38     From  Ronald Caplan : I am lucky to have hair at all, and it is all grey.

12:22:54     From  steve gurney : https://oldschool.info/resource/worth-quoting-maggie-kuhn-age-image-and-attitudes

12:23:49     From  Jennifer Brown : HI All!  Jennifer Brown - Community Relations Manager - Seabury Care Management - jmbrown@seaburyresources.org - 202-364-0020

12:26:20     From  Catherine Narro   to   All panelists : Thank you for spreading the good word Kyrie & Ryan! Catherine Narro - SenCura Homecare - Providing private duty caregivers all over Northern Virginia - Catherine@sencura.com 703.880.2547

12:27:16     From  Ronald Caplan : I started an academic publishing company at the age of eighty. I am a physician who does know more than a little bit about being old and professionally active ...and a little bit about Montreal...see www.careoftheolderperson.com  and www.rmcpublishingllc.com   a labor of love

12:28:11     From  Catherine Narro : So glad to be here:) Catherine Narro - SenCura Homecare - Providing private duty caregivers all over Northern Virginia - Catherine@sencura.com 703.880.2547

12:30:35     From  steve gurney : Here is the recording of our discussion with artist Lucy Rose Fischer - she is awesome! https://www.retirementlivingsourcebook.com/videos/conversation-with-lucy-rose-fischer-author-of-iE2��m-new-at-being-old-and-grow-old-with-me

12:31:28     From  Catherine Narro : Thank you Steve! Looking forward to that recording!

12:34:14     From  Ronald Caplan : Yes, Steve, you do have grey hair. Mine is now stark white and I am very proud of it. You are all doing great work.

12:35:08     From  Elva Roy : My comment was that you're going to have a program on Beauty/Ageism coming up soon.

12:36:07     From  Allyssan Kuhl   to   All panelists : so very true !

12:36:41     From  Kerry Byrne : Hear hear! I’m going to dye my hair as long as I want to - and I’m an anti-ageist advocate. My mother in law just dyed her hair bright pink. The grandchildren love it and so does she

12:38:20     From  Kyrié S. Carpenter : https://oldschool.info/resource/rising-tide-grey-tsunami-charting-the-history-of-a-dangerous-metaphor

12:38:31     From  Kyrié S. Carpenter : Age scholar Andrea Charise explains what makes this metaphor so ageist & and so powerful

12:38:49     From  Miki Goerdt   to   All panelists : I notice that anti-ageism is mainly led by White individuals. What are you thoughts on this, Kyrie and Ryan?

12:38:58     From  Donna Powell : Older adults can do internships at (infiltrate!) advertising agencies to increase the use of age-friendly images (beyond matching bathtubs). 

12:40:34     From  Kyrié S. Carpenter : Frameworks: https://oldschool.info/resource/gaining-momentum-communications-toolkit

12:42:07     From  Kyrié S. Carpenter : Great book about ageism in medicine: https://oldschool.info/resource/treat-me-not-my-age-a-doctors-guide-to-getting-the-best-care-as-you-or-a-loved-one-gets-older-by-mark-lachs/

12:44:17     From  Mariann Aalda   to   All panelists : Yes, there are very few women of color in the positive ageing conversation…I know, because I’m one of them.

12:46:38     From  Miki Goerdt   to   All panelists : I agree with you, Ryan. Thanks for spelling that out..

12:47:09     From  steve gurney : we have has a couple of good discussions on equity, diversity and inclusion in senior living https://www.retirementlivingsourcebook.com/videos?q=diversity 

12:47:16     From  Miki Goerdt   to   All panelists : This means, to be anti-ageist mean to be anti-racist.

12:48:29     From  Olive Freeman : From Olive Freeman, Right on point young man with an old soul....keep up the great activism. I tell the young folks dyeing their hair gray, when it's not actually gray that will grow uneasy when they do actually get gray. 

12:48:33     From  Ryan Backer  : Glad we are on the same page, Miki! Absolutely- anti-racism is vital to this work

12:51:17     From  Kyrié S. Carpenter : Mariann’s ted talk on OS: https://oldschool.info/resource/ageism-is-a-bullystand-up-to-it

12:53:09     From  Elva Roy : A demo would be fantastic.

12:54:34     From  Elva Roy : Why does the BBC do such a better job of casting older actors? Such good programs!

12:55:55     From  Kerry Byrne : I don’t think I emailed but will

12:57:12     From  Kyrié S. Carpenter   to   All panelists : If it was not you someone else has the same question :)

12:58:15     From  Elva Roy : I use the term "zeniors" instead of "seniors" to differential us from h.s. and college seniors. Zeniors remind me of the word "zenith" which is defined as someone at the top of their success and power.

12:58:46     From  Caroline Wayner    to   All panelists : I like zeniors!

12:58:47     From  Kyrié S. Carpenter   to   All panelists : At OldSchool we want to know what you think the movement to end ageism needs fill out this report card https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdaf5WIWM0Er5o55b2oxs-F_m6_CqhBAajWF5AbTU0cTtYB5A/viewform

12:59:04     From  Kyrié S. Carpenter   to   All panelists : (Thanks to Jody Day a lot of your community has already filled it out)

12:59:22     From  Elva Roy : Universal Design Principles is something I want our building codes to require...a no-step entrance, wide doorways/hallways, bathroom on main floor.

12:59:24     From  Kerry Byrne : must run but thanks so much for an excellent discussion!

12:59:56     From  mary busse   to   All panelists : if babyboomers are old, what are octogenarian?

13:01:24     From  Elva Roy : I think today to most people, "old" means someone 20 years older than you. I'm 75. So old is 95. LOL.

13:01:34     From  Miki Goerdt   to   All panelists : Excellent points, Kyrie, about the use of they as a checking in point as well as the use of curiosity as a tool. Thank you.

13:01:43     From  Kyrié S. Carpenter   to   All panelists : Yes Elva, research backs that up

13:03:10     From  Courtney Simon : Thanks so much for a lively and substantive hour!

13:03:34     From  Mariann Aalda   to   All panelists : Maryjane Fahey’s Glorious Broads today on Instagram at 6pm ET —  “Putting the BOLD in OLD

13:03:53     From  Elva Roy : Great discussion. Good job, Steve, as always.

13:04:02     From  Abiola Bajere : Thanks Steve and all the panelists.  Good topic.

13:04:20     From  steve gurney : https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_8FPTIsp6Sj6V0wiL6fKyhQ

13:04:25     From  Mark Asch : I am happy to be a part of that discussion Caroline ….mark@rightathomemd.net    Mark Asch  410-292-2405

13:04:26     From  Mariann Aalda   to   All panelists : Thx for bringing me into the conversation.   Great info!

13:04:37     From  Lyna Boushel : Thank you from Montreal. This was so interesting.  I’m involved with English-Speaking Seniors in Quebec.

13:04:38     From  Kyrié S. Carpenter : Thanks for being here Mariann!

13:04:47     From  Jeff Stone   to   All panelists : thankyou to all.

13:04:49     From  Mariann Aalda   to   All panelists : OLD SCHOOL ROCKS!

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