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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 01/11/2023

Intergenerational Playgroups and Connections

Intergenerational playgroups seek to bring together multiple generations through a range of playgroup programs, supporting communities and nurturing relationships through play. Join the DC Humanities Truck Fellow who is developing an intergenerational playgroup as an innovative community activity that promotes the health and wellbeing of seniors, as well as build community and reduce ageism among families who have children from birth to 5 years old. 

Alison J. Chrisler, PhD (she/her/hers) Professorial Lecturer, American University -  Department of Health Studies

Chat Transcript

12:10:35     From  Nicole Smith : My mother has dementia and loves babies. We attend storytime at the library and go to the park to bring mom joy through watching the little ones play!

12:21:35     From  Lisa Prestridge   to   Hosts and panelists : Quality of Life ❤️

12:21:55     From  Morgan Spliedt : Observed positive interactions

12:22:34     From  Melinda Armstrong   to   Hosts and panelists : Reduced anxiety for the older adult

12:22:38     From  Renate Reimschuessel   to   Hosts and panelists : Lack of boredom during that hour.

12:22:52     From  Carrie Brill : If this was ongoing, I would be interested to know the long-term benefit (health, attitude, improved moods, etc.)

12:22:53     From  Morgan Spliedt : You may also look at stress levels (before and after the program)

12:24:53     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : NIH Toolbox https://www.healthmeasures.net/explore-measurement-systems/nih-toolbox

12:25:40     From  Nicole Smith : I constantly see parallels between entertaining toddlers and aging parents. Bringing the groups together is brilliant

12:26:21     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : lison J. Chrisler, PhD (she/her)

Professorial Lecturer

Department of Health Studies - McCabe 209

4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20016 

Executive Editor, The Journal of Child Life: Psychosocial Theory and Practice

Schedule an appointment: https://chrisler.youcanbook.me

Email: chrisler@american.edu

12:26:30     From  Nicole Smith : I find activities for both at hulafrog and macaronikid franchises.

12:26:52     From  Barbara Sperry : What about measuring blood pressures before and after?!

12:27:53     From  Nicole Smith : have to upgrade to wordle

12:29:00     From  Nicole Smith : just add music and you'll get movement

12:29:32     From  Nicole Smith : adults and kids love the global company MusicTogether

12:30:34     From  Dixcy Bosley   to   Hosts and panelists : This Intergenerational care idea fulfills the deep need of grandparents / grandkids who live far away to love a proxy elder/ or proxy child.

12:31:39     From  Mari Anne Hamilton : Mom was skeptical about bingo and didn’t attend until grandkids came and wanted to go with her. She never missed and loved it for 5 yrs to her dying day. Her bG of winning Bingo nickels was the item all wanted when she died ????

12:34:12     From  Teresa Funkhouser : Talking about movement this comes to my mind - using a beach ball and just drawing random shapes and within the shape has questions like what is your favorite flavor of ice cream or what is your favorite color - then you would play keep it in the air but with a twist that it would be caught like every couple hits and  read the question your right hand connects with, this is read and shared with the group and will be interactive giving some activity and thoughtful questions to share and get both kids and adults thinking!

12:36:17     From  Dixcy Bosley   to   Hosts and panelists : Another possible research partnership could be Iona Senior Services/ Day health program  in NW DC w/  Janney Elementary directly across the street.

12:36:21     From  Nicole Smith : You could make it a place where college kids could work on their presentation skills and practice speaking clearly and project their voice on any topic and seniors could give feedback.

12:36:39     From  Nicole Smith : College kids would be less arrogant if they are scared to speak

12:37:01     From  Nicole Smith : public speaking is scary

12:37:07     From  Morgan Spliedt : Check out Dinner with Generations, that's exactly like what you're talking about. I've also seen a Skill Swap program where older adults teach college students about something and then the college student teaches the older adult something - the program culminates with a talent show for everyone.

12:37:22     From  Joslyne Decker   to   Hosts and panelists : My organization (Empowering the Ages) does this with high school students. It works well.

12:38:00     From  Mari Anne Hamilton : Her BAG (zippered coin purse ) of nickels which were the prize for winning???? 

