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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 08/17/2020

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Senior Living Discussion

Recent events in which Americans have called for respect, tolerance, inclusion and equity have been the catalyst for change, reflection and empathy. This topic effects those of us who work in senior living and the clients and families we serve. An interactive and thought-provoking panel presentation that will strive to explore Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the senior living segment.

Chat Transcript

13:05:45     From  Sierra Adams : Good afternoon everyone! Sierra Adams here with The Wellington at Lake Manassas. sierra.adams@rui.net

13:05:57     From  Katie Reyes   to   All panelists : helloKatie Reyes from The Medical Team

13:06:05     From  Adrienne Robinson : Greetings All from Adrienne Robinson Adrienne.robinson@maryland.gov Calvert County Department of Social Services Adult Services Unit 

13:06:22     From  Markita Brown : Hello Everyone! Markita Brown, MSW

Outreach Coordinator

Insight Memory Care Center

3953 Pender Drive | Suite 100 | Fairfax, VA 22030



13:06:48     From  Terry Gross   to   All panelists : Hi Arvette Reid!!! Can you send me your phone and email address to terry.gross@hcr-manorcare.com? Great to see you.

13:06:54     From  Patricia Dubroof : Thanks Steve for hosting a most interesting subject for our times.  Patricia Dubroof, Assisting Hands Home Care, ready to serve your families with CNA’s, offering support to our community in MoCo and Reston. pdubroof@assistinghands.com

13:07:38     From  Theresa Thomas : Hi Everyone, Theresa Thomas - Goodwin House Inc.  Hi Arvette

13:08:14     From  Jennifer Brown : Hi,  Jennifer Brown - Community Relations Manager - Seabury Resources for Aging - jmbrown@seaburyresources.org - 

13:08:19     From  Linda Lateana : Linda from Goodwin House

13:09:38     From  laurie campbell : Laurie Campbell, Referral Specialist at Home.com. If any of your clients are in need of great caregivers, reach out!       lcampbell@homecare.com

13:09:44     From  Dana Bradley   to   All panelists : Great to see Dr. Ash on this panel.  He is a national  voice for leading forward!

13:10:42     From  Jeanina DiVittorio : Hi, everyone.  Jeanina from Grand Oaks, An Assisted Living Residence affiliated with Sibley Memorial Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medicine.  We are accepting new residents! 202-345-9665; jdivitt1@jhmi.edu ~

13:11:13     From  Dana Bradley : What a wonderful panel.  Delighted to see these experts helping us lead forward.   In my role as Dean of the Erickson School of Aging Studies, I am encouraged by these powerful voices.   In gratitude,    Dana

13:11:39     From  Deena Imbriglia : Hello to all from Deena Imbriglia of Home Instead, providing Companion and Personal Care services to our community seniors.  deena.imbriglia@homeinstead.com; 703-750-6644

13:12:13     From  Scott Bach-Hansen : Happy to see David Posner on this panel. Energetic, Creative and Reflective mind!

13:12:19     From  Sharon Dujon   to   All panelists : Thanks for taking time to address what is a sensitive but important topic.  Sharon Dujon - SunnySide and Layhill Manors

13:12:50     From  Paula Phillips : Greetings!  Paula Phillips from the Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County and I am gladto be here.

13:13:57     From  Penny Coco-Boyd : Happy to be here today! Penny Boyd with My Caring Friend

13:13:59     From  steve gurney   to   Sharon Dujon and all panelists : Sharon - Make sure you select ALL PANELISTS AND ATTENDEES from the drop down menu so everyone can see your post!

13:14:31     From  steve gurney   to   Dana Bradley and all panelists : Dana - Make sure you select ALL PANELISTS AND ATTENDEES from the drop down menu so everyone can see your post!

13:14:40     From  Jeanina DiVittorio : My Dove candy wrapper said this today:  "Be fearlessly authentic." 

13:15:01     From  steve gurney   to   Katie Reyes and all panelists : katie Make sure you select ALL PANELISTS AND ATTENDEES from the drop down menu so everyone can see your post!

13:15:22     From  steve gurney   to   Alice Whitfield and all panelists : alice Make sure you select ALL PANELISTS AND ATTENDEES from the drop down menu so everyone can see your post!

13:16:08     From  Sarah : Hello everyone! Sarah Appiah from Sarah’s Peace and Love Home Healthcare. www.peaceandlovehhc.com 240-716-4250 sipeaceandlove@hotmail.com I’m glad to be here.

13:16:30     From  Sharon Dujon : Hello Everyone, very important conversation.

