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Discussion with TV Show Host Matt Paxton - Hoarders and Legacy List

Interactive discussion with Matt Paxton host of Hoarders and the new PBS Series "Legacy List with Matt Paxton".   Matt will share stories, tips and insights to help you, your loved ones and your clients approach downsizing from a new perspective. One of the top hoarding experts in the country and a featured cleaner on the hit television show HOARDERS. Matt is the host of the new downsizing show Legacy List with Matt Paxton that will air on Public Television starting in 2020. Paxton started cleaning out houses after his father, step-father and both grandfathers died in the same year and are the reason Matt has been working with families struggling with hoarding and downsizing for almost 20 years. Matt appears regularly as a public speaker, television guest and radio personality helping families find the upside of downsizing. He lives in Virginia with his family.

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Chat Transcript

14:04:00     From  Anne Wies : Re Wies, Senior Move Manager for Abilities Network in Baltimore, Md.

14:04:28     From  Allegra Joffe Fahringer : Hello everyone!!! Allegra Joffe Fahringer ????????????Lets Connect LLC and the Millennial 50 + Ambassadors of Northern VA - e-mail- TEAM@letsconnect.life

14:04:56     From  Cathy turner : Looking forward to hearing Matt present again.

14:04:58     From  Heidi Martin : Hi Everyone Heidi Martin Support Planner hmartin@carrollcountymd.gov

14:05:03     From  Gail Hubberman   to   All panelists : Gail Hubberman MarKetPro Homebuyers. We will buy properties for cash as in no matter what the condition. Is… 301-337-4703 ghubberman@marketprohomes.com

14:05:10     From  Bob Coulson   to   All panelists : Bob Coulson, MPA, MA, MDiv 

Retirement Options ™Certified Coach

Certified Senior Advisor® and Certified Community Wellness Advocate

Certified Sage-ing® Leader and Certified Spiritual Director

ContactCell: 270-519-7608Email:bob@anewsage.com or retirementlifecoachllc@gmail.comLinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/bob-coulson/

A New Sage Academy - Retirement Life Coach L.L.C.Live Wise, Well, and Whole with Purpose,Clarity, and Control...Your Best Life!

Website: https://www.anewsage.com/

14:05:35     From  Cathy turner : Cathy Turner Senior Health Virginia Hospital Center cturner@virginiahospitalcenter.com

14:06:26     From  anissa bianco : Hi all! Anissa Bianco, aging life care manager with Eldertree Care Management

14:06:43     From  MARIA WHITE : Hi Anissa! 

14:06:52     From  Abby Sternberg : greetings from Abby Sternberg, Media Masters, Inc, providing a full range of video services including “Generations Video”, Montgomery County but will go anywhere to your location. 703-855-5104, abby@mediamasters.tv

14:06:56     From  Natascha Grant   to   All panelists : Hi everyone I am Natascha Grant, Vocational Manager with Brain Injury Services: ngrant@braininjurysvcs.org

14:06:56     From  Tiffany Reilly : Hi everyone! Tiffany Reilly with Visiting Angels here. Providing Compassionate Care One Angel at a time. TiffanyR@mdvisitingangels.com

14:06:59     From  Bernadette Hudgins : Yes we can hear you.

14:07:40     From  Carla Gardner   to   All panelists : Hello everyone.  Carla Gardner, LCSW-C Johns Hopkins Community Physicians.

14:07:45     From  Cheryl Wheeler : Hello, Cheryl Wheeler, Assistant Manager, The Senior Center of Leesburg.  571-233-0463

14:07:55     From  Heidi Garvis   to   All panelists : Sweet!

14:08:15     From  Tom Shipe : Tom Shipe, Realtor with Long & Foster Realtors

703-946-4844  tom.shipe@LNF.com

Founding Member: Superior Options For Seniors (SOS)


14:08:45     From  Bob Coulson   to   All panelists : Matt good to see you again and hear your updates.

