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Connecting to People Living with Cognitive Change - Best Practices

Live and interactive discussion covering communication challenges that is common among people living with dementia. Offers best practices for empathy, connection, communication approaches and listening techniques.

This event is produced in partnership with the Senior Services Alliance.

Featured speaker: Pamela Mills, MA, CTRS, CADDCT, Dementia Specialist, Educator, Care Manager  

Power Point: Communication Pro-Aging Presentation 2021.pdf

Chat Transcript

12:06:54     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : Here is our panelist contact info: Contact(s) Pamela Mills:


12:14:54     From  Meryl Schaffer   to   Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook(Direct Message) : Quite clear!!!

12:15:09     From  Jacqueline Cannady   to   Hosts and panelists : Frustrated, thought I was missing something.

12:16:19     From  Ellen Tillman : Go Pamela!  from Ellen Tillman, MBA, CLU, ChFC, Financial Advisor at Ellen Tillman & Company, a referral-based financial services practice. Working with women business owners and professionals in planning for Income, Insurance, Legacy, Retirement and Employee Benefits.  How can we help you today?  301 660 2468

12:16:36     From  Meryl Schaffer : Can be quite frustrating when one does not understand where the person is coming from.

12:18:49     From  Meryl Schaffer   to   Ellen Tillman and all panelists : Glad to see you are on this call.  Many thanks????

12:20:34     From  Noah Dubin   to   Hosts and panelists : Congrats on the skydive Pamela and thank you all for providing this education! 

Noah Dubin, CDP, CMDCP 

Director of Care Coordination 


301 767 5055

12:22:44     From  Ken Silverstein : Hi Everyone--Ken Silverstein, AlfredHouse Assisted Living/Memory Care.  Referrals greatly appreciated.  Contact me about our newly modernized AlfredHouse 4--Villa., 240-535-0597.  I have had the pleasure of meeting Pamela several times-  She is a great resource for all of us serving seniors.

12:23:16     From  Meryl Schaffer   to   Noah Dubin and all panelists : Glad to see you are on this call????

12:24:29     From  Meryl Schaffer   to   Rebekah Kleinman and all panelists : Glad to see you are on this call????

12:25:23     From  Meryl Schaffer   to   Lyn Langbein and all panelists : Glad to see you are on this call????

12:26:10     From  Meryl Schaffer   to   Vera Kurlantzick and all panelists : Glad to see you are on this call????

12:27:20     From  Meryl Schaffer   to   Ken Silverstein and all panelists : Glad to see you are on this call????

12:27:58     From  Theresa Campbell : Hello Everyone -- Theresa Campbell, Senior Move Project Manager with Abilities Network. We help seniors with EVERY aspect of downsizing and moving into retirement communities. You may reach me at or 443.761.0168

12:28:07     From  Ken Silverstein   to   Hosts and panelists : Likewise

12:29:05     From  Meryl Schaffer   to   Janet Carter and all panelists : Nice to see you on this call.  Hope you are doing well????

12:30:46     From  Meryl Schaffer   to   cathy harrison and all panelists : Hi Cathy, glad to see you are on this call.  Hope you are doing well????

12:32:00     From  Meryl Schaffer   to   Jim Bland and all panelists : Hi Jim.  Glad to see you are on this call.  Hope all is well????

12:34:47     From  Meryl Schaffer   to   Ellen Pincus and all panelists : Hi Ellen, glad to see you are on this call.  Hope all is well????

12:35:30     From  Ellen Pincus : Thanks Pam for this amazing presentation! Hello this is Ellen Pincus with Silverado Memory Care Assisted Living in Alexandria, VA 571-775-9408 cell and email

12:36:26     From  Jim Bland   to   Hosts and panelists : All good Meryl. Crazy schedule today and I'm going to need to jump off early.

12:36:52     From  Meryl Schaffer   to   Mary Ann Buckley and all panelists : Glad to see you are on this call.  I want to talk to Steve about you.  Would you be willing to give a talk on Loneliness, like you have done in the past?