13:16:31     From  Renata Maslowski   to   All panelists : Hello all! Renata J Maslowski, Marketing & Sales Director for Ingleside Homes (Senior Living, Assisted Living, Home Healthcare and Senior Services). I’m very glad to see this topic being discussed. rmaslowski@inglesidehomes.org

13:16:38     From  Meta Hobson : Good Afternoon! Meta Hobson here from CaptionCall- amplified and captioning telephones for hard of hearing folks! No age/income requirements. reach out to me with questions! mhobson@captioncall.com 304-707-5136

13:22:11     From  Dr. Jeffrey Ash   to   All panelists : it’s ok to say who they is

13:22:28     From  Arvette Reid   to   steve gurney(Privately) : I have a question for her

13:23:50     From  Donna Gayles   to   All panelists : This is intentionally to the panelist: I want to thank you Steve for always being a champion for the causes that are of most concern for our communities. To you all, thank you for efforts in furthering these courageous conversations, it is a great step in the right direction! ( Also Hiiiiiiii Arvette)

13:24:08     From  Patricia Dubroof : Racism and dementia and AZ is a huge challenge for our caregivers!

13:25:44     From  Elizabeth Binckes : Sumbal has raised and presented issues of what caregivers of color experience whether in the ltc facility or in the private home.  Most caregivers handle themselves with grace, composure and understanding

13:26:09     From  Tamari Shunda   to   All panelists : This is Tamari from Strong Tower Home Health Services, LLC   - Great discussion!

13:27:01     From  Scott Bach-Hansen : Thank you Sumbal for sharing.

13:27:25     From  Linda Hernandez-Giblin   to   All panelists : Thank you Sumbal. You shared your story well and it is important to hear!

13:28:54     From  Donna Gayles : Sumbal is spot on! I have had lots of families from the onset of services have stated "..I don't want anyone with a name I can't pronounce.." or " ..make sure the person who cares for me is from THIS country.." It's so important that we support our heros on the front line who do have these experiences that can be so damaging to the spirits of some of the MOST important parts of the team!

13:30:09     From  Tonya Williams   to   All panelists : Ty for this. I am in healthcare for almost 20 years and this info is vital. Sumbal was absolutely on point.

13:30:27     From  Donna Gayles : Kudos Arvette!! 

13:30:46     From  Jessica Ford : Well said Arvette!

13:30:50     From  Sarah   to   All panelists : great point!

13:31:07     From  Tonya Williams   to   All panelists : Thank you for sharing Arvette!

13:31:10     From  ann johnson   to   All panelists : Thank you for being real with us and it is so good for us to hear and educate us.

13:31:18     From  Robin Edwards : Well said Arvette!

13:32:06     From  Wes Morrison   to   All panelists : great specific points and examples    Arvette

13:32:23     From  Gwendolyn Lloyd : Great and very real perspective from Arvette. Thank you for letting us know how the layers of stress in a white world feels like. 

13:33:19     From  Wes Morrison   to   All panelists : Sumbal  great perspective on the issue almost feels like part of Cultural Competency

13:33:29     From  Tamari Shunda   to   All panelists : Arvette;  You nailed it. As a mother with black children, it has always been scary when your children have to go out for the walk or even just hang-out with other kids you  are not sure if  he will be coming back home safely.

13:33:33     From  Ellen Doub   to   All panelists : I am participating in a "Me and White Supremacy" book circle.  Your contributions today is extremely insightful to me.  Thnak you!

13:34:28     From  Hannah Masanotti : I couldn’t agree more, Cordell. Very well said.

13:35:18     From  Tonya Williams   to   All panelists : Agreed Cordell!

13:36:27     From  Theresa Thomas : Thanks Cordell - we must be represented at all levels of an organization.

13:36:50     From  Sharon Dujon : Cordell well stated, agreed!

13:37:14     From  Donna Gayles : Great perspective Cordell! Absolutely accurate! Representation and voice are key!

13:39:36     From  Susan Felton : This is great , i'm glad I saw this to register. 

13:41:35     From  Wes Morrison   to   All panelists : Wes Morrison I work with AARP  Age Friendly Cities an Iona Senior Service and in conjunction with racism one other aspect we work on is  LGBTQ

13:41:50     From  Wes Morrison   to   All panelists : CULTURAL COMPETENCY

13:42:04     From  steve gurney   to   Wes Morrison and all panelists : wes Make sure you select ALL PANELISTS AND ATTENDEES from the drop down menu so everyone can see your post!

13:42:22     From  Wes Morrison   to   All panelists : from both perspective of LGBTQ client and employee

13:42:56     From  steve gurney   to   Ellen Doub and all panelists : Ellen Make sure you select ALL PANELISTS AND ATTENDEES from the drop down menu so everyone can see your post!

13:43:04     From  Susan Felton : Going back to the first speaker Jeffery about perception.  i completely understand what you were saying . If the Agency thinks it is the staffs perception then what is your solution to that . My agency had this issue and told everyone it was their perception  but didnt leave any solution. I thought that was a slap in that face to those people standing there basically telling them what they saw and feel isn't real. 