14:09:14     From  Meta Hobson : Meta Hobson, Account Manager with CaptionCall, we provide a no cost amplified and captioning telephone for anyone with hearing loss.  304-707-5136

14:09:30     From  steve gurney : REMEMBER USE ALL PANELISTS AND ATTENDEES

14:09:40     From  Kim Karlinchak : Kim Karlinchak, Fairfax Area Agency on Aging, Caregiver Specialist

14:09:46     From  Bernadette Hudgins : Hi everyone! I'm Bernadette Hudgins, Founder of Golden Connection Senior Services, a premier companionship care business which focuses on goal setting and technology.

14:10:34     From  Jeanina DiVittorio : Jeanina DiVittorio - Grand Oaks Assisted Living - 202-345-9665 - jdivitt1@jhmi.edu - we are accepting new residents - 5901 MacArthur Blvd NW Washington DC 20016 - on the campus of Sibley Memorial Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medicine 

14:10:35     From  Bob Coulson : Bob Coulson, MPA, MA, MDiv 

Retirement Options ™Certified Coach

Certified Senior Advisor® and Certified Community Wellness Advocate

Certified Sage-ing® Leader and Certified Spiritual Director

ContactCell: 270-519-7608Email:bob@anewsage.com or retirementlifecoachllc@gmail.comLinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/bob-coulson/

A New Sage Academy - Retirement Life Coach L.L.C.Live Wise, Well, and Whole

Website: https://www.anewsage.com/

14:10:51     From  Jeanina DiVittorio : Great to see and hear Matt Paxton! Love your new show, Matt. 

14:11:18     From  HOPE JOYCE   to   All panelists : Good afternoon everyone!   Hope with Warman Home Care.  Hjoyce@warmanhomecare.com  888-243-6602  WWW.Warmanhomecare.com

14:12:11     From  steve gurney   to   HOPE JOYCE and all panelists : select ALL PANELISTS AND ATTENDEES

14:13:14     From  Jessica Williams : Hi everyone!  Jessica Williams of Clutter Doctor here.  In business for 19 years, I provide customized hands-on organizing solutions for clients and I especially love working with seniors.  I am located in SE DC, but also work in Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church and other areas in/near DC.  www.clutterdr.com 757-999-2664 cell. Look forward to connecting with you and your clients!

14:13:44     From  MARIA WHITE : HI Jessica!

14:14:10     From  Carla Jacobs   to   All panelists : Carla Jacobs, REALTOR with Shaheen, Ruth, Martin, and Fonville in Metro Richmond, VA.  Partner in RVA Senior Real Estate Advisors.  @RVASeniorREAdvisors on Facebook.

14:15:15     From  Carla Gardner : Hello Everyone. Carla Gardner, Johns  Hopkins Community Physicians.

14:15:56     From  Nancy Piness : Thank you, Steve, Susan, Matt...Timely topic for me...I am downsizing my belongings along with some treasures from my late parents.

14:17:27     From  Lisa Geraci Rigoni   to   All panelists : Matt, I’m still working on the client I told you about. I’ll keep you posted .

14:18:16     From  steve gurney   to   Carla Jacobs and all panelists : Repost your chat comments and use the drop down menu for all attendees and panelists

14:18:53     From  steve gurney   to   HOPE JOYCE and all panelists : Repost your chat comments and use the drop down menu for all attendees and panelists

14:19:34     From  steve gurney   to   Natascha Grant and all panelists : Repost your chat comments and use the drop down menu for all attendees and panelists

14:21:26     From  Heidi Garvis   to   All panelists : I watched that episode.  It was very very interesting!  Thanks Matt, Heidi Garvis Caring Considerations  Can you really empty a house in 2 days?

14:23:04     From  Heidi Garvis   to   All panelists : We are always looking to help you find the next family for your casting call.

14:23:37     From  Bernadette Hudgins : I've loved hoarders for the last 10 years. People are the most important part of what we do!

14:24:25     From  Jessica Williams   to   All panelists : Love your energy and positivity, Matt!

