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Planning for a Crisis Since COVID-19: How You Can Help!!

Although planning for a crisis has always been important, it has become even more so in light of COVID-19. As someone who works with seniors, you are critical in the role of assisting your clients and families to complete their preparations. Join us for an interactive discussion on how you can help in the process and make a difference. This is an opportunity to ask questions and learn from key players in this field, as well as hear from someone who personally identified the need when a crisis was looming in her life as she shares her experiences.

Panel Members:
- Amy Griboff - Elder Law Attorney; Owner, Griboff Law, LLC
- Mona Janis - Caregiver
- M. Jane Markley - Advance Care Planning Facilitator; President, M Jane Markley Consulting, LLC 

Chat Transcript

12:00:43     From  vanessa greene : Happy Wednesday All!

12:01:05     From  Patty Fadeley : I'll try again.   Good afternoon!  Patty Fadeley, Community Provider Liaison, Blue Ridge Hospice.  Check our website for next week's Butterfly Run/Walk.  It's virtual this year.  Run/walk on your own and raise funds for BRH!  Looking forward to this presentation!

12:01:47     From  Amy Griboff  : Amy Griboff, Esquire, Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney. 751 Rockville Pike, #7 Rockville, Maryland 20852 301-339-8725. Amy@GriboffEstatePlanning.com. Happy to share my legal knowledge with you!

12:02:01     From  Mary Moeder : Hi everyone! Mary Moeder with Byrd & Byrd, LLC Attorneys at Law,  mmoeder@ByrdandByrd.com  301-464-7448 

12:02:18     From  Pamela Silberman-Mills : Join me for the next Alzheimer’s disease and dementia education class towards credentialing as a Certified Dementia Practitioner.  Learn the best practices, differentiating yourself and the services you provide. Saturday November 7th and Sunday, November 8th 1pm to 7pm.  Register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/alzheimers-disease-and-dementia-care-training-tow-tickets-123724620671

12:02:28     From  SUSAN I WRANIK : Hello all!  Thank you, Steve, for another outstanding meeting! Susan I Wranik, speech-language pathologist providing CREATIVE WAYS TO ENGAGE LOVED ONES WITH DEMENTIA IN A COVID WORLD. Treating speech/voice, swallowing. and memory re  Parkinson’s, ALS,   the dementias, and will-to-live. Caregiver training, family consultation. SpeakSkill LLC www.speakskill.com susan@speakskill.com  301 520 2332  SOS:  Here to Help™

12:02:50     From  M. Jane Markley  : M. Jane Markley, RN, President, M Jane Markley Consulting, LLC.  Any questions, drop me a note at jane@mjmarkley.com

12:03:11     From  Christine McMahon : Christine McMahon, Calvert County Dept. of Social Services, Long Term Care Medicaid case manager

12:03:25     From  Amy O'Donnell : Amy O’Donnell, Magic Maker Solutions, Home of the Ultimate Fresh Start & Wishes Granted—Organizing/Productivity Consulting, Complete Rightsizing & Moving Coordination, Project Management & Lifestyle Maintenance —all about Plan Bs..and Cs & Ds :)

magicmakersolutions.com, info@magicmakersolutions.com, 301.291.5767

12:03:31     From  Meryl Schaffer - TLC Daily Money Mentor, LLC   to   All panelists : Meryl Schaffer TLC Daily Money Mentor, LLC  301-260-7428(land line)  Meryl @TLCDailyMoneyMentor.com.  www.TLCDailyMoneyMentor.com

12:03:39     From  Lillian Hummel : Hello, Lilly Hummel here. I've recently started an elder law practice in Maryland and DC. You can reach me at LHummel@ElderLawMD.com  https://www.elderlawmd.com/

12:04:03     From  Cheryl Fahlman : Hello everyone, Cheryl Fahlman.  Sincerae, Family care coordinators.  www.sincerae.com 1.888.697.6922 or info@sincerae.com

12:04:09     From  Mary Willson : Good Morning! Mary Ellen Willson, Visiting Angels MD and DC. (Senior home care) Great to be here!

12:04:12     From  ellen tillman : Hello everyone!  Ellen Tillman, CLU, ChFC, MBA, Financial Advisor and CEO at Ellen Tillman & Company.  Planning for Income, Insurance, Legacy, Retirement and Employee Benefits, since 1995.  www.ellentillman.com, 301.660.2468.  How can we help you?

12:04:25     From  M. Jane Markley    to   Lillian Hummel and all panelists : Hi, LIllian!!

12:05:47     From  Lillian Hummel : Hi Jane, good to "see" you again!

