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Posted by Positive Aging SourceBook on 03/10/2021

Medicare 101 + Q&A

An interactive discussion to help reduce the confusion and how it can help cover the costs of healthcare for you, your loved ones or your clients. 

John Norce has provided assistance to thousands of clients in the areas of health insurance and Medicare. Today, his passion lies in developing a team approach with his clients to resolve both simple and complex Medicare challenges. 

John is very involved in his profession as witnessed by his active participation in the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) and the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisers (NAIFA). He is also a prior President of NAHU’s Northern Virginia Chapter and currently serves as the Treasurer of his local NAIFA Chapter. He is a certified Continuing Education Instructor where he provides educational classes to agents on current matters in insurance including Medicare as well. This year, John celebrates his 16th year as a Wish Grantor for Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the fall of 2021 marks his 34rd season of coaching youth sports in the Northern Virginia area. John is very active in the public speaking circles and hosts numerous events every month for seniors to advance their knowledge and understanding of Medicare. 

John strives to advance his platform of assisting seniors in making informed decisions regarding their Medicare benefits.

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Chat Transcript

12:06:56     From  Kitty Janney : Kitty Janney with Watermark Retirement Community's The Landing Alexandria opening early 2022. Offering Independent, Assisted and Memory Care kjanney@watermarkcommunities.com 703-981-7883

12:08:09     From  Patricia Dubroof : Happy Women's History Month! Who are your women influencers??? Patricia Dubroof with Assisting Hands Home Care, 301-363-2587, pdubroof@assistinghands.com We offer educational programs for our colleagues and community to keep us all safe and healthy. We specialize in helping families with HOME CARE!!! Call me to get the latest information about how to age well at home.

12:09:26     From  Meryl Schaffer : Meryl Schaffer TLC Daily Money Mentor, LLC (301-260-7428 (Land Line) Meryl@TLCDailyMoneyMentor.com  www.TLCDailyMoneyMentor.com I am not only doing Daily Money Mgmt. for seniors disabled individuals but continuing to do QuickBooks Desktop consulting.

12:09:59     From  Ed MILLER   to   All panelists : Explain how medicare advantage plans provide no cost benefits to the customer.

12:10:04     From  Crystal Heard : What is the name of John's organization?

12:10:53     From  lee green   to   All panelists : how long will your presentation be?

12:11:41     From  Tom Shipe : Tom Shipe, Realtor with Long & Foster Realtors

703-946-4844  tom.shipe@LNF.com

Founding Member: Superior Options For Seniors (SOS)


12:12:36     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook   to   lee green and all panelists : Hi Lee we should wrap up by 1 PM EST

12:13:08     From  Karen Brown   to   All panelists : It's my understanding that the cost of medicare is calculated annually and the rate may go up or down based on your annual income in the prior year. Can you please explain this in more detail.

12:13:11     From  Nelva Hernandez   to   All panelists : how does your program differ from a free Virginia Insurance Counseling and Assistance Program (VICAP) available in every VA county?

12:13:16     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : Here is the link to John's company https://medicareportal.org/

12:13:30     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : john@medicareportal.org

12:17:15     From  Andrea Mellado : Hi everyone! Andrea Mellado, Director of Business Development with Harmony at Spring Hill. Would love to connect! amellado@harmonyatspringhill.com

12:21:59     From  Meryl Schaffer : The hospital bill for my compound broken ankle was over $190,000.00.  I paid only $1,500.00.  It is worth having:):):)

12:27:48     From  Ralph Sklarew   to   All panelists : Thanks for trying, Steve.

12:39:42     From  lee green   to   All panelists : Can you email us the Irma chart?

12:40:04     From  Emily Green-Blicher : HI, Emily Green-Blicher RN, BSN, from Coordinating Senior Care here and need to say that my mom's Aetna Advantage policy did not cover a re-infection while in the nursing home. They acted like an HMO and made decisions that actually denied her coverage and stopped paying benefits for rehab and her skilled care that she needed with the debilitating re-infection

12:40:34     From  Karen Brown   to   All panelists : If a person (who has FEHB) turned 65 in Oct 2020 and enrolled in March 2021, is there a penalty for late enrollment?

12:51:35     From  Karen Brown   to   All panelists : What if you're still working as an independent contract (i.e., you don't have an employer) but you also have FEHB? 

12:54:22     From  steve : Hi, Retirement planning, investments, estate planning, and tax planning including managing AGI for purposes of taxes, Medicare premiums, and ACA credits. Fee-Only, no product sales. Steve Jefferys www.archfinancialadvisors.com 301-500-2079

12:54:57     From  Karen Brown   to   All panelists : Postscript:  I'm a Federal retiree, have coverage via FEHB, and am independent contractor. Are there penalties for not enrolling during the SEP?

12:57:15     From  Kitty Janney : I am so sorry I have a 1pm - thanks so much Steve and another great presentation John!

12:58:59     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : cmsl564

13:00:53     From  Patricia Dubroof : Dave Morgan, reach out to me about your Mom and home care. Patricia at Assisting Hands, 301-363-2587

13:02:31     From  Dave Morgan : Patricia my mother lives is Palm Bay FL.  Is that in your jurisdiction.

13:02:47     From  John Norce   to   Dave Morgan and all panelists : yes

13:02:57     From  Andrea Mellado : I have to jump off! Thank you so much! This is great info!

13:03:35     From  Patricia Dubroof : Thank you John for a great program. Enjoy the rest of the day!

13:05:08     From  Caroline Wayner : Thanks -- this was so helpful!

13:05:28     From  Crystal Heard : Awesome presentation thank you

13:06:00     From  Anne Coyne   to   All panelists : Thanks Steve and John super helpful

13:06:50     From  Dave Morgan : Thank you for a great presentation!

13:08:56     From  Ellen Pincus : Can I please get your contact information. Just logged on. Ellen Pincus Cavalier Home Health703-477-6252 epincus@cavalierhomehealth.com

13:09:13     From  John Norce   to   Ellen Pincus and all panelists : john norce 7032144600 john@medicareportal.org

13:09:34     From  Melanie Dands   to   All panelists : Thank you so much Steve and John

13:10:21     From  John Norce   to   Melanie Dands and all panelists : 7036287149


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