14:24:30     From  Lisa Geraci Rigoni : that’s my favorite part of my job

14:25:02     From  Jeanne Smith   to   All panelists : Can you recommend a clutter specialist in Prince William Cty?   Need help

14:25:54     From  Isabelle Melese-D'Hospital : So glad to hear from you, Matt!  I’m trying to get your book right now…. Everybody, HELLO!  This is Isabelle Melese-d’Hospital of Tournesol Services, LLC.  My business provides non-clinical senior concierge and personal assistant services.  As Owner and Founder of Tournesol Services, I have been helping DC Metro area seniors and their families since 2013, and before that as a freelance care coordinator.  I now have an elderly client who’s trying to fix up his mom’s house (she’s 102!) for the granddaughter to move into.  Any recommendations on contractors for house repair, appliances, etc?  I have a list but I am always open to excellent vendors and service providers who are honest, fair, and senior-friendly!

www.tournesolservices.com  202-670-8507  tournesolservices@gmail.com

14:26:25     From  Ginny Biggs   to   All panelists : What is the criteria to be cast?

14:27:03     From  Bob Coulson : Can you save the chat and send it to all who registered...it's a good networking and resources list.

14:27:38     From  Susan I. Wranik : Chat and recording will be sent to all.

14:29:51     From  Judy Tiger : habitat for humanity gives things directly

14:30:07     From  Judy Tiger : rebuilding futures

14:30:13     From  Lisa Geraci Rigoni : please check out www.womengivingback.org

14:30:47     From  Jessica Williams : Tip: If you are selling or gifting older *baby* products, please be sure to search the product on the CPSC website first to ensure that it has not been recalled.

14:30:58     From  M. Jane Markley : Amvets picked up in Rockville today as our neighbors had things out with their info on it and it disappeared.

14:31:04     From  Lisa Geraci Rigoni : restore in Leesburg,va opens for donation tomorrow and blue ridge hospice

14:31:11     From  Rhonda Hackley   to   All panelists : I am not in the industry.  I am a senior who wants to downsize and move within the next 6-7 months.  I have been in my house since 1996.  The prospect of going through my stuff is overwhelming and often paralyzing.  It’s so difficult to determine what to hold onto and what to get rid of (sell or donate).  What are your thoughts about how to decide?

14:31:29     From  Kim Karlinchak : Northern VA too

14:31:34     From  yvette gluck   to   All panelists : Greendrop is picking up in VA

14:31:36     From  Rori Kochman   to   All panelists : Vietnam Vets picked up here in Rockville too

14:31:41     From  MARIA WHITE : Yay

14:31:55     From  Rori Kochman   to   All panelists : A Wider Circle re-opened for drop offs on Monday!!!!!

14:31:56     From  Judy Tiger : A Wider Circle. 

14:32:01     From  Amy O'Donnell : Check website/social media first before calling no wider circle is not picking up

14:32:08     From  Judy Tiger : Don't think they are picking up yet.

14:32:14     From  Jessica Williams : Many charities have their current pickup status on their websites

14:32:51     From  Rori Kochman   to   All panelists : Wider circle is taking drop offs at their warehouse-- they come out and get from your car

14:32:53     From  steve gurney : Janie Scott shared that Green Drop is picking up

14:33:11     From  LaTasha Williams   to   All panelists : Steve are you going to email this I have a family member that is hoarding and we need help to get all things out so I would like this information. I was late logging on today

14:33:27     From  Jay Gutnick : We just sold an entire apartment through facebook marketplace fyi.  Everything sold in 2 days and we placed on curb for touchless pick up. Strongly endorse.

14:34:34     From  Amy O'Donnell : Start now…with real estate market delayed, that’s when the immediate need will be

14:34:34     From  MARIA WHITE : Jay, that was a lot of work to use marketplace for an entire apartment of stuff. Glad it was so successful! 

14:36:19     From  Jay Gutnick : Maria, true, but there were few other options. Took some coordination certainly, but we were able to sell literally everything we put on within a day. It was a huge stress relief despite the coordination.

