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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 12/17/2021

MedStar Montgomery Medical Center - Center for Successful Aging - Virtual Open House

The team at the Center for Successful Aging at MedStar Montgomery Medical Center hosted an interactive open house in partnership with GROWS and with the support of Oasis Senior Advisors. 

Center for Successful Aging at MedStar Montgomery Medical Center from MedStar Health on Vimeo.

Chat Transcript

2021-12-17 12:06:30 PM Karen Fagan : Karen Fagan - Alzheimer's Association --- kafagan@alz.org

2021-12-17 12:07:34 PM Tammy Phipps : Hello I am Tammy Phipps w/ my own Private Practice with driving rehab and installation of adaptive equipment

2021-12-17 12:07:42 PM Tammy Phipps : tphipps@driverrehabcenter.com

2021-12-17 12:07:56 PM Tammy Phipps : unfortunately I am at an airport and mic not working

2021-12-17 12:08:05 PM Tammy Phipps : We are located in Chantilly VA

2021-12-17 12:08:24 PM Kerry Fair : Hello everyone!  I'm Kerry Fair, Deputy Director for the Community For Life program at Partners In Care Maryland.  kerryfair@partnersincare.org  Glad to be here today!

2021-12-17 12:08:49 PM Tammy Phipps : Yes we do clinical and behind the wheel

2021-12-17 12:09:34 PM Tammy Phipps : Evals are $800 private pay but we get older driver gtants

2021-12-17 12:09:38 PM Tammy Phipps : from the state 

2021-12-17 12:09:50 PM Jane Schumer Stelboum : Hello. I'm Jane Stelboum. I teach about Alzheimer's Prevention and Brain Longevity. My company is Sarasvate. I'm a certified yoga teacher/trainer and Brain Longevity®Specialist. I have a workshop tomorrow online at 11:30. Email me at jane@sarasvate if you'd like info.

2021-12-17 12:09:59 PM Tammy Phipps : they are limited and these should be coming back up in late Jan

2021-12-17 12:10:21 PM Marcy Hunter : Hello,

2021-12-17 12:10:30 PM Heather English : Good afternoon! Heatlher from CounterPoint behavioral health services! 

2021-12-17 12:10:50 PM Tonja Paylor : Good afternoon everyone! So nice to "see" you today! Tonja Paylor, MedStar Montgomery Medical Center

2021-12-17 12:11:10 PM Marcy Hunter : Hello and Good morning...Marcy Hunter at Seabury at Springvale Terrace.  mhunter@seaburyresources.org

2021-12-17 12:11:28 PM Heather English : Our full team are experts in Geri-psych to include supportive therapy, cognitive testing, and psychiatry medication management. Excited to network and learn about what we all are passionate about. 

2021-12-17 12:11:28 PM Patricia Dubroof : Patricia Dubroof, Director of Community Relations. Assisting Hands Home Care, 301-363-2587 pdubroof@assistinghands.com We were just talking about Making Memories Together Games with Michael from the Alz. Foundation. I'd be happy to offer free programs to those that are interested in learning more!!!

2021-12-17 12:11:28 PM Jennifer Brown : Jennifer Brown - Seabury Care Management - 202-364-0020 - jmbrown@seaburyresources.org  - Happy & Healthy Holidays!!

2021-12-17 12:11:34 PM Eileen d Wilkinson : Hi first time on remo I am Eileen from WELLarts, WELLartsinfo@gmail.com. thank you!

2021-12-17 12:11:48 PM Chuck Thornton : Good afternoon!  Chuck Thornton here!   Best to all!  chuck.thornton50@gmail.com

2021-12-17 12:12:09 PM Patricia Dubroof : Steve, you are so humble. I think Wizard of all Things Aging is your title!!!

2021-12-17 12:12:23 PM Blayney Del Priore : Hello everyone, my name is Blayney Del Priore and I work with Medicare Portal, helping seniors navigate their Medicare benefits in Montgomery county and MD! Great to be here with you all

2021-12-17 12:12:25 PM Ken Silverstein : Hi Everyone--Ken Silverstein, Friends Club--www.friendsclubbethesda.org, ken@friendsclubbethesda.org, 301-469-0070

2021-12-17 12:12:28 PM Peter Clopton : Very excited to join this event. Thank you.