12:38:01     From  Meryl Schaffer   to   Michael Soper - Victor Bravo and all panelists : Glad you made it.  I was trying to communicate with you & giving my own introduction at the same time.  How about doing a 1 2 1 sometime?

12:39:28     From  Meryl Schaffer   to   Victoria Hathaway and all panelists : Glad to see you are on this call.  I sent the recoding to Steve, so as to try to get you on his circuit.  He told me he did in fact know you????

12:39:40     From  Irene Hantman   to   Hosts and panelists : I’ve made the mistake of permitting my Parkinsonian husband’s aide to text often instead of focusing on him. I would appreciate suggestions on how to initiate the difficult conversation.

12:42:23     From  Michael Soper - Victor Bravo : Hello Everyone -- Michael Soper with Victor Bravo. We work with families to help them get 

the senior to the care they need with the 

least amount of stress to the senior or their 

adult children when try to downsize or sell a property. Looking to connect with all to better serve our senior community. (443)-839-9776

12:44:10     From  Meryl Schaffer : This is SSSOOO logical.  This is what we do when we are interacting with each other in business situations.

12:44:41     From  Michael Soper - Victor Bravo : Meryl, Sorry for my confusion thank you for helping me. Pamela is fantastic.

12:45:17     From  Meryl Schaffer : You are most welcome.  Glad to help.

12:45:43     From  Ellen Tillman   to   Hosts and panelists : Agree, Meryl.  Common courtesy goes a long way in many situations.

12:47:55     From  Ellen Pincus : Can we get a copy of the slides?

12:48:27     From  Meryl Schaffer : Slides will be sent later today by Steve.

12:48:42     From  Ellen Pincus : Thank you! Great info

12:49:22     From  Lyn Langbein   to   Hosts and panelists : Suggestions on how to respond to “when is my husband going to get here” when he is deceased

12:49:32     From  Meryl Schaffer : Patience is a virtue & we all must take this up another notch.

12:51:02     From  Meryl Schaffer   to   Hosts and panelists : Steve, Lyn Langbein has a ?

12:54:06     From  Meryl Schaffer : Please put your communication information in the chat.  Many thanks.

12:56:07     From  Irene Hantman   to   Hosts and panelists : Looking forward to receiving slides.

12:57:11     From  Pamela Mills : Contact(s) Pamela Mills:


12:57:34     From  Lyn Langbein   to   Hosts and panelists : Pam- excellent presentation! Thanks so much

12:57:36     From  cathy harrison   to   Hosts and panelists : Yes, hi all! This was a fantastic presentation. Thank you so much!

12:58:15     From  Ellen Pincus : Pam is the BEST!!!

12:58:31     From  Jennifer Brown : Jennifer Brown - Seabury Care Management - 202-364-0020 -

12:58:45     From  Lyn Langbein   to   Hosts and panelists : Lyn Langbein, Mindful Money Management, 301-775-1581, Fortunate to be working closely with Pam!

12:59:17     From  Rebekah Kleinman : Rebekah Kleinman, Seniors Real Estate Specialist. 240-994-2166. Seniors have unique needs and I highly respect those needs in every aspect of assisting them and their families with real estate transactions.

13:00:07     From  Rebekah Kleinman : I am not able to save the chat. The three dots are missing.

13:00:22     From  Rebekah Kleinman : Thanks

13:00:33     From  Michael Soper - Victor Bravo : Looking forward to connect with all. Pam, I will be reaching out about the training.

13:00:36     From  Jim Bland   to   Hosts and panelists : Check out our extremely affordable 24/7 remote homecare and in home fall prevention monitoring at

13:00:36     From  Rebekah Kleinman : Great meeting

13:00:44     From  Jacqueline Cannady : Thank you

13:00:55     From  Michael Soper - Victor Bravo : Thank you Steve and Meryl

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