14:36:38     From  Mark Asch : My wife has a rule in our house: If something comes in, something must go out!!

14:36:40     From  Terri O'Connell : If you don't have access to volume shredding, folks use their patio fire pit to get rid of documents.

14:37:03     From  MARIA WHITE : I just recorded an episode on photo organizing on my podcast! LOL

14:37:34     From  MARIA WHITE : @Jay, that's great! 

14:37:59     From  Jamie Kasoff   to   All panelists : Hello, thank you for this wonderful topic. I am Jamie Kasoff, social worker with Levindale Partial Hospitalization Program  offering tele-health group therapy and medication management services for older adults with worsening mental health concerns. Accepting patients in Maryland. Thank you.

14:38:04     From  todd nicusanti : Good afternoon all. Todd Nicusanti with Senior Handy Services in Baldwin. https://seniorhandyservices.com/

14:38:57     From  Mary Moeder : Great for school projects too.

14:39:05     From  Kitty Janney   to   All panelists : Kitty Janney, Dir of Community Outreach at The Kensington Falls Church (Senior Living)

14:39:22     From  Lisa Geraci Rigoni : I sell complete households on marketplace...need to price accordingly

14:39:31     From  LaTasha Williams : Hello everyone LaTasha Williams @ Senior Helpers of Arlington & Alexandria. We are here for those who need assistance personal and companion as well as errands. If you need to reach out please feel free 571-397-4509. 

14:40:21     From  Heidi Garvis   to   All panelists : Very cool...love the first car question...As Care Manager's we are all about the questions and stories.  So many of us enjoy that aspect of our job!

14:40:30     From  MARIA WHITE : I love using Marketplace for selling things for my clients but not or that kind of volume! 

14:41:02     From  Susan I. Wranik : GET CURIOUS sounds like a great show, Matt! Multi-generational. Who do we lobby?

14:41:03     From  LaTasha Williams : I have the perfect person for that show.... she is well traveled and has many artifacts to go through along with the stories. I would love to connect you with the family Mr. Paxton. Please send me an email at lwilliams@seniorhelpers.com. Thank you 

14:41:26     From  Ken Silverstein : Hi All, Ken Silverstein, AlfredHouse Assisted Living, we are accepting new residents.

14:41:50     From  Amy O'Donnell : Recording the stories and taking pictures of the things…priceless :)

14:42:02     From  todd nicusanti : Sorry for joining late. Any suggestions on how to approach a family member who lost a spouse 10 years ago and has kept all, or most of, the spouse's things.  Those things are now trip hazards at 80.? Thank you

14:42:40     From  Rhonda Hackley : [Resending to include attendees]I am not in the industry.  I am a senior who wants to downsize and move within the next 6-7 months.  I have been in my house since 1996.  The prospect of going through my stuff is overwhelming and often paralyzing.  It’s so difficult to determine what to hold onto and what to get rid of (sell or donate).  What are your thoughts about how to decide?

14:42:48     From  Judy Tiger : To our elders, the I don't want it can be a challenge because the elders scraped and saved to have enough $ to make the purchase.

14:43:41     From  Ann Craynon   to   All panelists : I just loaned out a vintage fur coast for an outside wedding during COVID!

14:43:46     From  Ann Craynon   to   All panelists : coat

14:45:02     From  MARIA WHITE : @Todd If they can share which things remind them of the person they lost, that represent their essence the most, they may begin letting go of the rest. It's important to find a good place to donate the things. sometimes they resist letting go because they don't want to have their things discarded. 

14:45:37     From  Bruce Goodman   to   All panelists : Do you work with individual clients in Baltimore County ?

14:46:04     From  Jeanne Smith   to   All panelists : what type of therapist do you suggest for hoarders?

14:47:16     From  Catherine McCallum   to   All panelists : Thanks! I am a therapist and your insight is spot on. My other life was 7 years aging in place Exec.Dir I know several who would be great for your legacy show. And Barbara Sullivan says hello! Catherine, 301-327-1801. Catherine@corallifestrategies.com

14:47:27     From  LaTasha Williams : Wowwwww, never looked at that in that perspective.