2021-12-17 12:12:33 PM Kerri Donnelly : Good Afternoon Everyone: Kerri Donnelly with Marquis Health Services

2021-12-17 12:12:33 PM Peter Clopton : Peter Clopton

Private Duty caregivers and in-home nurses

Regional Director of Business Development

Capital City Nurses

Cell 240.537.8068



8401 Connecticut Ave. Ste. 1030

Chevy Chase, MD 20815

2021-12-17 12:12:50 PM Tonja Paylor : Thank you for being here Robin!

2021-12-17 12:13:10 PM Delores Athey-Clearfield : Delores Athey-Clearfield

Director of Strategic Partnerships/Continuum of Care, Capital City Nurses

c: 703-407-0082 | p: 703-539-6029 | f: 301.652.4757 



2021-12-17 12:13:42 PM Jamie : Jamie Vela here as well with Capital City Nurses 301-318-7730 jvela@capitalcitynurses.com

2021-12-17 12:14:10 PM Angelique Jackson : Hello, I am Angelique Jackson with Charles E. Smith LIfe Communities. We are a Jewish faith-based community offering a full suite of services to our residents on campus: Independent, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Post-Acute and Long-Term Care and outpatient primary care services.  So glad to be heare!                 ajackson@ceslc.org

2021-12-17 12:14:23 PM Karen M Schneebaum : is it only for Montgomery County?

2021-12-17 12:14:26 PM Melissa Bressler : Melissa Bressler, Outreach Manager at HandyPro of Washington DC Metropolitan. We are a full service construction company specializing in home modifications for seniors or any persons with a short or long term condition impacting their safety and accessibility at home. Free consultations are provided. 301-960-9830 / melissa@handypro.com 

2021-12-17 12:14:46 PM Cathy Harrison : Hi All, Cathy Harrison Brightstar Care- skilled nursing and personal care for all ages in Montgomery County-cathy.harrison@brightstarcare.com

2021-12-17 12:15:03 PM Tonja Paylor : Karen, we are based in Olney, MD, but here to serve residents throughout the DMV region. 

2021-12-17 12:15:46 PM Patricia Dubroof : I so appreciate Tarik and Tracy for being part of our aging community support. They were among those who embrace the Making Memory Together games!!! 

2021-12-17 12:20:17 PM Ellen M. Sirkis : Hello from your local non-medical hospice, Caring Matters,Inc..We sere Montgomery County childen and adults with in home  care, bereavement support for adults,children and families.

2021-12-17 12:20:48 PM Nancy Yumkas Epstein : What an amazing Benefit for your patients to prevent readission and safe discharges!    

2021-12-17 12:21:12 PM Nancy Yumkas Epstein : if need any assistance please call me at 

2021-12-17 12:21:28 PM Nancy Yumkas Epstein : Nepstein@homecareassistance.com

2021-12-17 12:21:37 PM Nancy Yumkas Epstein : Nancy Yumkas Epstein

2021-12-17 12:22:47 PM Ellen M. Sirkis : Is your program in addition to or instead of one's primary care provider.

2021-12-17 12:24:10 PM Chuck Thornton : Anyone else not seeing it run on the screen?

2021-12-17 12:24:17 PM Deanna : Hello Ellen! You can come to the CSA and establish care (i.e. our primary care team is captain of the ship, so to speak) OR you can keep your current primary care provider and the CSA providers will comanage with your current doctor.

2021-12-17 12:24:52 PM Ellen M. Sirkis : Thank you so much!

2021-12-17 12:26:00 PM Jane Schumer Stelboum : I too had an issue seeing slides but I went out and came back in again and it helped. Now it's working for me.

2021-12-17 12:26:18 PM judy zdobysz : jane.. what is your full email?

2021-12-17 12:26:36 PM Jane Schumer Stelboum : jane@sarasvate.com

2021-12-17 12:26:46 PM Karen M Schneebaum : "the aging population" um from the day we are born we are aging 

2021-12-17 12:26:59 PM Karin Clark : Karin Clark, BSW

2021-12-17 12:27:14 PM Karin Clark : Community Liaison for Synergy HomeCare 301-706-2158

2021-12-17 12:27:54 PM Steve Gurney : hi all - if you are not seeing the video - here is the link to view later - we will get back to the program soon https://vimeo.com/604181939

2021-12-17 12:28:38 PM Mrs. John Honig : tks

2021-12-17 12:29:15 PM Ellen M. Sirkis : Ellen Sirkis asks: What is the process for initiating a relationship with the Center?

