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Posted by Positive Aging SourceBook on 10/15/2020

Conversation with Lucy Rose Fischer: Author of "I’m New at Being Old" and "Grow Old With Me"

A conversation with Lucy Rose Fischer, author of "I’m New at Being Old", artist, and honoree by the Gerontological Society of America “outstanding achievement and exemplary contributions to the field of aging.” 

Chat Transcript

12:04:33     From  Bernie Cohen   to   All panelists : Bernie Cohen

12:04:39     From  Bernie Cohen   to   All panelists : Insurance Solutions

12:04:40     From  steve gurney : Meet the Women Leaders in Elder World at this link https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/cu/b7yHsnP/wlec

12:04:41     From  eileen wilkinson : I am an Eileen, Expressive Arts Facilitator WELLarts on Facebook  WellArtsinfo@gmail.com - playshops encourage others to connect with each other or themselves through mindful easy arts projects

12:04:52     From  steve gurney : Ellen D. Tillman, CLU®, ChFC®, MBA

Financial Advisor and CEO

Ellen Tillman & Company




12:05:00     From  SUSAN I WRANIK : Hello Everyone!

Thank you, Steve, for yet another great program! 

Susan I Wranik, speech-language pathologist providing in-home/online care. Treating Parkinson’s, ALS, speech, swallowing, memory (the dementias), and will-to-live; educational programs, staff training, family consultation.  SpeakSkill LLC www.speakskill.com; susan@speakskill.com  301 520 2332

SOS:  Here to Help™

12:05:20     From  Amber Sultane : Amber Nightingale Sultane

Associate State Director

Community Outreach 

AARP Virginia 

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12:06:56     From  Bernie Cohen   to   All panelists : "Insurance for Life's Planning"

12:07:02     From  Pamela Silberman-Mills : Thank you Steve for the opportunity!  

12:07:24     From  Adrienne Robinson : Good Morning All. Adrienne Robinson Calvert County Department of Social Services Adult Services Adrienne.robinson@maryland.gov

12:07:37     From  Jennifer Late : Jennifer Late

Digital Marketing Strategist



12:07:39     From  Catherine F : So excited to meet a fellow artist on this webinar today :)

12:07:46     From  Bryan Miller : Bryan Miller - Tech Forward Group, Rezicare Senior Living Communication www.Rezicare.com, bmiller@techfowardgroup.com

12:08:11     From  Ada Horsfall Lifematters   to   All panelists : Thank you Steve! This is great! 

12:08:14     From  Ellen Tillman : Ellen Tillman & Company, Planning for Income, Insurance, Legacy, Retirement and Employee Benefits.  How can we help you?  ellen@ellentillman.com, 301.660.2468.

12:08:49     From  Joan Green : Glad to be here! Looking forward to this presentation. I am Joan Green- your online tech coach! - If you need help figuring out how to help seniors with tech, I’m here for you:) www.innovativespeech.com. I offer free 15 minute phone consults as well as longer online sessions to help everyone leverage the benefits of tech! Happy to help you with Alexa enabled devices, Grandpad, iPads, accessibility features, interactive cognitively stimulating apps, video chat and much more…Joan@innovativespeech.com

12:09:00     From  Megeen White : Megeen White, Program Manager for Alzheimer's Association Greater Maryland Chapter mewhite@alz.org  -  https://alz.org/Maryland -- Free education, social engagement, support groups and more - all currently virtual.  

12:09:00     From  Sister Glenna Smith   to   All panelists : Hi from Sister Glenna - school psychologist and "older Person"

12:09:14     From  Pamela Silberman-Mills : Enriching Connections is your concierge style,  all-inclusive approach to care organization exclusively for people living with dementia.  Here to help you thrive,  your way! www.enrichingconnections.org.  443-616-7300  enrichingconnections1@gmail.com 

12:09:16     From  Meryl Schaffer   to   All panelists : Meryl Schaffer TLC Daily Money Mentor, LLC 301-260-7428 (Land line) Meryl@TLCDailyMoneyMentor.com  www.TLCDailyMoneyMentor.com  I am here to those who cannot/will not deal with their day to day financial affairs.  The ones who love me are the 50 to 60 year old children who have their own lives to lead.  Meryl will keep one out of peril & Schaffer will keep ones records safer. 

