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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 09/18/2020

Discussion with a Medical Fashion Designer - Joni Graham of Havanue

A conversation with the pioneering founder of Havanue, Joni Graham. Joni is an award-winning designer focusing on creating fashionable designs that don't look sterile or medical 

Chat Transcript

12:06:29     From  CHRISTINA BOADU   to   All panelists : Hello Christina Boadu PG County DSS

12:09:32     From  Bob Coulson   to   All panelists : Bob Coulson, MPA, MA, MDiv 

 Certified Senior Advisor® Retirement Options ™Certified Coach

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Let's Connect...

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12:10:55     From  Pamela Silberman-Mills : Hi!  Pamela Silberman-Mills, Enriching Connections.  A concierge-style, all-inclusive, care organization service exclusively for people living with dementia.  Offering dementia education / training / expertise and behavioral supports for clients, consultation, engagement and cognitive assessments plus so much more!   www.enrichingconnections.org   enrichingconnections1@gmail.com  or 443-616-7300  Join in for Alzheimer's disease and Dementia care training towards Credentialing through National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners on September 26th and 27th, 3pm to 9pm through Zoom  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/120538819855

12:11:59     From  Deena Imbriglia : Hello to all and a Happy Friday from Deena Imbriglia of Home Instead! We provide Home Care and Personal Care to our community seniors.  deena.imbriglia@homeinstead.com;  703-750-6644.

12:16:17     From  Bob Coulson : Bob Coulson, MPA, MA, MDiv 

 Certified Senior Advisor® Retirement Options ™Certified Coach

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A New Sage Academy - Retirement Life Coach Email:bob@anewsage.com or retirementlifecoachllc@gmail.comCell/Text: 270-519-7608

12:17:19     From  Olive Freeman   to   All panelists : From Olive Freeman, Senior Care Management Advocate

12:19:42     From  deb merriner : Beautiful designs!

12:21:43     From  Kimberly Lipinski : these are REALLY nice products!

12:22:50     From  Pamela Silberman-Mills : Just ordered 2 masks!!  

12:22:55     From  Adrienne Robinson : Genius

12:23:20     From  steve gurney : joni@havanue.com 

12:23:58     From  Alice Whitfield : Hi am Alice Whitfield Support Worker II

12:25:31     From  Karen Latimer : and I get calls several times a week about woman's undergarmets that look "pretty" that you can put on with one hand.. 

12:27:30     From  ABIOLA BAJERE : Nice designs.  Joni, very creative.

12:28:17     From  Mary Moeder : Mary Moeder, I Love the masks, I have several and the window masks are great.

12:29:54     From  Esther Arrey   to   All panelists : Happy Friday everyone, Esther Oben, Director of client services of AGABB Home healthcare Services, serving the following communities; prince William county Virginia, and northern Virginia in general. Phone number: 571-621-9496

12:30:24     From  Pamela Silberman-Mills : Fantastic for people living with dementia!!  Essential to see people's faces to understand better.

12:32:03     From  Esther Arrey   to   All panelists : That is a beautiful mask Joni,

12:33:15     From  Amy O'Donnell : happy to discuss product development in depth -  have been involved in retail incubator/pop-up concept development with new designers—not in medical but would be great for holiday pop-up shops or something… Just bought 6 masks for a number of people who this would be so good for—easy to order!

12:34:12     From  Amy O'Donnell : That’s what I loved about it!!!  Brilliant!!!

12:34:24     From  Keisha Toussaint Mc Mayo : lovely

12:35:34     From  Alice Whitfield : Joni you are very creative.

12:40:16     From  steve gurney   to   Pamela Silberman-Mills and all panelists : havanue.com

12:40:44     From  Keisha Toussaint Mc Mayo : thanks

12:41:24     From  steve gurney   to   Pamela Silberman-Mills and all panelists : Discount  code is     SOURCE2020 HAVANUE.com

12:42:42     From  ABIOLA BAJERE : Thank you Steven for inviting Joni.  Awesome products.

12:43:41     From  Kim Lavinder   to   All panelists : You should mention the extra pocket for a filter in the non-window masks, so it's actually 3 layers of protection

12:46:09     From  Amy O'Donnell : sharing with my association too !

12:46:42     From  deb merriner : definitely posting these to Buckley’s for Seniors FB page

12:48:55     From  Amy O'Donnell : there’s no limit!! go on instagram & advertise on FB

12:49:33     From  Kim Lavinder   to   All panelists : Excellent products, excellent presentation!!

12:49:50     From  mary busse   to   All panelists : Do your simple masks prevent fogging of glasses?

12:50:59     From  Amy O'Donnell : havanue.com

12:51:08     From  steve gurney   to   Amy O'Donnell and all panelists : Joni Graham 


(301) 466-5990


12:51:15     From  steve gurney : Joni Graham 


(301) 466-5990


12:51:32     From  steve gurney : joni@havanue.com

12:51:53     From  Camille Adams : I Camille Adams from Department of Social Services, I would how can I order these mask from the guest speaker

12:52:12     From  Gabriel Graham : love love love this

12:52:38     From  steve gurney : 20% discount code for your listeners tomorrow. Could you please let them know or announce the discount? It's 20% off total purchase and it expires on Christmas eve.

The code is     SOURCE2020

12:52:49     From  Esther Arrey : Steve I do not normally receive the report after the webinar, do I need to register my email?

12:52:50     From  Alice Whitfield : From Alice Whitfield Thank you so much!

12:53:08     From  Amy O'Donnell : Awww….missed the discount this time.  Will be buying more!  Best of luck and please be in touch!

12:53:19     From  Queenie Kemmerer : Wonderful !!! Thank you !!

12:53:52     From  CHRISTINA BOADU   to   All panelists : This is great, thank you

12:54:16     From  deb merriner : Thanks so much!  Great presentation.

12:54:24     From  ABIOLA BAJERE : Thank you.

12:54:25     From  Gabriel Graham : thank you

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