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Discussion with the author, Marni Jameson, What to Do with Everything You Own to Leave the Legacy You Want & Downsizing Series

Marni Jameson is America’s most beloved home-and-lifestyle columnist. Besides writing a weekly nationally syndicated column, Jameson is the author of five bestselling books, including her Downsizing the Family Home series. “At Home with Marni Jameson,” Marni’s popular syndicated column, appears weekly in more than twenty papers nationwide, reaching five million readers with her trademark humor and advice. The mother of a blended family of five grown children, Marni lives in Winter Park, Florida, with her husband, Doug, and their three unruly dogs. 

What to Do with Everything You Own to Leave the Legacy You Want From-the-Heart Estate Planning for Everyone, Whatever Your Financial Situation Whether you want the fruits of your life’s work to benefit your family, the environment, science, human rights, the arts, your church, or another cause dear to you, one thing is certain: It won’t happen unless you plan. What to Do with Everything You Own to Leave the Legacy You Want is a step-by-step, DIY guide to turning your money and “stuff” into something meaningful that will outlast you—whether you are in the prime of life or your later years, single or partnered, have kids or not, are well-off or of modest means. With her trademark practical wisdom, downsizing expert Marni Jameson offers plenty of comfort (and even some laughs) as she guides you through the following: 

  • Identifying whom you want to benefit from your legacy 
  • Navigating wills, trusts, and other paths to your goals 
  • Heading off potential family conflicts 
  • Making the best plan for your material assets

This book will encourage and inspire you through every step of your final downsizing project, helping you make a positive impact on the people and causes closest to your heart.

Chat Transcript

12:09:49     From  Jennifer Brown   to   All panelists : Hi.  Jennifer Brown - Community Relations Manager -  Seabury Care Management - 202-364-0020 - jmbrown@seaburyresources.org

12:10:00     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : From Jennifer Brown to All Panelists:  12:09 PM

Hi.  Jennifer Brown - Community Relations Manager -  Seabury Care Management - 202-364-0020 - jmbrown@seaburyresources.org

12:11:18     From  Melissa Bressler : Hi, Melissa Bressler, Outreach Manager at HandyPro of Washington DC Metropolitan. We are a construction company specializing in home modifications for seniors and persons with mobility concerns; serving DC, MD, Northern VA and WV. Email: melissa@handypro.com Phone: 301-960-9830

12:18:02     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : You can order any of the  downsizing books: https://www.amazon.com/Marni-Jameson/e/B001JP2F7Q/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0

12:20:41     From  Catherine McCallum : Catherine McCallum, LICSW, LCSW, Coral Life Strategies, LLC. 301-327-1801. www.corallifestrategies.com. Also, Psychology Today Profile.

12:20:42     From  Stephanie Martirani   to   All panelists : This resonates with my heart - we just went through this with my parents' home of 48 years. As of yesterday, it's empty, and I'm so glad it was a once in a lifetime event. Checking out your book to share with my friends!

12:23:03     From  Stephanie Martirani : "Save the memory, not the stuff" "a blessing, not a burden" love these!

12:27:22     From  Silvia Balderas : Good morning! I am Silvia Balderas. I am a professional organizer. Here’s my organizing tip of the day. If you struggle to give it a way, take a picture first! Once you have the picture it is easier to give away the sentimental items. Silvia Balderas, Professional Organizer, Your Life Simplified, LLC, (301) 442-5543, www.ylsimplified.com, TellMeMore@ylsimplified.com .

12:28:59     From  Silvia Balderas : You can also reach out to the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) or the Institute of Challenging Disorganization (ICD) to look for a profession who is trained to worked with people who are chronically disorganized or persons who hoard.

12:29:41     From  Eileen Caroscio RN MSN   to   All panelists : Any recommendations for organizing for northern va?   Thanks

12:29:49     From  Bob Coulson   to   All panelists : People who have experienced poverty or scarcity like the Great Depression do not share the same values as our throw away culture.  How do you bridge those polar opposite values?

12:29:55     From  Catherine McCallum : Hoarding is 5x more common a diagnosis in older adults may be associated with several issues and cognitive impairment, ADHD and post trauma.