12:05:48     From  jon lesage   to   All panelists : Hello, Jon LeSage here with Bearfoot Ventures, we specialize in electrostatic technology disinfecting pretty much everything.  We create custom disinfecting programs for facilities common areas and individual rooms.  jlesage@bearfootventures.com  240-286-3012

12:06:06     From  Pamela Silberman-Mills : Hi, I’m Pamela Mills, founder of Enriching Connections- an affordable concierge style, all-inclusive, care organization service EXCLUSIVELY FOR PEOPLE LIVING WITH DEMENTIA and their care partners.  Here to provide extraordinary assistance for people living with dementia.  We here to help you THRIVE!  Visit my website at www.enrichingconnections.org,  my online brochure at: https://www.flipsnack.com/enrichingconnections/enriching-connections-brochure.html

Email is enrichingconnections1@gmail.com  or phone at 443-616-7300

12:06:25     From  Jennifer Brown   to   All panelists : Hi.  A beautiful day!   Jennifer Brown - Community Relations Manager - Seabury Resources for Aging - jmbrown@seaburyresources.org  - I look forward to connecting with you!

12:06:29     From  steve gurney : Learn about Meryl and the other members of Women Leaders in Elder World at https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/cu/b7yHsnP/wlec

12:06:35     From  Ada Horsfall Lifematters   to   All panelists : Ada Horsfall (Director of Care Management) at Lifematters, Silver Spring, MD. ahorsfall@lifemattersusa.com 301-615-0616. Providing private duty homecare, care management and friendly visitor services in Maryland, D.C & Virginia & soon in Pennsylvannia.

12:06:42     From  Nykeba White : Good afternoon All! My name is Nykeba White. I am the Agency Director of HomeCentris Personal Care. I'd love to connect with many as possible like-minded professionals. Let's connect! (301) -850-6824 ext. 388

12:06:43     From  Pamela Silberman-Mills : Yay Meryl!!!

12:07:38     From  Olive Freeman   to   All panelists : From Olive Freeman, Senior Care Management Advocate 

12:07:42     From  Patricia Dubroof : Great job Meryl!!

12:07:50     From  Catherine McCallum   to   All panelists : Caterine McCallum, LCSW-C, LICSW, MSW Coral Life Strategies, LLC. 301-327-1801.

12:07:55     From  Mark Asch : Hello All....I hope everyone is doing well....this is Mark Asch with Right At Home, a licensed home care agency. Our bonded and insured caregivers provide non-medical home care at a person's level of need in Montgomery County, Prince George's County, and parts of Baltimore City and County in Maryland. 410-292-2405 Direct  email: mark@rightathomemd.net

12:08:01     From  Hope joyce   to   All panelists : Hello all. Hope Joyce Warman Home Care.  888-243–6602

12:09:55     From  Nykeba White : Have you checked out our website: Click  here >>>https://www.homecentris.com/maryland-capital_area-senior-home-care/

12:10:59     From  Tom Shipe : Tom Shipe, Realtor with Long & Foster Realtors

703-946-4844  tom.shipe@LNF.com

Founding Member: Superior Options For Seniors (SOS)


12:12:16     From  Ada Horsfall Lifematters   to   All panelists : Congrats Amy!

12:12:16     From  Queenie Kemmerer : Good Afternoon, Queenie Kemmerer Owner/Founder Home Marketing Services for Seniors (HMSS) www.hmss-usa.com 540-687-8794 Office 908-328-9655 Cell HMSS, helps seniors make a transition for FREE.

12:12:57     From  Gail Hubberman   to   All panelists : Hi All, Gail Hubberman with MarketPro Homebuyers. Helping seniors transitions into their next phase of life by offer a full service, hassle free home selling option. You can learn more at www.marketprohomebuyers.com. I can be reached at ghubberman@marketprohomes.com or 301-337-4703.

12:16:15     From  Ellen Pincus : Hi Ellen Pincus Cavalier Home Health a 5 Star skilled agency in VA 703-477-6252 epincus@cavalierhomehealth.com

12:18:46     From  steve gurney : Aging with Dignity – www.agingwithdignity.org                                                                     

Non-profit that developed and distributes Five Wishes, the living will with a “heart and soul”


American Bar Association – http://www.americanbar.org/groups/law_aging/resources/health_care_decision_making.html

Provides a toolkit to assist in ACP with excellent step by step guidance and resources


The Conversation Project – www.theconversationproject.org 

An initiative begun in 2010 by columnist Ellen Goodman and a group of her colleagues, concerned media, clergy, and medical professionals, dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care.  Includes the Conversation Starter Kit

Maryland Advance Healthcare Directive – https://www.oag.state.md.us/healthpol/AdvanceDirectives.htm 

Official Maryland forms – MD legislature also approved the use of Five Wishes from Aging with Dignity

M Jane Markley Consulting, LLC – www.mjmarkley.com 

Available for a 30 minute free consultatio

12:19:13     From  Gail Hubberman : Hi All, Gail Hubberman with MarketPro Homebuyers. Helping seniors transitions into their next phase of life by offer a full service, hassle free home selling option. You can learn more at https://www.marketprohomebuyers.com/. I can be reached at ghubberman@marketprohomes.com or 301-337-4703.

