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Author of AGEISM UNMASKED - Live & interactive discussion

A live & interactive discussion with the author of AGEISM UNMASKED a bold account of the history and present-day realities of ageism. 

Dr. Tracey Gendron A nationally recognized gerontologist and speaker uncovers ageism’s roots, impact, and how each of us can create a new reality of elderhood”

Questions Asked

  • What do you think of the Progressive commercial that says something like don't become your parents....
  • How has Ageism contributed to the growth of the Long Term Care Industry, now $511B growing at 5% /year?
  • I think women experience "ageism" more frequently and earlier than men.
  • The latest long term care in Bethesda costs $11,000 a month for some care.  People are taking it JIC
  • Ageism is irrational. "It is the manifestation of our prejudice to our future selves." TG
  • What would you call it instead of “successful aging”
  • When I decided to leave my job after 33 years, I got loads of people asking me what I planned to do with my life.  My reply was "there's a whole world out there to experience and I couldn't wait!"  |Travel, theater, read and whatever else I want to do  ;))
  • Have you found, though, that as we age we ourselves contribute to these issues? Older people making jokes about age, abilities, labeling something as a “senior moment,” etc. When I ask the quetion, older people will typically say that they feel like they need to make light of it becuase aging feels heavy to them. I get that but seems dangerous. It also seems like ageism exists within us even as we become “older” persons.
  • If Ageism is so pervasive, so systemically entrenched, how are we to get out of this?
  • I think another chapter is needed. I think ageism is also tied up with our fear of death and refusal to talk openly about death and dying. Do you agree?
  • Pediatricians care for infants, children, adolescents & young adults from infancy to age 21 & care in life sometimes difficult to make transition to change from pediatrician to adult medical health care. When should one bring geriatrician into their health care team? When caring for my mother and father, we often found changing to newly trained younger primary care physicians our senior parents & family members did not receive sensitive care considerations when Older doctors retired/passed away.
  • How, if at all, does the medical profession fit into the concept of ageism?
  • Let's understand just one word, Intimacy. Intimacy is more than the conjugal sense of the term. It comes from evolution. It is a reflection of self-worth one experiences in another; sees in another's eyes, feels in another’s voice.
  • The elderly often viewed as People who are sick, frail, weak, powerless, and burdensome older adults seen as the people cared for by geriatricians. We need positive view of aging as a healthy normal part of life.

Chat Transcript 

12:09:46     From  Sherry Shultz : Excited to hear Tracey!  She is an amazing leader in this industry.   Sherry Shultz, DwellAssured

12:09:57     From  Sharon Parver   to   Hosts and panelists : Hi Steve and Tracey: So glad you are talking about ageism.

12:10:10     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : From Sharon Parver to All Panelists 12:09 PM

Hi Steve and Tracey: So glad you are talking about ageism.

12:10:20     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : From Audra Backaitis to All Panelists 12:07 PM

So glad to see VCU represented here.

12:11:10     From  Ann Heizer   to   Hosts and panelists : Changing the Paradigm of Aging happens when one actually ages :)

12:12:14     From  Meg LaPorte : Agreed Steve! Ageism is something that we all have the potential to experience.

12:12:25     From  Mariann Aalda   to   Hosts and panelists : Ordered the book on Amazon. It came yesterday and I can’t put it down!!!

12:13:07     From  mary busse : If we are lucky, we get old?!?

12:13:28     From  Sharon Parver : Please to share resources from LeadingAge, where Tracey has worked as a partner on ageism education.

12:13:34     From  Sharon Parver : https://leadingage.org/knowledge-center/ageism

12:16:09     From  Edwin Smith : One of my favorite comments to make when the topic of ageism comes up is to remind others that ageism is discrimination against our future self

12:16:11     From  Ann Heizer : We CAN Change The Way We Age! At any age

12:16:29     From  Arlene Polangin : I think women experience "ageism" more and earlier than men !

12:17:29     From  Adriane Berg : Ageism causes constant negative thinking around ageing and fear of aging that can be changed with replacing those thoughts with an awareness of the joy of aging

12:17:36     From  Jose Ramos : Ageism is irrational. "It is the manifestation of our prejudice to our futre selves." TG

12:17:42     From  Mariann Aalda   to   Hosts and panelists : Hate the term “ageless.” I am ageFULL. I want credit for all my years.

12:17:43     From  Rick Banas : Given that our cultural is so focused on youth - "It's All about the Children" - do we need a Move Too Movement for older adults?

12:17:52     From  veda vazquez : i have been 33 for at least 7 years

12:18:15     From  Howard Marks : Ageism is a serious problem faced in the hiring process. Regardless of how well-qualified they are, seniors are discriminated against by human resources departments and hiring authorities.  This is not tolerated for other protected classes--why aren't the organizations who claim to protect seniors won't speak out on their behalf? What needs to be done?

12:18:36     From  ellen Sirkis   to   Hosts and panelists : Please let Dr. Gendron speak and share her knowledge with us.

