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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 12/02/2021

Continuing Care at Home

A live and interactive panel discussion with leaders and providers on this innovative care model. 

  • Dee Pekruhn Director, Life Plan Communities Services and Policy LeadingAge 
  • Arnold Eppel Executive Director The Wesley Inc., A Proposed Continuing Care at Home Provider for Baltimore City and Baltimore County 
  • Lindsay Hutter, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Goodwin House Incorporated - Goodwin House at Home

Questions Answered on this discussion:

  • HHAs across the DMV and the country cannot staff the demand for in-home care.  How do the panelist invision filling the gap between the high demand for home based servcies and the lack of labor to provide these specialized services?    Jennifer B.   
  • Great question, Jennifer. Filling that gap - persistent and problematic for the whole continuum of aging services providers - will take a multi-pronged and systemic approach, nationwide. There are great resources from both the LeadingAge Center for Workforce Solutions and LTSS Center that begin to tackle those issues and suggest approaches. https://www.ltsscenter.org/workforce and https://leadingage.org/workforce
  • if someone already has a good long term care insurance policy are these programs still necesary    bob h. 
  • Hi Bob, I believe there are a few CC@H programs that work with individuals who already have LTC insurance; other CC@H programs are a membership-only model and do not have the ‘insurance’ component at all. What’s unique about this model is the self-driven services coordination and delivery aspect that people need as they age in the community. Think of it as a geriatric care manager program on a scalable and actuarially sustainable level.
  • If this is insurance, is it sold by insurance agents?    Anonymous Attendee        
  • No, the CC@H ‘insurance’ product (“membership”) is sold by the organization itself. However, insurance agents can and do sell generalized long term care insurance.
  • Are these programs available in California?  Sorry I had to tune in late.    Don J.       
  • Not at this point, Don. The closest are in Hawaii or Wisconsin.
  • In the DC/ Maryland area there is the Village movement.  Does this plan coordinate with thisvolunteer organization?
  • answered in the recording - Goodwin House at Home works closely with Villages.    

Chat Transcript

2:05:36     From  Dee Pekruhn : Hi everyone! Thanks for joining us today on this great topic! Dee Pekruhn - dpekruhn@leadingage.org

12:21:35     From  Theodora Peters   to   Hosts and panelists : Hello Everyone, Theodora Peters, Hopkins ElderPlus (PACE) Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly

12:22:18     From  Carla Bentley   to   Hosts and panelists : Agree with Steve, great overview. I had no idea how these work or where..

12:25:02     From  Dee Pekruhn : LeadingAge Quick Cast on the Essentials of Continuing Care at Home: https://learninghub.leadingage.org/learn/video/the-essentials-of-continuing-care-home

12:26:41     From  Roderick Mullett   to   Hosts and panelists : Is there a link to the recording of this session?

12:27:37     From  Ben Hoffman : One of the biggest challenges I am seeing in my role as a support planner is the lack of available staffing while coordinating with agencies to provide personal assistance in the client’s home, through the Medicaid Waiver program (CFC, CO and CPAS waivers). It seems that in the current employment market the recruiting pool is being decimated by other employment opportunities that pay more with better benefits.  I serve Harford and Cecil County, most of which is very rural and the travel distances with the cost of gas makes it even harder to find staffing since they do not get paid for the travel time or gas reimbursement. With Covid this has gotten even worse. The clients want to stay in their home and remain as independent as possible, but without staffing this has become an issue.  As the aging population continues to bloom this issue is going to get worse, in my opinion. Any ideas on how to address this or what is being done?

12:28:46     From  Jessica Anne Novello : Technology can be used as an extender, but is not a panacea to the current staffing crisis.

12:34:09     From  Dee Pekruhn : Hi Ben, one compilation of resources that LeadingAge can offer you is the Center for Workforce Solutions: https://leadingage.org/workforce

12:34:29     From  Ben Hoffman : Thanks Ms Pekruhn

12:34:53     From  Dee Pekruhn : Also - the LeadingAge LTSS Center at UMass Boston has done great work and research on the workforce issue: https://www.ltsscenter.org/workforce/

12:35:15     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : This is being recorded and will be posted later today at https://www.retirementlivingsourcebook.com/digital-discussions

12:35:21     From  Dee Pekruhn : My pleasure - happy to talk further or connect you with colleagues of mine who can expound on these.

12:42:04     From  Ken Silverstein : Hi Everyone--Ken Silverstein, AlfredHouse Assisted Living--tomorrow is my last day with AlfredHouse but I shall remain connected in my new position--Executive Director, the Friends Club.  AlfredHouse is accepting new residents, email Dr. Alfred at info@alfredhouse.com or call 240-535-0597.  Referrals are greatly appreciated.

12:42:16     From  Morris Klein : What is the "buy in" fee and the monthly fee for Wesley?

12:43:03     From  Jessica Anne Novello : Entrance Fees start at $21,000

12:43:14     From  Carla Bentley   to   Hosts and panelists : Is there anything like this happening in Northern California? I’d like to know more and have only heard of the village model here.

12:43:52     From  Dee Pekruhn : Hi Carla,

12:44:02     From  Jessica Anne Novello : Monthly Fees range from $500 - $750.

12:44:10     From  Dee Pekruhn : The closest to you would be in Hawaii or Wisconsin, to my knowledge.

12:44:49     From  Ben Hoffman : Ben..not Bob

12:45:44     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : Panel member contacts

12:45:45     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : Import from CSV Edit

Arnold Eppel (arnoldeppel@gmail.com)

Dee Pekruhn (dpekruhn@leadingage.org)

Lindsay Hutter (lhutter@goodwinhouse.org)

12:46:18     From  Morris Klein : Is the entrance fee non-refundable?  What happens if you move outside of the provider's coverage area?

12:47:39     From  Lindsay Hutter : Goodwin House at Home has a one time membership fee that is based on the individual's age and the financial plan they select. There is also a monthly fee based on the plan selected. In addition, we have daily benefits and lifetime benefits associated with the financial plans. Visit goodwinhouse.org/age-in-place/ for more!

12:52:55     From  bob hoffman : Does Leading Age (or other agency) have an evaluation of local providers . Example - which are best in different categories?

12:55:02     From  Dee Pekruhn : LeadingAge, as a membership organization that promotes and advocates for the needs and interests of all aging services providers, does not engage in provider ‘ranking’ or evaluative measures. An affiliated organization, CARF, accredits those organizations who voluntarily wish to evaluate themselves against a standardized, rigorous set of best practices.

12:55:27     From  Dee Pekruhn : www.carf.org

12:56:07     From  Alexandra Johnson   to   Hosts and panelists : Thank you Lindsay and Dee for your excellent work in VA; proud to be be associated with you both! Glad to have learned about Wesley in MD. Steve, as always, many thanks to you for bringing together this group!

12:56:32     From  Lindsay Hutter   to   Alexandra Johnson and all panelists : Thank you, Alexandra - very kind of you!

12:58:16     From  Dee Pekruhn : Thank you Alexandra! It’s a true pleasure and hope to connect again soon on this topic.

12:58:21     From  Elizabeth Weglein   to   Hosts and panelists : Is Wesley At Home accepting applications?

12:58:49     From  Linda Stewart : This was very informative.  Than you.

12:59:24     From  Theodora Peters : thank you for delivering great information !

12:59:35     From  Cordell Martin   to   Hosts and panelists : Thank you very informative most informational hour of the day.

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