The Activity director allowed many winners by continuing the game after someone won without clearing boards so everyone left with at least some nickels.

12:38:03     From  Dixcy Bosley   to   Hosts and panelists : My high school daughter writing class visited  WW2 seniors  and wrote a  chapter story book on their memoirs.  Each senior got a copy and formal  reading presentation

12:39:53     From  Renate Reimschuessel   to   Hosts and panelists : Physically getting older kids and seniors together might be challenging, zoom pairings might work, but you would need to disable phones or other sites on the computer to stop teens from multitasking.   I think the interactions would be really helpful to the teens, eye opening.

12:41:29     From  Morgan Spliedt : When you get teens and older adults together, one cool thing I've seen is asking each group to keep a journal and write entries after each interaction to write down how they felt, what they did, what they learned, etc.

12:42:08     From  Karla Nativi : A local senior housing has a program where teens volunteer to teach seniors how to use their smart phones

12:42:12     From  Dixcy Bosley   to   Hosts and panelists : Sarah Grogan is the Director of Day Health

12:42:27     From  Nicole Smith : music teachers can bring students, private preschools, play groups, girl scout troops, etc.

12:45:48     From  Dixcy Bosley   to   Hosts and panelists : Capital City Public Charter School in Ward 4 is grounded in project based learning and would totally embrace this idea.  There is also a  Ward  4 senior day program on Kennedy St  very close to Cap City.

12:47:05     From  Nicole Smith : girl scout brownies start in kindergarten

12:49:07     From  Nicole Smith : pen pals are a good way to interact

12:51:59     From  Nicole Smith : art... make cards with stickers and markers and mail them to people

12:52:05     From  Morgan Spliedt : I have some ideas about programs connecting parents with older adults/grandparents - helping to build that relationship and breakdown stereotypes - which may in turn help foster relationships between grandchildren and grandparents. When working with kids and older adults, you can't forget about the parents.

12:52:07     From  Elva Roy : I am advocating for outdoor ping pong tables in my city (Arlington, TX) for intergenerational connections...great because grandfathers can play against grandson, etc. Strength isn't important.

12:52:18     From  Renate Reimschuessel   to   Hosts and panelists : Perhaps Couching the activity as volunteering of senior’s time rather than do this for yourself might be helpful

12:52:19     From  Nicole Smith : pingpongforgood.org

12:53:17     From  Laura Heinrich   to   Hosts and panelists : Big hole for me is “what can I contribute or DO to help some of today’s problems. I need help or ideas or a group

12:53:18     From  Elva Roy : Thanks, Nicole.

12:53:36     From  Elva Roy : Absolutely important. playgrounds for older adults!!!

12:54:29     From  Nicole Smith : love the journal entry idea Morgan

12:54:39     From  Barbara Sperry   to   Hosts and panelists : You are exactly right on, Steve, with that statement.  Agt some future time, a program on the” national village to village movement” for enabling folks to age in place or shelter in pace…whatever the correct terminology is.  We really need to develop this concept….not everyone wants a life care community or nor can everyone afford them.

12:55:35     From  Nicole Smith : too much regulation

12:55:46     From  Nicole Smith : with foster kids

12:56:16     From  Elva Roy : But the playground equipment can't be too risk-free...2 parks in my city say they have adult playground equipment, but it's things like moving a donut along a wavy track (range of motion). Nothing there that looks like fun like the equipment I've seen from the UK Guardian newspaper. Swings and more.

12:57:40     From  Morgan Spliedt : Thanks Alison and Steve!

12:58:23     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : Alison J. Chrisler, PhD (she/her)

Professorial Lecturer

Department of Health Studies - McCabe 209

4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20016 

Executive Editor, The Journal of Child Life: Psychosocial Theory and Practice

Schedule an appointment: https://chrisler.youcanbook.me

Email: chrisler@american.edu

12:58:45     From  Patience Egwuogu : Thank you so much for sharing.

12:59:32     From  Elva Roy : You rock, Steve!

13:00:24     From  Leisa Tobler : Thank you!  Great discussion.  Wonderful ideas!!


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