12:19:09     From  Adriane Berg : How do you see the cosmetics industry etc that is now trying to see elders are beautiful...do you think it will work as well as Black is Beautiful..Can ads change our thinking about ageing

12:19:38     From  Matt Thornhill : Perhaps another question to pose to audiences is “who here wants to live a long life? Everyone who raises their hand therefore needs to become a champion for growing older.

12:19:49     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook   to   ellen Sirkis and all panelists : got it

12:19:57     From  Ann Heizer : “Forked us” that’s for sure!

12:20:31     From  Ann Heizer : Living long and living a QUALITY of life are very different

12:21:19     From  Adriane Berg : The new TAME trial is seeking how Metformin might add healthy years to all our lives...but the FDA may require ageing to be categorized as a disease...how shall we balance better health with such labels?

12:21:29     From  Ann Heizer : Elder care is very cultural though ~ in Africa, the elderly are treated very differently

12:22:21     From  Adriane Berg : Yes Ann..I am on the UN NGO on Ageing Commiittee and ageism is very cultural

12:22:27     From  Meg LaPorte : Do you believe the industry should address and confront ageism in their work?

12:22:37     From  Adriane Berg : what do you think of the over 55 community?

12:23:01     From  Meg LaPorte : Segregating older people by age and ability is both ageism and ableism IMO.

12:23:29     From  Ann Heizer : I believe early education on PREVENTION (who knew?) can help the generation understand the impact on their choices from an early age

12:24:05     From  Edwin Smith : 55+ communities contribute to ageism

12:24:21     From  Jacke Schroeder : Good Afternoon.  Jacke Schroeder, Director of Elder Abuse Awareness at CHANA in Baltimore.  jschroeder@associated.org

12:24:32     From  Beverly Allen : Ageism occurs all the time in the work place -especially when applying for a position where a younger Recruiter is reviewing your resume

12:24:47     From  Howard Marks : If President Biden runs for reelection in 2026

12:25:47     From  Ann Heizer : Definitely!

12:26:23     From  Meg LaPorte : Yes! That’s so true, Tracy!

12:26:42     From  Beverly Allen : I agree also

12:29:10     From  Ann Heizer : THIS needs to be in the school curriculum

12:29:42     From  Howard Marks : If President Biden runs for reelection in 2024, he will be near 82 and serves a second term he would be 86. Is this a good thing or a bad thing for seniors as every time he mentally stumbles the know nothings will blame his forgetfulness on his age.

12:31:02     From  Adriane Berg : I do use successful aging and my talk helps people define success anew

12:31:11     From  Audra Backaitis   to   Hosts and panelists : There's ageism within these communities, too

12:31:26     From  Edwin Smith : Keep in mind, everyone, that ageism doesn't just apply to older adults. It is also ageism when we discriminate against young people though, admittedly, it doesn't occur as often or have the same impact

12:31:28     From  bob hoffman   to   Hosts and panelists : This is why AARP dropped the word RETIREMENT from theirr name - and now is just called AARP

12:32:45     From  Earnestine Thomas : What are your thoughts on Age Friendly communicates?

12:33:22     From  bob hoffman   to   Hosts and panelists : Do you think the Advocacy work of AARP in fighting for elder rights a form of ageism

12:33:51     From  Ann Heizer : YES!!!

12:34:48     From  Gail Crockett : One of the benefits of Covid has been I have a ton of friends who grew their hair and let the grey showed and have decided to live with it proudly.

12:36:53     From  Meg LaPorte : Wow! Hadn’t thought about how AI can get that way. That makes sense, sadly.

12:37:25     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : The era of blind faith in big data must end | Cathy O'Neil https://youtu.be/_2u_eHHzRto

12:37:36     From  Karen Lekashman   to   Hosts and panelists : Where is your book sold – I am only finding an audible version of Amazon.

12:37:57     From  Arlene Polangin : One of the reasons the tech industry wants to hire younger people is that they can pay them less.  My 40 years old son experienced this.  He won't accept $30,000 whereas a 22 year old might.

12:38:54     From  Beverly Allen : Hi Arlene, Great post.  I believe this occurs across all platforms.

12:39:17     From  mary busse : it would be interesting to know how many "old" people use Zoom.

12:40:28     From  Edwin Smith : Yep. I was let go because my company could hire 2 young project managers for what I was being paid after 20 years of annual raises

12:41:01     From  Audra Backaitis   to   Hosts and panelists : And those workers don't get paid anywhere near what docs do!

12:41:08     From  Beverly Allen : Hi Edwin. So sorry to hear this....but it happens and there is no recourse.

12:42:00     From  Arlene Polangin : Yes, it's so sad when it happens.  Hard for you and hard for me as parent … what do I say.  I listen and hope....

12:42:03     From  Ann Heizer : The Rest of our years can be the BEST of our years!

12:42:24     From  Jacke Schroeder : I think elderhood is THE Prime of Life!

12:42:35     From  N Lederman : Hello, remember when Texas Lt. Gov Dan Patrick asked older adults to let themselves die as opposed being treat for COVID to "save" younger people? And he is 71?