12:30:49     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : Good question for the audience to comment on!  From Eileen Caroscio RN MSN to All Panelists:  12:29 PM

Any recommendations for organizing for northern va?   Thanks

12:31:49     From  Silvia Balderas : Reach out to DCOrganizers.org. It is the local chapter for the DMV NAPO members. See my earlier post.

12:34:00     From  Eileen Caroscio RN MSN   to   All panelists : OK on the NAPO suggestion. Thanks.  Looking for individual recommendations if at all possible . Thanks

12:34:01     From  Bob Coulson   to   All panelists : Good answer.  We ended up finding a buyer organization who valued vintage tools came and gathered them and gave him checks for them so he became happy but he also saved a few special tools he uses today...just not a ton of them,

12:34:57     From  Catherine McCallum : Good book for those who have emotional needs and cluttering…”Buried in Treasure.”

12:35:00     From  Catherine Narro : Love the idea for that book Buy It Once Buy it Right....green and minimalist!!!!

12:36:06     From  Catherine Narro : Interesting tip - will try Sylvia!

12:42:18     From  John Hinkle   to   All panelists : I have a retired military client who hoards survivalist, huge crisis, societal meltdown type stuff. He built a big barn in his back yard to store all this stuff for his big family! I expect there is frequent expiration of freshness of lots of this. Any recommendations for him?

12:44:24     From  Catherine McCallum : Great definition is between collector and hoarder. Thank you!

12:45:18     From  Catherine McCallum : *great definition between collector vs. hoarder.

12:45:34     From  John Hinkle   to   All panelists : My wife is a world traveler, and collects necklaces and earrings from all over the world. Takes up space, but not huge space. I collect lapel pins, and specifically decide to do that years ago, because they are very small, and because I am always wearing suits and sport coats.

12:46:24     From  Stephanie Martirani   to   All panelists : LOL re: Hummels - my mom had hundreds. I kept 3 & the rest all sold (they actually sold!) at the estate sale.

12:47:43     From  Eileen Caroscio RN MSN   to   All panelists : Marni’s workbook given as a gift along with a conversation about downsizing can soothe the overwhelm over the enormity of years of collecting life’s items.

12:50:01     From  Catherine Narro   to   All panelists : Thank you so much for the great tips! Marni, Tom & Steve!

12:53:03     From  Silvia Balderas : I often tell empty-nesters and older adults ple that even if they decide to age in place, they should declutter as if they were downsizing.

12:53:59     From  Eileen Caroscio RN MSN   to   All panelists : Churches often help out the community get rid of items as in a summer sale and then they use the money made for church maintenance or services

12:54:46     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : Bob Coulson 12:54 PM 

Books can be shipped to poor countries...it is done in bulk by some organizations as a ministry or mission.

12:55:05     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : I am a retirement life coach and pet chaplain and my pro tip is people respond better to "creating your legacy now to enjoy" vs saying you are "leaving a legacy behind."

12:55:16     From  Silvia Balderas : There was an article in a newspaper the other day that places like Goodwill pay a lot of money to have the donated junk hauled away. The donors leave the decision to the non-profits which costs the non-profit money.

12:57:53     From  Bob Coulson   to   All panelists : No plan results in sibling fights.

12:58:26     From  Silvia Balderas : Flags can be donated to military cemeteries. They will be reused.

12:59:05     From  Sandy Burr   to   All panelists : Boy Scouts dispose of flags properly

12:59:59     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : Bob Coulson 12:59 PM 

Amercian legion and VFWs will take and burn them honorably.

13:00:16     From  Sally Jones   to   All panelists : Great program! Thanks!!

13:00:31     From  deb merriner : This was a great presentation.  Thank you all for the good info! Deb Merriner, Buckley's for Seniors, 703-390-0535, www.buckleys4seniors.com

13:00:48     From  Stephanie Martirani : Advice I heard was if you can replace it in less than 20 minutes for less than $20, let it go!

13:01:16     From  Silvia Balderas : Great discussion. Thank you!

13:01:22     From  Eileen Caroscio RN MSN   to   All panelists : An excellent discussion.  Thank you Steve, Tom at JK Moving and author Marni

13:01:48     From  Pam Phillips   to   All panelists : Loved this presentation...Thank you!


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