13:44:40     From  Susan Felton : Yes I agree you can't train people to hate and love, it comes from within and above. 

13:45:02     From  Staci Grossbard : Here is the Website: https://www.nursesagainstracism.com/ and check us out on Facebook as well.

13:46:26     From  Robin Edwards : Excellent point, Cordell!

13:46:41     From  Nancy Richards   to   All panelists : Agree on the change is a "lifestyle" change for everyone. Thank you Dr. Ash for sharing additional scholars we can access to be informed and begin change with me

13:48:35     From  Dr. Jeffrey Ash   to   All panelists : make embracing diversity and inclusion part of performance reviews for employees and adhering to the value an admission requirement

13:49:53     From  Elizabeth Binckes : Steve:  Will this zoom panel be made available for later viewing?  This is a very important and necessary conversation.  A great starting point.

13:52:16     From  steve gurney : we will share this recording

13:55:34     From  Patricia Dubroof : We’ve started a caregiver advisory council to address many issues.

13:55:47     From  latasha banks : I have worked with an agency that terminated services.  The care receiver had been warned several times, but still continued with the discriminating behavior.

14:01:29     From  Renata Maslowski   to   All panelists : I’ve had clients say: I looking for a community where there are “people like my father.” She didn’t want to consider certain locations and told me “oh that’s too far in town.”  It was one time I was thrilled that all of our locations are “far in town.”

14:02:36     From  Isabelle Melese-d'Hospital   to   All panelists : Are there resources for dealing with Dementia/AZ who are spewing racist rants?

14:03:08     From  Isabelle Melese-d'Hospital   to   All panelists : Sorry, People with Dem./AZ

14:03:38     From  Renee Groban   to   All panelists : Thank you for this wonderful webinar!!

14:04:05     From  Wes Morrison   to   All panelists : What do you think about Cultural Competency training  it is not just for  LGBTQ  issues but includes people of color , immigrates and more

14:05:17     From  Gwendolyn Lloyd : Excellent point Arvette!

14:05:18     From  Susan Felton : One of the agencies I work for in nursing we recognize that dementia may have that affect on someone so we have to consider the source , if it becomes violent and unsafe then we move a person of another race there. Not many of the people of color are going to put up with that behavior 

14:05:54     From  Emily Fader   to   All panelists : Yes, Arvette.

14:06:38     From  steve gurney : Capital Caring Health Addresses Racial Disparity Among Hospice Users - Establishes Center for Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity   https://www.capitalcaring.org/capital-caring-health-addresses-racial-disparity-among-hospice-users/

14:08:26     From  Sharon Dujon : Arvette you are correct, racism is probably not the appropriate word.  But I am constantly checking myself to ensure I don't perpetuate the very behavior I am trying to eradicate.  It is definitely an ongoing focus for us; to not accept it and also to not project it.   

14:08:31     From  Isabelle Melese-d'Hospital   to   All panelists : THANK YOU ALL!!  Isabelle Melese-d’Hospital, Tournesol Services, LLC www.tournesolservices.com

14:12:36     From  Patricia Dubroof : Thank you all so much!!! Looking forward to part II

14:12:52     From  Terry Gross : This was a fantastic program!  Thank you all so much!

14:14:25     From  Elizabeth Binckes : Cordell:  Well said for clarifying the difference

14:17:31     From  J. Keys   to   All panelists : The conversations have to be had in order for people to not be afraid of having the conversations. Everybody has to be involved in the same conversation.

14:18:38     From  Emily Fader : Are any of the panelists aware of resources to provide to individuals suffering from the trauma and other psychological implications of systemic racism?

14:19:42     From  Susan Felton : I agree Jeffery, whats being said and whats not being said.Defining policies is a great one.  just because its not in there doesn't mean it shouldn't be addressed so therefore it belongs in a policy  

14:20:46     From  Penny Coco-Boyd : Thank you to the all the panelist for discussing todays important issues. Great topic!

14:25:41     From  Vilma Khmaladze : Thank you panelist and host!

14:26:17     From  Gwendolyn Lloyd : Thank You All!

14:26:44     From  Sarah : Thank you all!

14:26:49     From  Elizabeth Binckes : Thank you for having this conversation.  It is timely.  

14:26:54     From  Susan Felton : Thank you , this has been great. well informative. Thank you all 

14:26:58     From  Robin Edwards : Thank you all. Well done!

14:27:02     From  Kim High : Great conversation!  Thanks to all the panelist!!

14:27:11     From  J. Keys   to   All panelists : Thank you all

14:27:12     From  Renata Maslowski   to   All panelists : thank you everyone. Excellent. Looking forward for more.

14:27:12     From  Theresa Thomas : Thanks everyone!

14:27:12     From  Nancy Richards   to   All panelists : Thank you for being transparent. looking forward to being part of the solution for change. justice for all

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