2021-12-17 12:29:20 PM Mrs. John Honig : where is ctr located

2021-12-17 12:29:40 PM Anneliese Massey : At MedStar Montgomery Medical Center in Olney

2021-12-17 12:30:00 PM Kurt Martin : We are located inside the main hospital on the first floor, right next to the Emergency department

2021-12-17 12:30:50 PM Ellen M. Sirkis : The Video was extremely well done-just almost as good as the personal tour! Congrtulations to yu all.

2021-12-17 12:34:34 PM Rezanne Khalil : @Ellen Sirkis: please fell free to call our center at : 301-570-7400

2021-12-17 12:40:08 PM Mark Asch : Hi  Everyone. This is Mark Asch with Right At Home. We are a licensed home care agency providing caregivers that assist clients with non medical home care in Montgomery County Prince George's County and Baltimore. Email: mark@rightathomemd.net   410-292-2405 Direct 

2021-12-17 12:40:23 PM Heather English : I agree @Ellen! This is my first time on a virtual networking event. Very well done. 

2021-12-17 12:40:53 PM Mark Asch : This program is wonderful. I highly recommend asking for a tour!

2021-12-17 12:41:37 PM Tammy Phipps : How do we arrange a tour?

2021-12-17 12:41:46 PM Ellen M. Sirkis : What is the cost for the initial assessment? Is it covered by medicare?

2021-12-17 12:42:38 PM Kurt Martin : All of our services are outpatient and under Medicare Part B, with the Outpatient Co-Pay

2021-12-17 12:43:17 PM Tammy Phipps : Do you also offer Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapies>

2021-12-17 12:43:42 PM Mark Asch : Hi Kurt...hi Deanna and team!

2021-12-17 12:44:58 PM Ifeoma Obi : Hi Tammy we do not provide those services within our center. However, our providers  work with community providers to set up referrals

2021-12-17 12:45:14 PM Anneliese Massey : I perform the Physical Therapy Screen and if the individual needs services, the team will provide them with a referral.  We do not have OT or SLP on the team at the CSA; however, if we recognize needs for those services, we make the appropriate referrals as well.

2021-12-17 12:48:04 PM Karen M Schneebaum : An Occupational Therapist really should be part of your team as they are the experts in activities of daily living / self care . 

2021-12-17 12:50:44 PM Anneliese Massey : We agree that OT is extremely important.   One of the limitations is that the initial exam is already a long visit and can be very tiring to our patients.  I do recommend OT for patients as appropriate.

2021-12-17 12:54:17 PM Karen M Schneebaum : an OT evaluation would better determinne that

2021-12-17 12:55:33 PM Chuck Thornton : Thank you for a very informative program!

2021-12-17 12:55:48 PM Anneliese Massey : Thanks for joining us Chuck

2021-12-17 12:56:02 PM Kerry Fair : What a great service!  Nice job on the virtual tour!

2021-12-17 1:04:23 PM Heather English : henglish@counterpointhealthservices.com

2021-12-17 1:05:04 PM Heather English : 443-545-9217 open to calls anytime for any questions. 

2021-12-17 1:09:21 PM Mrs. John Honig : wonderful  informative program

2021-12-17 1:09:22 PM Anneliese Massey : Way to go Teresa!!!

2021-12-17 1:09:29 PM Teresa Boring : WooHoo! Thanks Steve!

2021-12-17 1:10:31 PM Tammy Phipps : Great information and networking!  Thank you the opportunity to connect

2021-12-17 1:11:57 PM Heather English : what an amazing platform. First time user! This was excellent. Thank you so much

2021-12-17 1:16:05 PM Jane Schumer Stelboum : Thanks to everyone involved today. Great presentation and platform. Jane Stelboum, Certified Yoga Teacher / Trainer and Brain Longevity Specialist. My company is Sarasvate. sarasvate.com. Email: jane@sarasvate.com. Interested in a workshop on the 4 Pillars of Alzheimer's Prevention®? I happen to have one going, online tomorrow at 11:30. Feel free to reach out for info. 

2021-12-17 1:20:38 PM Karen Fagan : Thank you!  This a wonderful event.  Very good to learn about the holistic approach of CSA. Happy Holidays!

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