14:48:13     From  Jessica Williams : @Rhonda Hackley: there are many professional organizers like myself here on this call who would be happy to help you get started.  Please see our intros on this chat and reach out to one of us.

14:49:10     From  Judy Tiger : The chat will be sent to all attendees. I agree that it is a great way to pick up resources, like the organizers like me on the call. Reach out to find the help needed.

14:49:20     From  Amy O'Donnell : @Rhonda, baby steps.  Picture what you want your life to look like now.   If you never really liked something, give yourself permission to let it go.

14:49:43     From  Judy Tiger : Volunteers do need to be well trained, to be able to navigate the people as well as the things.

14:49:50     From  Barbara Sullivan   to   All panelists : Hi Matt!

14:51:25     From  Judy Tiger : I see that some properties are publishing very detailed lists of their covid safety routines for staff, residents, families, and others. Very impressive. 

14:51:49     From  LaTasha Williams : From the Home Healthcare perspective yes a lot of people right now are staying home because families are home but as soon as things start opening up they are going to have more move ins.  

14:51:57     From  Gail Hubberman   to   All panelists : Hi Rhonda Hackley, My company can help you with the entire process from assisting you with going through your things to handling packing and moving as well as purchasing your home on your timeline (6-7months). We are a hassle free home buying service that offer all theses services. It is a one stop shop. If you would like to discuss this further please give me a call 301-254-5530

14:52:05     From  Diane Goldman : If you think you might have something of value, or a few things (above-avg value but not life-changing), who do you contact first?  (eg auction houses specialize but how do  you know who covers what)

14:52:19     From  Cathy turner : I think because so many people are working from home they are meeting and getting to know their older neighbors better.

14:52:26     From  Lydia Oladapo : I agree volunteers need to be well training because training is very important for all concerned

14:52:28     From  Diane Goldman : "Me" is Diane Goldman

14:52:52     From  MARIA WHITE : @Diane, we see your name, only you see "Me" 

14:53:04     From  Judy Tiger : Diane, you could start with a call to Daniel Sanders at Four Sales. He'll be a good guide and starting place. 

14:53:18     From  Catherine McCallum : Hey Barbara Sullivan! Glad you made it on the call. Catherine McCallum, LCSW-C, Coral Life Strategies, LLC.

14:53:38     From  Anna Conger : Here’s how to follow up with Matt:

Legacy List website: www.mylegacylist.com

Matt’s social media: @iammattpaxton on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

14:54:08     From  Barbara Sullivan   to   All panelists : Hey Catherine-always happy to hear Matt talk!  Good show!  Thanks for the tip!

14:55:28     From  Susan I. Wranik : Regret. Must leave to host TH@3 3https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0kceCgpjsuH9AG5H3UUkkXJWKYane-_-CS  

Relax, refresh, and reboot as we help one another be better versions of ourselves personally and professionally. Focus on the positive  THANK YOU MATT AND STEVE!!

14:56:12     From  Judy Tiger : Thanks Matt!! Great to see you and to learn more about your show. 

14:56:32     From  Amy O'Donnell : Thank you so much, Matt…always a pleasure to hear your stories!  Great show!

14:56:36     From  Isabelle Melese-D'Hospital : Bye Susan!

14:57:15     From  MARIA WHITE : 123 Junk i

14:57:20     From  Daniel Sanders : 123Junk

14:57:36     From  Isabelle Melese-D'Hospital : Eco Junk

14:57:40     From  Jessica Williams : 123 Junk is a NAPO-WDC partner

14:58:20     From  Judy Tiger : locally, 1-2-3 Junk, JunkLuggers, Junk In The Trunk. All dedicated to keeping items out of the landfill. 123Junk has dedicated rolloffs where charities come to pick up. Junkluggers takes items to their upscaling/reuse warehouse.

