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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 10/07/2022


A live and interactive discussion with the author of One Block West of the White House, Duane Hills, for a historical glimpse behind the scenes at one of the Nation’s oldest and most storied funeral establishments. 

Duane Hills Author of One Block West of the White House 

President of Joseph Gawler’s Sons, LLC 

Duane Hills Duane.Hills@dignitymemorial.com


Chat Transcript

15:04:57     From  Patricia Dubroof : Great to see you three fav people on the same screen.

15:07:19     From  Patricia Dubroof : I was honored to host Duane on Assisting Hands, monthly Book Chat, while he was waiting for the book to finish printing. Can't wait to read it. Can you put the link in chat please??

15:07:48     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : Here is the link to get the book https://funeralhistorygroup.com/

15:14:16     From  Todd Gardner : That's great! It should always be personal.

15:17:22     From  Patricia Dubroof : I just ordered the book!! Maybe we can do a book signing event sometime.

15:17:25     From  Natalie Doyle   to   Hosts and panelists : In England the Duchess of Devonshire (one of the Mitford sisters of literary fame) was, I believe, buried in a wicker biodegradable casket. (You just mentioned her sister, Jessica!) The British ones I’ve seen are lovely, though I’d be in no hurry to need one. They must exist in the US?

15:24:19     From  Patricia Dubroof : I was impressed with the story Duane tells about how in these times of mass shootings the funeral homes around the country support each other. He is kindness x a million!

15:26:43     From  Todd Gardner : Wow, would love to see those

15:28:43     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : Duane Hills Duane.Hills@dignitymemorial.com

15:29:12     From  Lydia Oladapo : Yes, we were able to take a tour the last time!

15:29:25     From  elana polin   to   Hosts and panelists : Fascinating discussion and great interviewers.  Thank you for this presentation!

15:29:33     From  Todd Gardner : That’s wonderful that you do that

15:33:20     From  Lydia Oladapo : Yes, @ Todd; thanks! It was a great honor to be there

15:39:39     From  Dhamayanthy Pathmanathan : How many days can a body be kept without embalming it?

15:41:17     From  Todd Gardner : How special!

15:41:26     From  Natalie Doyle   to   Hosts and panelists : How thoughtful! And what a great idea…

15:42:17     From  Dhamayanthy Pathmanathan : That is so kind and thoughtful.

15:43:02     From  Patricia Dubroof : Nizetter Brenan is a local stone cutter that makes very interesting memorial stones.

15:43:07     From  Patricia Dubroof : Nizette

15:44:52     From  Dhamayanthy Pathmanathan : In Ghana, the people of the Ga tribe choose what vehicle they would like to be taken in, to their funeral.  So, years before they die, they get the vehicle made - cars, aeroplanes, whatever.

15:51:46     From  Patricia Dubroof : Thanks for this delightful session. See you next week!!

15:52:52     From  Dhamayanthy Pathmanathan : This is a fantastic session.  Thank you very much Duane, and thank you Steve and Susan for hosting it.

15:54:12     From  Veronica Kannan : I'm here!

15:57:42     From  Todd Gardner : Very nice collaboration!

15:57:46     From  Veronica Kannan : Round House Theatre - NINE NIGHT playing now through Sunday, October 9 https://www.roundhousetheatre.org/On-Stage/Explore/Nine-Night

15:57:53     From  Dhamayanthy Pathmanathan : Yes, you are. Thank you.

15:57:54     From  Natalie Doyle   to   Hosts and panelists : Thank you, Duane and all. It has been a very interesting time. Really enjoyed it.

15:57:54     From  Cai Wang : Yes lovely session

15:58:18     From  Todd Gardner : I have to get your book Duane!

15:58:25     From  Veronica Kannan : Use promo code VIP2023 for a discount on tickets. Duane will speak on Saturday, October 8 after the 2pm performance.

15:58:29     From  Natalie Doyle   to   Hosts and panelists : Great title.

15:58:37     From  Lydia Oladapo : Thank you!

15:58:38     From  Veronica Kannan : My contact info is vkannan@RoundHouseTheatre.org.

15:59:11     From  Veronica Kannan : thank you Susan, Duane, and Steve!

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