12:10:15     From  Ada Horsfall Lifematters   to   All panelists : Ada Horsfall from Lifematters...A private duty Homecare company providing homecare, skilled nursing, care management and friendly visitor services in MD, DC & VA, with a new office in Pennsylvania coming soon.

12:10:36     From  Ada Horsfall Lifematters   to   All panelists : ahorsfall@lifemattersusa.com 301-615-0616

12:11:14     From  steve gurney : https://www.ebay.com/i/373128132409?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=373128132409&targetid=935694488106&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9008156&poi=&campaignid=10456335973&mkgroupid=106723175507&rlsatarget=aud-622027676548:pla-935694488106&abcId=2146001&merchantid=107435593&gclid=CjwKCAjw5p_8BRBUEiwAPpJO6-1L2MBTJq3AWu9jWUXfk5NEHBuPIApG4MKffXO2r8QlaUexz18HzxoCOTsQAvD_BwE

12:12:28     From  DONNA GAYLES : Good Afternoon All! Donna Gayles here, Patient Advocate from Capital Caring Health Hospice & Palliative Care ( Happy National Case Management Week to all of the Case Management Professionals here) I serve DC, and can be reached 703.213.7964 dgayles@capitalcaring.org but Capital Caring Health serves D.C. Maryland and Virginia check out our website at www.capitalcaring.org We'd love to be of service to you and your clients if we can! 

12:13:33     From  Joan Green : Volunteers really enrich the lives of seniors- and now so many people are missing both volunteering and being helped by volunteers. This is such a difficult time with all the restrictions.

12:16:06     From  steve gurney : these photos really drive Lucy's point home https://digitalsynopsis.com/design/reflections-of-the-past-tom-hussey/

12:19:03     From  Olive Freeman : Hello everyone: From.                       Olive Freeman,Senior Care Management Advocate 

12:21:32     From  Pamela Silberman-Mills : and "Women Leaders of Elder World"  Join my next training to become CREDENTIALED as a CERTIFIED DEMENTIA PRACTITIONER.  Next class is November 7th and 8th. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/alzheimers-disease-and-dementia-care-training-tow-tickets-123724620671

12:22:39     From  Catherine F : Catherine Fetterman, artist and founder of Art Together here in Leesburg VA.    www.art-together.com  703-409-3724   Helping older adults and their caregivers experience connection and joy by participating in creative experiences.

12:23:58     From  Jennifer Brown : Hi  Jennifer Brown  -  Community Relations Manager - Seabury Resources for Aging - jmbrown@seaburyresources.org  -  We are hiring Care Managers  - contact me!

12:24:38     From  Sister Glenna Smith   to   All panelists : I'm being called away - sorry. Enjoy!

12:29:01     From  Pamela Silberman-Mills : Wow!!

12:29:11     From  steve gurney : https://lucyrosedesigns.com/

12:29:27     From  Elizabeth Singleton   to   All panelists : Incredible!

12:30:53     From  Laura Quigley : The falling apart is so moving, we can all relate to that feeling

12:31:36     From  Olive Freeman : From Olive - Ms. Lucy you are very Creative especially to have started Arts so late in age. 

12:31:58     From  Rene Schecker   to   All panelists : how old are you?

12:32:49     From  SUSAN I WRANIK : Love your wisdom!  Be ALIVE as long as you ARE alive.

12:33:14     From  Nancy Piness : What an inspiring wisdom women!

12:33:33     From  Nancy Piness : *woman!

12:34:08     From  Debbie Ludington   to   All panelists : I just signed up for your newsletter!

12:35:55     From  Ada Horsfall Lifematters   to   All panelists : Awesome Art!

12:36:16     From  SUSAN I WRANIK : Good to make the CHIOICE to move before someone else makes the DECISION for you.

12:36:36     From  Janet Macidull : Love this whimsical, truth-telling art.

12:36:39     From  Audra Backaitis   to   All panelists : Amazing - what a great way to release your feelings about aging!

12:37:02     From  SUSAN I WRANIK : Amazing program, Steve!  Thank you!

12:38:10     From  Esther Arrey :  Great message, thank you Lucy, lots of wisdom in the information.

12:38:53     From  Pamela Silberman-Mills : haha!! love it!!  Elderhood is not about BINGO

12:39:49     From  SUSAN I WRANIK : Grandma Moses started at 76, Lucy Rose started at 60.  Perhaps we should all be looking in the mirror to reboot and redirect.  How many hours do WE have left?  I'm doing my math!