12:42:35     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook   to   Karen Lekashman and all panelists : https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/700435/ageism-unmasked-by-tracey-gendron/

12:42:55     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : Book from the publishers website https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/700435/ageism-unmasked-by-tracey-gendron/

12:43:25     From  Ann Heizer : YES ~ Age is not a choice, however WISOM is!!

12:43:48     From  Ann Heizer : When you stop PLAYING!! :)

12:44:08     From  Jacke Schroeder : Two great books:  Connie Zweig: The Inner Work of Age; Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, z"l: From Aging to Sage-ing

12:44:30     From  Arlene Polangin : Steve: read back from when I retired and was asked what I was going to do.  She might enjoy what I answered: there's a whole world out there to experience and I'm looking forward to do whatever I want/

12:44:43     From  Howard Marks : Seniors are being terrorized by e-scooters on America's sidewalks.  Many seniors have been injured with local units of governments unwilling to protect seniors. Why are seniors so devalued?

12:45:11     From  Matt Thornhill : We need to stop being ashamed of our age. Do you willing tell people how old you are? We did when we were younger, but at some point we’re embarrassed to admit our age.

12:45:14     From  Rick Banas : What do you think about AARP classifying older adults as individuals 50+?

12:45:42     From  Christy MacCormack : Thank you Tracey, I am going to order your book today. My 92 year old Father always tells people when we are out and about 65 years ago I was wearing a Chicago Bears uniform. Do I just smile at that or do you recommend saying you are just as wonderful and valuable today as you were 65 years ago?

12:46:11     From  Amber Sultane : I am there now! I so look forward to my elderhood and I am ready to give up the house and live in a lovely “retirement” community. I see no harm in going back to “college” living.

12:47:17     From  Ann Heizer : All you need to do is watch TV to see how socially conditioned we are...

12:47:36     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : Link to Becca Levy https://ysph.yale.edu/profile/becca_levy/

12:48:24     From  Matt Thornhill : We also need to eliminate the expression “…for her age” as a way we describe older adults.

12:49:08     From  Sharon Parver : How do we respond to outright ageism: dress up like a 100 year old in schools, ageist greeting cards, pharmacy anti-ageism and all of the daily insults that older adults are subjected to on a regular basis?

12:50:11     From  Ann Heizer : ????

12:50:22     From  bob hoffman   to   Hosts and panelists : Love the book - I worry that illness and body degradation are UNDERESTIMATED. When you do not feel well or very vulnerable due to “normal” aging. It is a great psychological hurdle that often prevents healthy elderhood.

12:50:40     From  Meg LaPorte : Hear hear!

12:50:55     From  Ann Heizer : Busting the Paradigms of Aging!!

12:51:14     From  Adriane Berg : how just I am 51...and leave it at that.

12:51:20     From  Arlene Polangin : I've never hidden the real age I am!!

12:51:21     From  Matt Thornhill : Check out https://openlygray.org for one organization focusing on the positive side of the equation.

12:51:40     From  Kathleen Winters   to   Hosts and panelists : The term “senior” is used to describe so many communities, centers, etc. and connotes for many a negative term.  Is there a more inclusive, positive term?

12:52:32     From  Adriane Berg : yes in my talks we cover terror management and move fear to joy...but with ageist messages bombarding us we have to be strong to be fearless

12:52:49     From  David Slupe : I've heard it said that old-age is like a foreign country, you do not know what it is like until you have visited it. Is it really that foreign to our society? Are there cultural differences between the generations?

12:54:59     From  Mariann Aalda   to   Hosts and panelists : Reclaiming OLD like the body positivity movement has claimed and reframed FAT.

12:56:00     From  Arlene Polangin : My PCP started with me 20 years ago.  I'm not her oldest patient.  She's great!

12:56:35     From  Amber Sultane   to   Hosts and panelists : Hi Steve! Excellent talk! Thank you so much for this program! I have to go to another mtg. Keep up the great work! I so appreciate all you do!

12:56:38     From  Christy MacCormack   to   Hosts and panelists : Thank you!!!

12:57:55     From  Ann Heizer : Yes @David! You only know when you get there :)

12:58:07     From  Elva Roy : I think over-diagnosis, over treatment, over medicalization, over prescribing is ageist.

12:58:15     From  Audra Backaitis   to   Hosts and panelists : We have to combat ageismiamong older people themselves

12:59:30     From  Beverly Allen : Hi Elva, some physicians may underdiagnose - that blame it on age and may feel certain types of support is not required - due to age.

13:00:41     From  Beverly Allen : Excellent discussion!

13:00:44     From  Jacke Schroeder : Thanks very much!  Excellent presentation!!

13:00:52     From  Audra Backaitis   to   Hosts and panelists : Thanks so much!

13:01:04     From  Gail Crockett : Thank You excellent discussion. Much appreciate.

13:01:07     From  David Slupe : Great topic, I will check out the book!

13:01:09     From  Elissa Clark : Thank you!

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