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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 08/25/2022

Older Drivers: Research, Technology, Trends, Solutions

Advanced technologies designed to help drivers navigate intersections could address a third of the crashes that cause older driver injuries and fatalities, a new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows.

Join us to discuss technology, trends, solutions and more!

Aimee Cox Research Associate Insurance Institute for Highway Safety acox@iihs.org 

Questions Asked

  • How are vehicles selected for testing?
  • When automatic emergency brakes for all cars? Will this be legislated?
  • apologies for being late- I was out being an older driver! Have you or will you cover driver safety concerns, too? I think this discussion on cars is helpful and informative, too. Thanks. Margie
  • What percentage of older adults are driving new (newer) cars and what percentage are driving old (older) cars without safety features?
  • Are there efforts to make tjese systems adaptalbe to older vehicles? Older drivers cannot afford new vehicles!
  • Does the research identify certain manufactors as preferable versus other brands
  • Do insurance companies offer discounts for safer vehicles?
  • Why aren't safety options required?
  • thanks, but I meant driver impairment, improvement rather than what we're concerned with psychologically. or economically
  • Also, can older cars be retrofitted with some of these safety enhancements?
  • What about the aarp safe driver program?
  • Is it possible to extrapolate from these studies, the conclusion that modern driver Saftey assistance would enable an older driver to continue driving longer than they otherwise would have (in an older vehicle)?
  • Should older drivers choose a larger heavier cars, smaller but hesvier EVs --it seems that size and weight and height of bumper could be important vatriables.
  • Similar to other areas of inequity, higher end luxury cars are equiped with advanced safety features before lower cost models.
  • sometimes the height of the car versus a lower profile car can make a differnce in a crash

Chat Transcript

12:04:53     From  Pat France   to   Hosts and panelists : Steve:  Long time no see!

12:16:16     From  Ken Silverstein : Hi Everyone--Ken Silverstein, Friends Club, a nonprofit serving men with early to mid stage memory loss.  We currently meet 3x/week and do have openings.  Contact me at 301-469-0070 or ken@friendsclubbethesda.org

12:22:43     From  Dixcy Bosley : Please comment on how the new fleet of EVs are making roads safer

12:25:00     From  Leilani Buddenhagen   to   Hosts and panelists : As older consumers— how should we evaluate the utility/ applicability of the modern Saftey features in a primarily small suburban driving setting (rather than freeway driving)?

12:44:25     From  Kathleen Morris   to   Hosts and panelists : Is anything being done on the DMV end? Will there be requirements for recertification for older drivers?

12:44:27     From  Gabriel Goldberg : Are motorcycles considered in evaluating these technologies? Too many accident reports involve unseen motorcycles being hit.

12:45:18     From  Jeanne Smith : Do you have older drivers involved in testing?

12:46:16     From  Gabriel Goldberg : Are options available to retrofit any newer technologies into older vehicles?

12:46:38     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : Vehicle ratings https://www.iihs.org/ratings

12:49:18     From  Cynthia O'Connell : What are the top 3 rated vehicles you've tested so far?

12:51:15     From  JEAN IVORY : I have a 2016 Honda Accord with Brake assist for collision warning, right turn camera assist. Jean Ivory

12:51:55     From  Pamela Houghtaling : Excellent presentation! As an active AARP driver safety volunteer, I invite everyone to check out our driver safety classes and resources at: aarp.org/driversafety. We have a specific free 90-minute online course on new vehicle technology (AARP Smart DriverTEK) at:  aarp.org/sdtek

12:52:42     From  Terry Halter : Recently I purchased a Buick 2022 with the features you described today.  I am learning these new features.  Is there a class one can take to teach drivers the new features?

12:54:26     From  Karen Dotson : I was intrigued by your training and interest in behavioral research.  Do older drivers have certain behavioral driving or accident traits/trends?

12:57:52     From  Barbara Fowler   to   Hosts and panelists : Excellent presentation! Thanks so much!!!!

12:58:30     From  Ray Biegun : What does the insurance industry do with this information?

12:59:54     From  Jeanne Smith : Would enjoy AARP driver presentation

13:03:25     From  Sherry Martin : I have to hop off but this was really interesting. Thank you!

13:06:48     From  Ken Silverstein : do you envision technology that will somehow prevent a driver on a hand held cell phone and texting while driving

13:06:50     From  Pat France   to   Hosts and panelists : Thank you!  Great information!

13:07:27     From  Joe Young : Check out a summary of older driver research from IIHS here: https://www.iihs.org/topics/older-drivers

13:07:44     From  Ray Biegun : Thank you.

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