12:41:59     From  DONNA GAYLES : How phenomenal! Truly inspiring. 

12:42:32     From  Laura Quigley : Susan, you are so right! My husband ran his first marathon last week at 65, our thoughts need to be what’s next?

12:42:39     From  Catherine F : Lucy you so beautifully show us that the gift of creativity that lives within each of us leads us to discover the beauty in and around us despite what’s happening to our bodies or the world. Thank you for being you and being so vulnerable and open with your personal journey.

12:44:02     From  SUSAN I WRANIK : Laura Quigley, love the concept of WHAT'S NEXT?  Also WE DON"T DO BINGO HERE!

12:44:07     From  Robin Majeski : Hi All, Robin Majeski, faculty at the Erickson School of Aging Studies at UMBC.

12:44:59     From  Bernie Cohen   to   All panelists :  I didn't start writing poetry until I was in my late 50's.  I guess it's something about an accumulation of experiences

12:46:01     From  SUSAN I WRANIK : Sometimes that unraveling can lead to an even more creative approach to life.  Especially if you move to expressive arts rather than confining yourself to words that won't come.

12:46:43     From  Nancy Piness : Nancy Piness, Elder Advocate, Washington, DC, nancypiness@gmail.com, 202.236.2906 - As a gerontologist who is also creative in several media, this program was exactly what I needed today! Thank you, Lucy and Steve! 

12:47:25     From  Bernie Cohen   to   All panelists : … or, maybe it's the water...

12:48:58     From  Julia Riley : yes, the expressive arts focus on process not product and is freeing...a new language.

12:50:31     From  Audra Backaitis   to   All panelists : Maybe that could be done via Zoom, too?

12:50:35     From  Ellen Tillman : What a lovely way to spend some time today.  Nice to meet you Lucy.  Thank you for being with us.

12:50:41     From  Bernie Cohen   to   All panelists : Love your use of color...

12:52:03     From  eileen wilkinson : An incredible legacy, thank you for your joyful sharing.  The arts speak to all types of learners and we are so grateful

12:52:10     From  Julia Riley   to   All panelists : Just bought your 2 art books already...thank you

12:52:39     From  Olive Freeman : From Olive....You have given me hope as I age. I am not yet 60 but you have given me more excitement to approach my latter years. Thank you. I am excited to be in your company.

12:52:48     From  mary busse   to   All panelists : What a treat! I began learning to draw and paint at age 78!  Encouraging!

12:53:00     From  Robin Majeski : Thanks for sharing your beautiful and inspirational art! It shows that aging is a time of rich developmental potential and creativity. :-)

12:53:23     From  Janet Macidull : Thank you for sharing your life, art, and inspiration to be a seeker and launcher of what lies inside.

12:53:37     From  mary busse   to   All panelists : I intend to share this video with my retirement community where I plan on moving someday.  I think they need a copy in their art department and/or library.

12:53:49     From  Debbie Ludington   to   All panelists : Well said, Jan.

12:54:25     From  Corliss Wood   to   All panelists : I really enjoyed your speech...the .reality of getting older is upon us.  I am determined to always be able to jump ropd, hula hoop, and play hopscotch until I die!

12:54:26     From  ABIOLA BAJERE   to   All panelists : Thank you so much Lucy.  You are very creative, your artworks are amazing.

12:54:32     From  Ada Horsfall Lifematters   to   All panelists : So inspiring!

12:54:44     From  Julia Riley : from retirement...to RE-Firement

12:55:14     From  Ada Horsfall Lifematters   to   All panelists : @Julia Riley, YES!!!!

12:55:41     From  ABIOLA BAJERE : Thank you so much Lucy.  You are very creative, your artworks are amazing.

12:55:57     From  eileen wilkinson : It can also be done on a narrow budget

12:56:02     From  Laura Quigley : Thank you for today, so joyful and uplifting. Creativity is what makes us human!

12:56:26     From  Nancy Piness : This hour just flew by...yes, Lucy, please come back! 

12:59:22     From  Julia Riley : I have written Art in Small Spaces...art at the bedside for self discovery and wellness. 35 expressive arts invitations. Might be helpful, can be sent as an ebook. If this might be helpful, contact me for how to purchase. This webinar feeds our soul. Julia@constantsource.com

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