12:19:41     From  steve gurney : My Directives – www.mydirectives.com

MyDirectives is a completely online advance directive service that is secure, legal, easy to understand, and free to use

National Institute on Aging – http://www.nia.nih.gov/health/publication/advance-care-planning#after 

Provides ACP guidance from the National Institutes of Health on CPR, ventilator use and artificial nutrition and hydration

PREPARE – www.prepareforyourcare.org 

Free website with videos that help people prepare for medical decision making and do advance care planning


Voice Your Choice - https://www.voiceyourchoice.org

MD website to learn more about advance care planning and how to complete and store your advance directive.

12:33:57     From  Rachel Cohen   to   All panelists : Given Covid, are  you finding that clients  are more or less open to being put on a ventilator

12:34:55     From  Meryl Schaffer - TLC Daily Money Mentor, LLC   to   All panelists : This is the 1st time I have every heard a story like this.  WOW!!!

12:35:58     From  M. Jane Markley    to   Meryl Schaffer - TLC Daily Money Mentor, LLC and all panelists : It's a major issue, Meryl.

12:36:07     From  Meryl Schaffer - TLC Daily Money Mentor, LLC : This is the 1st time I have ever heard a bank branch story like this.  WOW!!!

12:36:58     From  Meryl Schaffer - TLC Daily Money Mentor, LLC : Yes, I sometimes have trouble getting my clients to find all of their legal documents.

12:38:12     From  Ada Horsfall Lifematters   to   All panelists : What is the cost range for advanced care planning services

12:39:45     From  Patricia Dubroof : Thank you for sharing your story Mona! And great information from Mary and Amy!!!

12:40:10     From  Catherine Narro   to   All panelists : That WAS a powerful Story Mona. Thank you - Catherine

12:42:16     From  steve gurney : Voice Your Choice - https://www.voiceyourchoice.org

MD website to learn more about advance care planning and how to complete and store your advance directive.

12:43:21     From  Amy O'Donnell : Family members REALLY appreciate organized paperwork…and to put it in a place that’s easy to find.  Such a huge roadblock for many.

12:44:29     From  Amy O'Donnell : Thank you ALL for your stories…everyone needs to know there are such caring people out there and happy to start/continue the conversations!

12:48:07     From  SUSAN I WRANIK : Thank you, Amy, Jane, Mona. Education empowers people to make informed choices. Thank you for the education.

12:48:41     From  Ada Horsfall Lifematters   to   All panelists : This was very great and informative

12:48:52     From  Ada Horsfall Lifematters   to   All panelists : Thank you so much

12:51:18     From  Judy Wagner : When my Mom was in memory care, she also had a Do Not Transport (to the hospital) order signed by a physician.

12:52:22     From  SUSAN I WRANIK : Survival rate for those ventilated in ICU is about 20%.  If this were common knowledge. people would probably choose differently.

12:54:28     From  Catherine McCallum : Cobblers children have no shoes! A lawyer without a will???

12:57:46     From  steve jefferys   to   All panelists : Can Amy explain what she meant by “trusts deal with disability”?

13:01:21     From  Meryl Schaffer - TLC Daily Money Mentor, LLC : Jane & Amy are both on my lists:):):)

13:02:01     From  SUSAN I WRANIK : What a wealth of information!  You are most knowledgeable resources. Thank you for sharing. Urge all to educate themselves to make truly informed choices.  Tomorrow is NOT guaranteed!

13:03:03     From  Mary Moeder : Well said on advance directives, a lawyer will ask all the questions that may come up. The lawyer has seen or heard many situations. 

13:05:14     From  Patricia Dubroof : Want to talk death and dying? We’re on for tonight at 7pm. RSVP pdubroof@assistinghands.com

13:06:58     From  Patricia Dubroof : Voice Your Choice is presenting right now on ElderSafe with Smith Life!

13:11:06     From  SUSAN I WRANIK : There's nothing like an advocate!

13:13:17     From  steve jefferys : Kids are not adults until they are 37.

13:14:16     From  Olive Freeman : From Olive Freeman...HIPPA health care privacy protection for sick/elderly 

13:14:30     From  M. Jane Markley    to   steve jefferys and all panelists : The are however legally emancipated as of 18.

13:17:00     From  Olive Freeman : From Olive Freeman...Thanks to all the panelists and Steve for such informative webinar. Thanks for the add resources. 

13:17:43     From  Mary Moeder : It is hard to talk about all the situations you may find yourself or a family memeber in, but you have to address all of them so there are no surprises for your care or a family members care. 

13:18:21     From  Meryl Schaffer - TLC Daily Money Mentor, LLC : Phenomenal:):):)

13:18:32     From  Mary Moeder : Great presentation,  thank you.

13:18:49     From  Roslyn Cooley Prayer   to   All panelists : Thanks... great presentation!

13:19:04     From  Queenie Kemmerer : Wonderful presentation !!!! 

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