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Homesharing: Growing Trend for Older Adults

Affordable housing for our nation's aging population is a pressing priority, and homesharing is emerging as a viable solution to address this mounting challenge. Through partnerships involving homesharing providers, government entities and social providers, older adults can remain in their homes longer, avoid the detriments of isolation and ease their housing burden. Want to learn more? Tune into our panel to hear from Silvernest’s Jennifer Hammer on the benefits of modern homesharing. 

Chat Transcript

12:09:25     From  Jennifer McAndrews   to   All panelists : Hi- Jennifer McAndrews Synergy HomeCare  410-263-4050

12:10:23     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : From Jennifer McAndrews to All Panelists:  12:09 PM

Hi- Jennifer McAndrews Synergy HomeCare  410-263-4050

12:10:33     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : From Michele Higgs to All Panelists:  12:08 PM

Michele Higgs, Community Outreach Coordinator, Housing Initiative Partnership (HIP), Montgomery County (MD) Home Sharing Program -- 301-85-SHARE,

12:10:45     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : From Denise Valerio to All Panelists:  12:07 PM

Hello All!!  Denise Valerio here, geriatric care manager.  Work for The Option Group based in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

12:12:13     From  Adele Logan-Galen : Can Jennifer Hammer share her telephone number?

12:14:09     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : Jennifer Hammer

Silvernest, Inc. | Director of Strategic Partnerships | 360.672.2184

12:16:06     From  Louis Tenenbaum : Hi. Louis Tenenbaum here from HomesRenewed™ Coalition. We are close to introducing a Federal bill to incentivize home updates using your IRA/401k retirement savings  to update your home without tax or penalty. To learn more and become part of the grassroots effort to push this legislation and put the ‘place’ in aging in place, see

12:17:07     From  Ernie Satterwhite : Hello All!!  Ernie Satterwhite.  Safe and Secure Transition Home Care, McLean, Virginia

12:17:26     From  Olive Freeman : Hello everyone, Olive Freeman, Senior Care Management Advocate

12:23:33     From  Ernie Satterwhite   to   All panelists : Does Silvernest complete the credit check in addition to the background check?

12:24:09     From  Ernie Satterwhite   to   All panelists : Does the Silvernest users allow for in home caregivers to come in to assist a housemate?

12:24:58     From  alyssa kroeger : How do you determine the extent of a service exchange? Is there an hourly maximum per week? How do you keep the service exchange from moving closer to employment/contract work?

12:25:00     From  Ernie Satterwhite   to   All panelists : What is generally covered by the insurance policy for the person sharing vs. the person that is the roommate

12:25:31     From  Audra Backaitis : Do you hold real estate licenses or any kind of license?

12:26:38     From  Ernie Satterwhite   to   All panelists : What is the process for eviction if required? Did the eviction moratorium apply to your platform sharing a room in our home?

12:27:14     From  Ernie Satterwhite   to   All panelists : How does the homesharing process work with COVID-19 screening?

12:29:29     From  Ernie Satterwhite   to   All panelists : Does the program allow the homeowner to maintain their own furnishings versus the roommate bringing their own furnishing?

12:31:07     From  Patrice Henry   to   All panelists : I apologize, I have to leave due to present issue.  Thanks for sharing this Jennifer - very informative.

12:31:55     From  Audra Backaitis : Do you check the homeowner's viability (i.e. they are not about to go into foreclosure, bankruptcy, etc.)

12:32:48     From  Michele Higgs   to   All panelists : With HIP, checking out the status of the owner is part of the counseling process.

12:34:30     From  Teresa Berger : Who might you be working with in the South? We need this so badly..Say Atlanta Georgia?

12:34:33     From  Denise Valerio   to   All panelists : By far, this is one of the BEST sessions I have been a part of this year!!  Keep it going Steve, you rock!!

12:34:50     From  Laura Riley : Credit checks and having to have first and last months rent is often a big hurdle for renters.  Do you work with people who may have these issues?

12:38:38     From  Barbara Tobias   to   All panelists : If you are a homeowner and looking for a roommate that can take on some tasks, is the first step setting up a profile?

12:42:55     From  alyssa kroeger : How do you identify the line between service exchange and contract work?

12:50:57     From  Toni Sanger   to   All panelists : Do you have contacts in Washington State?

13:02:14     From  Ellen Pincus : Thanks Jenn!!! This is a great platform

13:02:32     From  Ernie Satterwhite   to   All panelists : Thanks Steve for bringing Jennifer to the webcast.  Great move!!

13:02:35     From  Irene Rutter   to   All panelists : Thank you.  So interesting and helpful.

13:02:42     From  Janie Scott   to   All panelists : Thanks Jenna and Steve!

13:03:16     From  Ernie Satterwhite : Thanks Steve for bringing Jennifer to the webcast.  Great move!!

13:03:24     From  Michele Higgs   to   All panelists : A win-win concept whose time has come . . . Informative presentation.

13:03:33     From  Barbara Tobias   to   All panelists : Thank you so much!!! Very informative and well organized.

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