14:58:25     From  Anne Wies : Wee Haul in Baltimore, Md 443-655-5106

14:58:46     From  MARIA WHITE : Yes! Thanks for that Matt. NAPO is our association too. National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals

14:59:36     From  Amy O'Donnell : All over the place….go to NAPO.net

14:59:47     From  Judy Tiger : www.napo.net. use the look for an organizer by zip code.

14:59:47     From  Jessica Williams : Eastern Shore - please see dcorganizers.org or www.napo.net

15:00:05     From  MARIA WHITE : Check dcorganizers.org to find organizers that may work on the eastern Shore. 

15:01:21     From  Lisa Geraci Rigoni : thanks Matt...talk to you soon...I Hope!

15:01:29     From  Judy Tiger : It is an organizer's dream to start early, so relationship and calm can lead the way. Doesn't mean it can't be done in a shorter time, but a good organizer will help a homeowner get past the overwhelm and navigate the downsizing and decision-making as a life transition journey. 

15:01:55     From  Jessica Williams : Great point, Judy!

15:01:56     From  Amy O'Donnell : Many organizers may be offering just virtual services for now…great if you’re willing and able to do work yourself, give yourself a jump start, and to create a plan

15:01:59     From  MARIA WHITE : Absolutely, Judy! 

15:02:21     From  Anna (Bonnie) Barrella : Wonderful, thank you Matt!  Love the show:)

15:03:15     From  Amy O'Donnell : Happy to help if you need experts!

15:03:17     From  Nancy Lorentz : Thank you Matt - great tips. take care. ttyl Steve.

15:03:20     From  Anna Conger : mylegacylist.com

15:03:27     From  Anna (Bonnie) Barrella : Bonnie Barrella from Premier Residences of Chevy Chase, IL and AL...Have a great afternoon to all

15:03:27     From  Anna Conger : Email: paxtoniscool@gmail.com

15:03:44     From  Anna Conger : Social Media: @iammattpaxton on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

15:04:09     From  Bernadette Hudgins : Kenyatta Berry is a diverse genealogist..She's Great!

15:04:44     From  Bernadette Hudgins : https://kenyattaberry.com/

15:04:55     From  Anna Conger : Link to Legacy Tree Genealogy live: https://youtu.be/PWB5kiKU0-c

15:05:53     From  Isabelle Melese-D'Hospital : APS = Adult Protective Services?

15:06:51     From  Jessica Williams : Professional Organizers know what paperwork must be kept for legal reasons. Also, shredding trucks can come to your home to shred your unwanted paperwork on site. The cost is usually set per box.

15:07:46     From  yvette gluck   to   All panelists : Safeguard Shred cost $150 per 1000 pounds.

15:08:22     From  Selina Coulbourne : Thank you for your kind words! I actually love my job but you are 100% accurate about lack of funding and 100% accurate about APS being the first to get the blame when we cannot help. It is nice to hear someone acknowledge this.  

15:08:26     From  Diane Goldman : Thank you so much.  Binge-watched the program.

15:08:36     From  Mary Moeder : Thank you Steve, Matt and Susan.

15:08:59     From  Jeanina DiVittorio : Thank you, my friends!  

15:09:09     From  Bernadette Hudgins : I'm not sure if I registered..Can I get follow up?  Bernadette@yourgoldenconnection.com

15:09:10     From  Jessica Williams : Thank you Steve and Matt!  Excellent chat today!  Look forward to the new book, Matt.

15:09:17     From  YWaldo   to   All panelists : Thanks everyone that provided websites to help seniors on the Eastern Shore

15:09:52     From  Terri O'Connell : Awesome talk today!  Thank you so much, all!!

15:10:05     From  Carol Ragsdale   to   All panelists : Thanks, All, For this excellent presentation -- great information.

15:10:06     From  Bernadette Hudgins : Thanks Steve and Matt! I really enjoyed today's session!!

15:10:07     From  anissa bianco : That was fantastic. Thanks!

15:10:29     From  Adrienne Robinson : Thank you all.

15:10:47     From  Barbara Sullivan   to   All panelists : Thank you!

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